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  1. The subtitle of the ride is "The Last Stand". They could change it to "The Ride" like the coaster of the same name at Magic Mountain.
  2. Italics indicate rides I might be making it to this year. US: Ninja (SFMM) Viper (SFMM) New Revolution X2 Fury 325 Tennessee Tornado Lightning Rod the Coney Island Cyclone RMC Hurler Superman (SFNE) Boulder Dash Phantom's Revenge RMC Mean Streak Magnum XL-200 Millennium Force The Bat Vortex (KI) The Voyage Outlaw Run Wildfire New Texas Giant Shockwave Superman Krypton Coaster Mindbender (SFoG) Kumba International: Leviathan Vortex (CW) Mindbender (Galaxyland) Smiler Th13teen Nemesis Vampire Colossus (Thorpe) Steel Dragon 2000 Do-Dodonpa
  3. And so my plans changed... Six Flags Great Adventure was early May. Memorial Day weekend was Valleyfair and Nickelodeon Universe. Random weekend in June was Knoebels and Dorney Park. Next week is Knott's Berry Farm and Six Flags Magic Mountain. August is looking to be Carowinds plus one.
  4. Judging by the lines InvadR gets, even factoring in that it's brand new for this year, BGW needs another family coaster. Meanwhile, they're weak on high-intensity flats. Seconding the guess/wish for a Starflyer.
  5. Existed in my lifetime, gone before I started seriously riding: Shockwave (KD) HyperSonic XLC (KD) Big Bad Wolf (BGW) Down when I went: Sidewinder (Hershey) Just didn't bother: Zamperla kiddies at SFA, Hershey, Gadv, Dorney, VF, and MoA
  6. Honestly, it makes more sense than being themed to Snoopy. I doubt Cedar Fair will upstage RMC Mean Streak, though.
  7. Memorial Day Weekend for me will be Valleyfair and Mall of America. First time flying, and first time using my Cedar Fair Platinum Pass at a non-home park.
  8. Stopped by Adventure Park USA on the way to Hersheypark last weekend just so that I would be at an even 40 credits.
  9. Likewise, they've built three Flying Dutchmen, only one of which (Batwing at Six Flags America) has not been relocated.
  10. That reminds me, I'm planning my trips to ensure my milestone credits are worthy coasters. Unlike your situation, however, mine relies on not missing any coasters. Credits 10 and 20 were Dominator and Intimidator 305 respectively, and 30 and 40 will be at Hersheypark this weekend - Skyrush and one other. With that in mind, I've already planned out the rest of spring. Late April: Six Flags Great Adventure (El Toro being credit 50) Early May: Kings Island (The Beast being credit 60) and Cedar Point (Millennium Force and one other being credits 70 and 80) Memorial Day Weekend: Dorney Park and Knoebels (credit 90 being obtained on this trip) With that, I could make The Voyage, Fury 325, or Superman: The Ride (New England) credit 100.
  11. How was the pizza? Okay, but not as good as KD's or BGW's pizza. The kicker was that there was a pizza place over by Ragin' Cajun with no line.
  12. Hersheypark for this weekend. Stopping by Adventure Park USA along the way for the two credits.
  13. A little over an hour for InvadR on opening Saturday, and a little under an hour for pizza at Six Flags America.
  14. Huh, that's exactly when I was planning my trip. Would be flying into Columbus, so I might add another day and throw Kings Island in, weather permitting. The flight to Columbus is cheap enough that I could easily do it again next year.
  15. Nope, Woodstock Express at Kings Dominion is 40" supervised, 46" unsupervised. Source: https://www.kingsdominion.com/help/height-safety I was there just today and saw a kid with a 40" wrist band with a parent in line. As for InvadR itself, I liked it. It packed just enough of a punch for a family "first big" coaster (height restriction aside). The first drop was much more intense than I expected, back seat at night (my only ride).
  16. So I'm not the only one who got a good ride on Anaconda that day. On top of that, the head banging / neck chopping from the transitions was nowhere near as bad as I expected.
  17. Went today to get my season pass. Pleasant surprise: XSupremacy's stand-up coaster riding tip over in the Carowinds thread page 838 worked for Apocalypse. Unpleasant surprise: I spent most of my VR ride on Mind Eraser trying to keep the headset on. My other hobbies have me in the DC area a few times over the summer, so I'm looking forward to adding a few hours at the park to those trips.
  18. Ignore my previous question, I got in fine after I got my season pass processed. I was this close to going for the all-season Fast Lane when I ordered online last night, but chose to go Platinum instead for future trip plans. Glad to hear there wasn't anything big at the presentation, I skipped it.
  19. Quick question since I've never been to a park preview night: I would just get my season pass processed before the event, right? I was under the impression that it was only for those who renewed from last year or something.
  20. For sure (nearest parks): Kings Dominion Six Flags America Busch Gardens Williamsburg Very likely (weekends at each of these parks easily before July): Hersheypark Knoebels Six Flags Great Adventure Likely (one of these the weekend before the total eclipse): Dollywood Carowinds And maybe a few of these (during June/July trips): Cedar Point Kings Island Holiday World Dorney Park Kennywood Six Flags New England Six Flags Great America Six Flags Over Georgia
  21. Hi, I'm S100Headache. But, for here, I wanted my username to be more relevant. I'm actually a weakling when it comes to rides. (Going to work on that this year.) Most of my love for amusement parks came from the RCT series, and that interest was reinvigorated when my old computer broke down, giving me the excuse to buy a machine able to handle Planet Coaster. As for when I first heard of this forum, back in high school, when I had only dial-up, I used my school's faster Internet access to download stuff onto a CD which I would then use to. I looked back on the CD, and among them were some Theme Park Review videos. My two nearest parks are Kings Dominion and Six Flags America, though this will be my first year at the latter. Will also be doing Hersheypark and Busch Gardens Williamsburg.
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