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  1. This was posted on the Roller coaster Subreddit, does any1 know more about this? A new book about KI history. https://www.rivershorecreative.com/kingsisland
  2. What's the problem with corporate parks?????? King's Island and Cedar Point are AMAZINGGG. And guess what. They are corporate.
  3. What is going on at the winter chill-out?? Any big news?????
  4. Did 6 Flags open Orion? No. They just kept Jersey Devil closed. So there.
  5. No Winterfest and no April opening??? What the h*ll has Cedar Fair been thinking for the past few months??????????!!!!???
  6. Looks like a lot of the info is coming from this site: http://kingsislandghosts.blogspot.com/2018/04/the-truth-behind-tower-johnny.html?m=1
  7. https://www.kingsdominion.com/blog/2021/new-vp-and-gm-bridgette-bywater I hope she figures out a replacement for the Volcano
  8. Like it or not, Orion and Mystic Timbers are def super amazing world beating coasters.
  9. What is King’s Dominion going to do. They open a splash pad, Busch Gardens opens Pantheon. They stay closed, Busch Gardens stays open Year-round. How can King’s Dominion survive doing that?
  10. Remember every1, King’s Island is not building it, they will just be managing it once it opens.
  11. It will be nice for people traveling from all over to have a big place to stay near Kings Island.
  12. All those things you listed are also terrible. So sad that people’s standards have lowered this low so that Disney can continue to build such terrible rides. Disney needs to build more of this. And guess what, no superheroes in sight.
  13. Does it make you think? No. Who cares if it’s fun. If it’s in EPCOT, it has to inspire you and make you think. It’s based on superhero “movies”, so how will the ride make you think and inspire you?
  14. No, because Guardians of the Galaxy has nothing to do with EPCOT!!!
  15. Strange. Also, I found this video that interviews Cedar Fair corporate, so maybe there are answers in there https://youtu.be/k0O4qokpYs0 ??
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