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  1. LOVE IT. Now bring back Horizons and tear down Guardians of the Galaxy!!!!!!!
  2. Orion was amazing. I would be running toward Orion and not away from Cedar Fair.
  3. Between this and Orion, King's Island could become an international destination!!!!!
  4. Winterfest would not work, but could CP, do a Taste of the Season event in the future?
  5. Did anybody ever ride the King Cobra? King's Island is selling King Cobra models, but I do not want to buy it if it was a bad ride lol. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2020/december/king-cobra-nanocoaster-coaster-cutout-now-available-in-online-store
  6. This is good news. Racer is being retracked. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2020/november/more-than-500-feet-of-track-being-replaced-on-the-racer-roller-coaster
  7. Very quiet on here today, I'm surprised. Is it an enjoyable event?
  8. What a world we live in where 300 ft roller coasters are “nothing spectacular”!!
  9. Which is really sad. How about the park progresses instead of being stuck being anti-smart??
  10. Right, but I want a ride that makes me THINK. Like how Epcot is supposed to be. How will this coaster make me THINK? I am for sure looking forward to the Mission Space Restaurant BTW.
  11. How does Guardians of the Galaxy tie into Epcot??? I don't like Marvel. The only way it would interest me is if it was made for smart people like Horizons was. Layout looks ok.
  12. Why is B&M bad for offering similar rides, but RMC good for offering similar rides???
  13. Might be unpopular opinion, but it LOOKS like it isn't that unique. It does kinda make me mad that this is the tallest "hybrid" coaster------but the lift hill is all-steel!
  14. Sorry, I meant that King's Island deserves to open more than King's Dominion.
  15. HORRIBLE decision, Cedar Fair needs to do it at King’s Island!!!! Instead they’re reopening a park that got a Free Spin instead of a Giga!
  16. People already want Mystic Timbers retracked? What is wrong with the world?????????
  17. Sounds cool for the “safari village.” What will the name be?
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