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  1. My friend's a korean coaster enthusiast and its basically what has been said on the forums there. Notice how little Lotte has invested in the park since Pharaoh's Fury opened in 2007? Lotte World has been kept on a tight leash regarding investments since. Regarding Everland, Rolling X Train should reopen soon. It hasn't run since january or february and was closed to be repainted. They also took the opportunity to change part of the track. The ride look really strange in its new all white color!
  2. I consider about equal to the Disneyland Indy. Its longer, got very interesting effects and I love the fire scene and drop! The only issue was the terrible capacity. When I visited last march, they were only 3 jeeps. My friend was telling me that this ride cost the park nearly 50 millions dollars. The parent company (Lotte) wasn't too happy about the bill!
  3. Pharaoh's Fury, the now well know Intamin EMV knockoff at Lotte World, just got a change to the jeeps. According to a friend, they removed the seatbelts and added homemade looking T bars to "improve capacity". They don't seem to have modified the rest of the jeep, so I'm curious as to how safe the ride will be, since the cars weren't made for those! Here are a few pictures: http://blog.naver.com/vsguy/100088548316
  4. Am I right in thinking that even through Chang can run 3 trains and even has the maintenance area for those, it only has 2 7 cars trains? They'd need to buy at least one new train if it get moved to another Six Flags.
  5. Another flume that is equipped with lap bars is Splash Mountain at Tokyo Disneyland. Boats are similar to WDW, but instead of those handrails that serve as a fixed lap bar, they got BTM style lap bars in each row. More efficient loading due to separate load and unload means capacity is similar or even better than in Florida. It also has the nice effect of lowering the height restriction to 36 inches.
  6. The lap bars on Goliath are very generous and actually, I've never seen anyone get denied a ride on it. Vampire got the newer and wider B&M Inverted seats along with the big boy seats so you should be fine. Cobra doesn't have seat belts. The two coasters that will be tougher are La Marche du Mille-patte (which ERT is scheduled on) and Monstre. Marche Du Mille Patte uses a single position lap bar, geared toward kids, so it will be a tight fit. As for Monstre, it runs Morgan trains with the single position lap bars. They finally shrunk the car padding a little, so it will still be a tight fit. It has individual seat belts, but they should not be an issue.
  7. Regarding the speed slides and their lack of capacity, Proslide created something to fix that a few years ago. A local water park (near Montreal) ordered 2 tube slides to replace generic speed slides. The result is amazing! They basically follow the typical "double down" speed slide, but you do it on double tubes. The airtime is amazing, its smooth and capacity is excellent. Exactly what would complete HW water park, along with the Proslide Rocket.
  8. Yikes... my korean contact had heard either "fixing it up" or "take it out" and I guess Take it out won! Sad... For the replacement coaster, things are pretty rough right now in Korea, with the Won losing so much value and buying another coaster would cost 25-50% more just due to the currency exchange. We'll see what Everland picks to replace it once the Won get its value back. For Rolling X Train, its still down? It was down in march when I went, getting repainted white.
  9. I always through Vortex was an amazing coaster, but my one ride last year was kinda slow and I wasn't too impressed with it. What's up with their wooden coasters? Wild Beast is pretty awful and last year was running so slow, I through we'd never make it up the second hill. It used to be rather nice.
  10. The grocery goes inside the reusable bags. The garbage inside large plastic bins with wheels that you roll to the side of the street and the garbage truck come with a big boom arm that picks it up and empty it. Same with the recycling bin. Once a month or two, the city post a "large item" collection day, where you put big items on the side of the street and they come with a standard garbage truck to pick it up.
  11. There are 10's of millions of plastic bags (made with oil) thrown every year in the dumpsters and you complain about paying 5 cents for one or bringing a reusable one? The rest of the world is wrong and you're right? What will you do when the grocery chains in the US start doing the same? Will you live in a socialist wacko country too? Sorry that this is offtopic, but I can't take abuse toward a country (that happens to be mine) just because of... plastic bags.
  12. Making you pay 5 cents for plastic bags in groceries is part of an environmentally friendly movement to encourage consumers to use reusable bags. France is even worst... Its either bring your bag or we charge you 50-75 cents US for a plastic bag!
  13. T Express for me too! -1.5g?? Is that the most intense airtime moment on any coaster?
  14. Like I said, 40$ for just the ride park is a rip off if you don't go to the water park. The free drinks and "free" parking is instead added onto the admission price of everyone instead of being separate. Add the water park and its an amazing value. According to coastercounter, I rode 56 wooden coasters. Want the list? Voyage was just too violent and didn't have enough airtime to be in my top coasters. T Express, SFGAm Viper, Colossos, Troy, El Toro, Boulder Dash are my favorites. I realise that Holiday World is not my kind
  15. It took my first trip to Holiday World last sunday and it wasn't what I was expecting. I wasn't expecting what is basically a huge water park and a small amusement park with a dozen rides. Food prices and quality was good, but the 40$ admission is a rip off unless you go to the water park. Regarding Voyage, I rode it twice and it now sits firmly with my worst coaster ever. The airtime was light and the ride just too violent to be enjoyable. Like Ravine Flyer, I just felt the 90 degrees turns were boring. Legend was an ok ride with light airtime and rib shattering laterals in the helix. Raven was too short and ended as soon as the ride got going after the huge drop at the end of the ride.
  16. Hey everybody! This thread is simple! Rather than having a million little threads about everything that goes on at Walibi Rhone Alpes, this thread is designed to consolidate it all into one user-friendly thread. Feel free to use it to post updates, trip reports, questions, comments, and of course, general discussion. For pictures and videos of the park as well as past updates, see TPR's Park Index Walibi Rhone Alpes. Walibi Rhone Alpes Official Website Below are some links to past updates from the park, you may be interested in. Enjoy! --Robb _____________________________________________________ 2009 Helicopter Ride commemorating park's 30th anniversary turns tragic (see below) 2014 April 16th, 2014 - new non-OTSR restraints on Boomerang 2016 July 23rd, 2015 - Park announces Timber, a Gravity Group coaster to open in 2016 2017 December 8th, 2017 - Gerstlauer Infinity coaster to be built for the 2019 season 2021 March 16th, 2021 - EqWalizer to become Generator with new color and theme _____________________________________________________ Original Post: There was an horrible accident at Walibi Rhones-Alpes in France. The park offered (or they purchased the tour) their employees helicopter tours of the park and area around. Around 7pm on saturday june 20th, a few minutes after taking off, the helicopter crashed and killed all 7 occupants... The pilot and 6 park employees... Horrible, since I knew one of the park employee and the park was closed today while they offered help to the families and employees.
  17. From what a korean friend explained, Lotte World won't be able to build anything outside, due to the neighbors complaining about the noise. That's why the scream shields were added to Gyro Swing. That would not leave a lot of park to build a wooden coaster in Korea... Every year, I'm amazed Kumdoriland can still survive to open.
  18. Interesting news! When I was at Gyungju World last march and I rode the Ferris Wheel, the spot where the awful Meisho looper is would be the perfect spot for a wooden coaster. Plenty of room around and it would revitalise that side of the park.
  19. Quebec (where I live) has a few interestings laws. Some exemples: All stores close at 5 pm on weekends. Groceries can remain open, but after 8pm, go down to a maximum of 5 employees (FOR THE WHOLE STORE!). All new cars dealerships are closed on weekends, unless they break off from their "union" and get ostracised. No alcohol sales in stores from 11pm to 8am. Bars remain open until 3am. No individual car insurances for injuries to other people. Your car insurance only cover the "metal". The provincial driving board collect an insurance fee from everyone who has a driver's license and covers all injuries involving cars, trucs, motorcycles. Nice benefits at least... 90% of your wages when off work, parkings and mileage paid when you go to doctor's appointments, etc. Drinking age is 18. Speed limit on the highways is either 70 km/h (40 mph) in the cities or 100 km/h (62 mph) everywhere else. Doesn't matter if the highway is in the middle of nowhere with no traffic, its still 62 mph!
  20. The rather interesting thing here: La Ronde management dispatched their "future cops" security team to crack down on any photos or footage of the incident. They demanded that anyone with suspicious pictures or footage delete them or get kicked out of the park with no refund! The Future Cops comment is because, for some reason, instead of hiring experienced security agents, they hire college students who are majoring in police tech... Since police tech is the hardest major to get into in Quebec, a lot of them are very arrogant and feel rather superior since they "made it" in police tech.
  21. What I heard is that with all 14 boats running, the capacity will be 2000 guests an hour! That is amazing capacity for a Six Flags park.
  22. The ride closed for 6 weeks of "renovations" in january and it hasn't been reopened since... I was at Everland at the end of march and they were having a rough time! Rolling X Train was getting repainted/track work and Eagle Fortress station was covered in plastic tarps. From what I heard from a korean friend, the ride failed an inspection and according to screamscape, may not run at all this year.
  23. In addition to Mickey's Phillarmagic coming in 2011 (replacing the Mickey Mouse Revue), they announced today they were building a Cinderella Walkthrough in the castle (2011) and Toy Story Mania! to Tokyo Disney Sea in 2012. Here's the press release with concept arts: http://www.olc.co.jp/en/news_parts/20090507_02e.pdf The area for Toy Story Mania! look amazing!
  24. I also don't put too much stock in those numbers. Come on! They could not even correct themself when they came up with a number for Tokyo Disney Resort that is 500000 short of the number Oriental Land Co. released a few weeks ago.
  25. I'm in Japan right now, having a great time and I went to Toshimaen today. I was shocked when I noticed Shuttle Loop was missing. The station, entrance and exit ramps and the concrete ramp the ride ran on are still there. The ride itself is gone!
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