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  1. I'll get the kiddie coaster credits in while I have small kids. I can't picture myself riding one of them by myself without my son or daughter with me. That being said, I'm not sure how much longer the son is going to enjoy Wacky Worms etc, not after hitting actual adult-size coasters!
  2. When I visited last month, Skull Mountain was by far and away my least enjoyed coaster overall. I don't get the hype and love. The exterior theming wrote a check that the interior theming and the actual ride itself couldn't cash.
  3. That was included on the first episode aired tonight; they blindfolded and earmuffed Kari while putting her on the Glenwood Canyon Flyer, took metrics, then repeated it without the blindfold and earmuffs to show what a difference there is when certain senses are missing.
  4. Watching tonight's episodes as well... Would that happen to be your footage of Olympia Looping, Robb? I really like the way this show breaks down the science and engineering behind all of the rides. Very cool stuff! Though I'm getting a bit tired of hearing, for example, "150 feet -- that's as tall as a 15-STORY BUILDING!!!"
  5. Oh, absolutely, and I don't disagree that it's not a 100% fair comparison to other parks that have a single POP for entry. Just getting annoyingly technical for the sake of playing devil's advocate. It kills me that there aren't any POP wristbands that actually include the coasters... or last for more than four hours of a given day. But like I said, that's New York for ya.
  6. If we want to get technical about it, Luna Park at Coney Island has six upcharge attractions that aren't included in the price of an unlimited ride wristband; B&B Carousell - $3 Coney Island Cyclone coaster - $9 Thunderbolt coaster - $10 Coney Island Raceway go-karts - $10/driver, $5/passenger Zenobio - $12 Slingshot - $22 ...that's New York for ya.
  7. Nice shots Zack! I'll be making my first trip up there next Tuesday -- how were the crowds overall yesterday? I'm hoping that it'll be smooth sailing for quick re-rides with no Flash Passing. Really looking forward to Wicked Cyclone as it'll be my first RMC and all I've heard is nothing but endless gushing over them, so I have very high expectations.
  8. What are wait times typically like during the week for BD with only one train? I'm hoping to swing by on Tuesday on the way back from SFNE.
  9. Awesome, thanks for the suggestion! I don't know how I completely blanked on Hersheypark; I must have just assumed that with all the extreme coasters they had in their lineup, that even their smaller ones were 48" minimums. Looking at their website, it seems as if there are four coasters he'd be able to ride. (And one of them is Sooperdooperlooper? Very cool!) Yes, it was a great day at Knoebels indeed, I hope to post a full photo TR when we get back home and I'm in front of a computer again! Glad to see the park hasn't changed that much from what I remember when I was a kid.
  10. Every additional detail I hear about the Raptor just makes me shake my head more and more. 40-something? School teacher? Why the flying f**k did this guy, who ABSOLUTELY should have known better, decide to ignore all posted and printed warnings, intentionally climb fences and go into restricted areas, end up directly in the path of an oncoming train, and somehow not realize the train was going to hit him? Honestly, this almost sounds like suicide by coaster. Because it seems almost impossible that this happened the way it did by accident. Yes, it's a tragedy that someone died, but this
  11. So, after taking my soon-to-be 4-year-old son to Knoebels on Wednesday, and riding on all the wooden coasters there, he's been bitten by the coaster bug something fierce. He's exactly 42" tall, and was able to go on everything except for Impulse. With that being said, are there any other theme parks on the East Coast that have full-size, non-kiddie coasters that would be good for the two of us to visit? It seems that most of the big chains start their full-size coasters at 48", but if there's some others that I'm overlooking I'd love to know about them! Bonus points if they're within a 3 h
  12. I've been toying for a while with doing the SFNE / LC day trip myself, but have been wondering if it's really worth it overall. After reading this report, I'm going to try and figure out how to shoehorn it into my schedule before the operating season ends. Nice work and looking forward to the rest of your report!
  13. Was already mentally planning a road trip out to Ohio next year to hit CP and KI, but damned if this announcement doesn't have me thinking about heading down Dollywood way instead. Everything about Lightning Rod looks absolutely insane in all the best ways!
  14. And here's some of the aerosol art they have on display in the Smorgasburg section. I definitely recommend checking it out and grabbing a bite to eat if you get a chance, as it's way more impressive when they're towering over you
  15. The Cyclone signage. Reach out and touch it someday... Very stylized depiction of the Wonder Wheel on the side of a building. And the actual Wonder Wheel itself. The new Steeplechase. Yet another longview of Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt towering over the Coney Art Walls in Smorgasburg. "Thunder Bolt" in Deno's, not to be confused with "Thunderbolt". The Tickler, skipped riding it on this trip but is pretty fun for a rotating wild mouse style. Hope those shoulder restraints are working! The entrance to "Scream Zone", which houses two coasters and a couple other extreme th
  16. This past weekend, I headed over to Brooklyn in the late morning on Friday and checked out what the situation was like with a smaller crowd than I'm usually used to. Plus, I had a free ride on Thunderbolt coming my way thanks to a Pepsi can redemption, and who am I to turn down a free ride? The view from the east end of the boardwalk. After arriving and finding unmetered street parking less than a block away from the Cyclone, I made the trek down the boardwalk to where the Thunderbolt is. It's all by itself, down towards where the carousel and parachute drop are. While all of the Lun
  17. When I visited on a Saturday last month, the park was massively crowded. After waiting in Dominator's non-moving line for ten minutes I bounced and snatched up a Fast Lane Plus, and didn't look back. Well worth the purchase. That being said, if you're visiting in September, it's entirely possible it may be less crowded, so I have to second everyone else in saying wait until you get there, gauge how the crowds look, and if it seems like it's going to be too much waiting, then yes, definitely pick one up.
  18. Be sure to thank my three-year-old as well, then... he pretty much demands roller coaster videos whenever the TV is on, and I'm more than happy to oblige him, thanks to streaming Youtube through the Xbox One. In fact, we're heading out to Knoebels next Wednesday, and now he's super excited for his first real wooden coaster thanks to the Phoenix POV you posted yesterday! So far, he's only been on the kiddie coasters out at Luna Park & Deno's, so this is a very big step for him.
  19. To me, personally, buying the book of tickets and doling them out ride-by-ride is all part of the atmosphere that Knoebels presents... that carnival-that-time-forgot-hidden-away-in-the-woods atmosphere.
  20. I was there this past Sunday as well (donated blood at the Central Jersey blood drive and got a complimentary ticket), and had the complete opposite experience. To me it felt like a ghost town for a good chunk of the day -- it didn't really seem to start picking up and getting crowded until much later in the day, closer to 4:00-5:00 PM. I was all mentally set to buy a Flash Pass, but it simply wasn't needed. I'll post up a TR later when I have the free time to do so, but needless to say, it was a pretty good if not lightheaded day
  21. I *might* have some free time on Friday afternoon; I'll have to swing by and check it out.
  22. My wife hates coasters, but Loves (with a capital L) trains. I'll have to drag her on this then, though I'm sure it'll be the other way around. Edit: yup.
  23. Great Bear was my favorite of the coasters at Hershey the last time I visited, but that was back in 2006 or 2007, and I know they've added a few since. I definitely need to make a return sometime soon.
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