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  1. Out of the hundreds, perhaps thousands of coasters you've ridden, what is your favourite?
  2. What makes you think it will be a Mack? If it is a Mack, I think it would be a Big Dipper Dive coaster...
  3. Project 2018 vs AT SW8? That is the question. Which one do you think will be better based on all the information we know? I am voting for Project 2018, because a Mack Multi-launch (already confirmed), would be much better than a small-scale GCI (not yet confirmed). What do you think?
  4. No, it has 5 restrain releases, you can see part of one at the bottom-right of the screen... Also, it will have regular Mack mega coaster trains because if it was 4 across, then the catwalks would be further away from the track to compliment it...
  5. The stats are not anything super impressive, but we will most likely still love this ride, the GP wouldn't know any different, so I bet it will turn out as a winner!
  6. The stats are nothing to shout about, however the GP will definitely love this ride when it opens!
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