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  1. Something I don't quite understand is why they dropped the flanged wheel cars!? Most of them tracked very well and were very smooth. Many coastersstill have them and are great: PNE Playland Coaster, Playland's Dragon Coaster, both Giant Dippers in California.
  2. Yes! It will be the world's tallest full circuit roller coaster with a 90 degree drop.
  3. SF is done spending huge amounts of money for a while. I think for many years a lot of parks in the chain have been lucky for getting new major rides or roller coasters. The economy these days does not allow for so many new rides I think. And most SF parks already have a lot of attractions, but yesI agree those need upgrades and proper maintenance. The amusement industrie in general may be reaching a plateau IMO. With SF not purchasing a lot of new attractions, CF could eventually follow that trend as well. I am not saying the new CEO is completely doing everything right but he is trying hard to make the company money, and that is what counts for any business.
  4. Heavy yes and long too! Those cars are box cars with no articulated wheels so the turns on the coasters they were used had to be quite gentle and mostly flat otherwise they would not track very well. I read somewhere that the track gauge on the turns had to be a bit wider to allow those cars to track better.
  5. Wooden coasters in general require a lot a maintenance and the bigger ones even more. As time goes on they loosen up and become rough. Parks that own huge wooden coasters must have a very good maintenance program by skilled carpenters otherwise they become so rough and not really enjoyable, and sometimes dangerous. I think all the wooden coaster manufacturers nowadays design and build good coasters and start off nice and smooth. Maintenance is what makes the difference in the long run to keep a coaster smooth and safe! Big woodies are no exeption.
  6. Yep! Plus with Six Flags financial situation let's keep our fingers crossed. It won't reopen anytime soon.
  7. That might be a serious problem for those Plug & Play Intamins. I don't know who recently retracked Colossos in Germany but apparently it's all good and smooth now. SF might go to RMC in a not too distant future considering the bad attention the coaster gets from the media.
  8. Pretty bad for El Toro. 2 structural incidents in a short period of time. El Toro is an awesome and forceful wooden coaster, one of the best if not the best in the world IMO. If SF doesn't take good care of it I don't see a long future for it at the park.
  9. I think by having lower attendance but those guests paying more is probably more profitable for SF. They will probably save on maintenance of the rides by having less cycles. They might need a bit less employees so again saving money.
  10. I was there last Thursday and the park was way too crowded. It seems it's getting worse year after year. Long lines everywhere. The park is becoming too small for the crowds or maybe not enough competition around.
  11. Just went there last week and had a great time. Excalibur was really fun as always. It's fascinating just watching the structure sway as the train rolls on the tracks. It was swaying quite a bit! At least 6 inches.
  12. I visited the park once in 1999 while they were testing Stealth, the Vekoma flying dutchman coaster prototype!
  13. Visit the park ASAP. I really don't think they will make it 11 years! Chances are next year they could start selling some stuff. With the hot real estate market right now I think the park will shut down relatively fast. And I doubt Gold Striker will be relocated, parts from it will most likely be salvaged (chain lift mechanism, motor, trains etc...) and some wood.
  14. From what I heard the Blue Streak is still laying in pieces on the ground!!
  15. On their website it says tickets will be available soon so I guess we'll find out if the whole park (water slides and amusement rides) open all at once. I hope so!
  16. The owner was such in a hurry to take it down! I guess he was tired and wanted to stop the enthusiasts following his every move. Now that the coaster is gone, (or down should I say!!), it gives him peace as a lot of people just don't care anymore. It is sad because Blue Streak was a good coaster.
  17. Predator was so roughs so it's a good thing they started retracking it. And the Titan track should not only improve the ride quality but also reduce maintenance. If it proves to be true we will see a lot of wood coasters get this treatment wheather from GCI or RMC.
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