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  1. Sad Hayabusa closed. Any more info on that accident last year? Regarding Eagle Fortress at Everland in South Korea. Anyone got any infos on it? RCDB only list its length and speed. It also mention its a terrain coaster.
  2. Last week, I visited a small animal park south of Montreal, QC and to my surprise... they add a set of Flying scooters! No, not the Larson ones, but an old Bisch-Rocco 10 tubs ride. They were ridiculously easy to snap... anyone who barely moved the sail got them to move everywhere! I got like 10 rides that day and snapped them gently... The place is called Parc Safari.
  3. My favorite flume is of course Splash Mountain at WDW. My second favorite is one that hasn't been mentionned here: Menhir Express at Parc Asterix. Its an Hopskin flume with an in the dark "dry coaster hill" and the bottom part has more rapids than the park rapids ride! The last hill is awesome as well.
  4. Hello, first post here! I think parks with the accordeon restraints should have a look at the OTSR on Manhattan Express. Same principle as the accordeon restraint... but thanks to the hydraulic system, they don't come down during the ride. I guess that's the only thing Togo got right with those trains.
  5. When MF first opened, I think it was shown that the most angled non inversion turn "record" actually was owned by either of the Mr. Freeze coasters! They have 132 degrees banked turns.
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