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  1. I thought it was a sort of weird shade of brown? It's a weird case of the dress and the sneakers. Nevertheless I do think I preferred the blue colour, even though this will probably work better with the theme.
  2. I'm curious to find out if that ejector hill will be on the same level of El Toro's rolling thunder hill, only time will tell I suppose.
  3. That is actually not the case, because the paint work added to the side of the sub station (just to the side of the top hat) has only just been painted, so it couldn't have been filmed longer than a couple of days ago.
  4. Today, Icon opened for the first time for those with V.I.P boarding cards. The ride officially opens next Friday. Here are some cool off-ride Icon shots in a video made by Theme Park Worldwide
  5. Wicker Man towards the back of the train is sexual.
  6. Here's a longer video by Pleasure Beach Experience:- [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  7. Here's some construction photos by Pleasure Beach Experience. The ride is due to have the final sections of track put into place on Monday.
  8. No doubt Robb will still scream on it though. It's what makes TPR TPR!
  9. Does the Crazy Pistons ride invert? It looks like it possibly could do...
  10. What is the actual function of shin guards on RMC and Premier coasters?
  11. Junior Red Force, the kiddie cred, will actually be a Zamperla Speedy Coaster:- https://rcdb.com/15992.htm
  12. ^Well it's obviously going to have more than 1 car. Based on the size of the layout, I'd guess it'll have 3.
  13. ^So B&M have completely stopped using their OTSR design?
  14. ^A free fly is to long to fit in the area, and they aren't getting a Sky Rocket II. They've just bought Icon. I am betting on a swinging pendulum-style flat ride in Wild Mouse's spot for 2020, as they seem to invest in a new attraction around every 2 years. For past reference, 2011 was Nickelodeon Land, 2013 was Wallace and Gromit T.O.M, 2015 was Sky Force, 2018 will be Icon (3 year difference but it is a larger investment), so a new ride in 2020 would make sense.
  15. Posted on the ECC fb site; BPB Statement in Ref to the Removal of the "Wild Mouse" After very careful consideration and planning, our current winter work programme has seen the permanent closure and dismantling of the Wild Mouse and the removal of the façade of the former Trauma Tower attractions. This will create an area for future exciting developments. Blackpool Pleasure Beach is a constantly evolving amusement park and has been for the past 122 years. The changes it has seen over the years are what has made it the great park it is today. This, coupled with a relatively small amount of space, means that in order to progress and look to the future we occasionally need to alter the landscape of the park to make way for future developments.
  16. Sad news guys. The Wild Mouse has been demolished:- https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FThemeparklogic%2Fposts%2F1650502601675834 Full statement from the park:
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