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  1. I don’t believe it. Doesn’t Carowinds only get 1 mill in attendance? I just don’t see the market during Xmas. Although I guess it’s warmer than Cincinnati lol.
  2. The president of King's Dominion is retiring. Any1 with KD as their home park--is this good or bad? Says he has been there since 2018. So the only thing he did was tear down Volcano and build a Free Spin? He looks friendly, tho. https://www.kingsdominion.com/blog/2020/tony-johnson-retiring-after-47-years
  3. The food at Kings Island slaps. Eat at Coney BBQ or the Chicken Shack. So yummy.
  4. I’m pretty sure those specific posters were added this year. I distinctly remember the Steel Vengeance poster added after the coaster was announced.
  5. Has anyone heard anything more about the new Knott’s Beary Tales Ride? Is it even opening this year?
  6. That sounds like something someone made up for sh*its and giggles. Has there ever been anything like that happening before? Plus on the Orion website, its says, "Orion was exclusively designed for Kings Island by Switzerland-based Bolliger and Mabillard." Not "exclusively designed for CGA."
  7. Who wants a chunk of the Vortex? $198... https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2020/september/own-a-slice-of-history-from-the-vortex-roller-coaster
  8. Mystic Timbers is CLEARLY the better 'story driven' coaster all the way Ok, thanks! King’s Island is my home park. So sounds like I’ll have to fly to “Deutschland” soon.
  9. That looks really cool! Would you rank this above or below Area 72 at Kings Island??? Also would you rank Fly above or below Orion?
  10. There is a bathroom in Area 72 now. Family bathrooms, but they are still bathrooms.
  11. I don't think anyone on here believed it, but the markers by the entrance were for a new waterline: https://www.wcpo.com/money/consumer/dont-waste-your-money/kings-island-mystery-construction-flags-popping-up
  12. I think we could see a rethemed entrance area, kind of like how they did the Flight of Fear section into Area 72. But I don't see King's Island with a new coaster next year.
  13. Looks very good. Maybe we can see Behemoth and Diamondback repainted for next year too?
  14. As I said in, I think, the Cedar Point thread, I feel this is a B&M problem and not a King’s Island problem. Valraven and Gatekeeper have rattles that are worse than anything at King’s Island. But people like to sh*t on King’s Island and everyone has to love everything about Cedar Point, so no one ever mentions it!
  15. Isn’t this the report that’s almost entirely made up? Weren’t they off by like 5 million with Knott’s a few years ago?
  16. Do you think the rattle is a manufacturer issue and not a park issue, as some suggest?
  17. Why does everyone always call out Kings Island for the B&M rattle? Gatekeeper and Valraven rattle worse than any of the rides at Kings Island.
  18. Yes, it’s absolutely a front row ride. Hands up the whole ride! Rode Orion for the first time yesterday in the front and LOVED it.
  19. Off-ride footage from the park. I think this was filmed a few days ago, was not that sunny today!
  20. The park said they would release the numbers earlier this year—February, maybe? They still have not released the numbers...
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