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  1. I'm sorry, but that picture of the skeletons has me thinking "Hampster Dance", maybe a Bones Remix.
  2. In my experience, busting out into Motley Crue's Girls Girls Girls usually speeds things up. They become very prompt and efficient, all in the attempt to get me on and off as quickly as possible!!!
  3. Didn't even know any other TPR members were there. Judging from your camera angle on the Crypt building, I'd guess that I was only about 3-4 people away from you, too.
  4. This trip is what I like to call our "extended family" - a small group of people whom we've known most of them for around 10 years. We don't travel in "open" groups at the moment, only close friends and family, sorry. And if someone from the TPR site sees you and wants to walk up and say "hi"?
  5. Closest I've been was going to the Banshee night-ride preview event just before it opened. He was there, but I never saw him.
  6. My guess is that either it is a medium-sized flat ride or (less likely) a Winterfest announcement. I think just about everyone here is dubious about two coasters for 2017.
  7. Whether it does or not, I love the truck design for the front car, and hope to hell it makes it to the final ride.
  8. Jeezum Crow, just when I thought we had all forgotten about that...
  9. Someone's reply is missing. Might have to invoke a certain Beetlejuice cue and say Guy T. Koepp, Guy T. Koepp, Guy T. Koepp
  10. Making the trip to Silver Dollar City for the first time Friday. Any advice for a first-timer at the park?
  11. EDIT: double posted it. MB, cmon moderators, delete this one!
  12. The same thing happened to me on Memorial Day Weekend, except I was next in line when it shut down. Honestly, though, the wait made it probably the single most fun I've ever had in a half-hour at the park, if not tied with Banshee media day night rides. The ride ops spent the whole time reading quote "really bad, lame jokes" from a sheet they had ready. I was lucky enough to run into a guy that had my sense of humor, told him my really dark jokes. The anticipation and the laughs made the ride itself absolutely stunning. Such an amazing ride at night, even if it is a 7,200 ft. slightly bland hike through the woods during the day.
  13. I think I see another TPR inside-joke coming along. We're turning into the reddit of the coaster world.
  14. Like Carowinds did with the Centurion name. They even referenced both leaks in Banshee and Fury 325's announcements.
  15. I hate to be a grammar Nazi, but my OCD is going wild on this one: Its a Lemans car, not Le Mann's (which would imply it belonged to a guy named Le Mann). Yearly 24-hour race in France. As for the plans, I would hope we're seeing something big (a la RMC or even a GCI), but I have a gut feeling we're seeing a Cobra's Curse-style ride.
  16. I can see that. I'm sure we all remember when KI purposely "leaked" their plans for The Bat B&M Wing Coaster. Or when Carowinds purposely leaked the Centurion logo? In both cases, not only was the actual ride completely different, but they even acknowledged the leak in their speeches ("...before I let...the bat out of the cage"... and "...it feels like we've been waiting for a centurion (century on) news...")
  17. Like more bathroom renovations? It is getting interesting. I agree, these doc.s seem a little too simplified to be for a major project. The cadences (the tone of their voices as they talk) in the first promo tell me that they're very anxious about this project, and if its as small as these plans suggest, parks are rarely this excited for such a small attraction. Something's happening that we're not seeing yet.
  18. Being a gearhead, this is especially exciting to me. Note his caption on the pic of the garage: apparently we have a difference of opinion. The way I grew up, cars are NEVER boring!
  19. Truthfully, I never had a problem with Intamin restraints. Noting your comment on Skyrush, I've never really had a problem with its restraints (but that's just me). If anything, B&M tends to have more uncomfortable restraints for me. In particular, their wing/dive/invert restraints tend to be uncomfortable and very tight sitting in the brake run. Their older OSTRs were always a bit bulky, and caused some headbang on older models, and don't get me started on Nitro's lapbars before they took off the stupid knob thingy.
  20. There's dead bodies in Erie now? Man, they've really cleaned the place up lately!
  21. "Maybe tallest inversion" in the world? What's the emphasis on here?
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