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  1. "Maybe tallest inversion" in the world? What's the emphasis on here?
  2. I don't get it. I think he's stating that because coaster track has shown up onsite, RCDB is finally acknowledging that Cedar Point is getting a coaster for 2016. Ooooohhhhh! Sorry, I don't consider RCDB's word the "end-all be-all" of roller coaster information. Not a lot of people do, but its still a pretty creditable source. Except when they said Cu Chulainn was supposed to have a corkscrew...
  3. Wow, those are pretty stupid. Just as stupid as an entire ride layout being leaked from a countdown on a free VR app no one fully understood the purpose of just yet. Could you imagine? Have they announced a new date yet or are we still waiting to learn what we already know ...oh wait...
  4. Rode Fahrenheit at HP the other day, and the random mid-ride ejector airtime pop brought back fond memories of Maverick.
  5. Golden Horse (thé Chinese Arrow Knockoff Co.) put one on a knockoff Vekoma SLC.
  6. Heads up: Tennesse Tornado is one of the smoothest damn Arrows ever built. Honestly, its smoother than some B&Ms Ive ridden.
  7. Speaking of which, am I the only one who's laughing because loops have been on diving machines on RCT for YEARS? I mean, RCT2 was in development when loops first started on wooden coasters, so they put them in everything.
  8. No one, including the park, is classifying this as a hyper. It never actually makes it 200' off the ground, so... Neither does Apollo's Chariot, yet it is usually referred to as a hyper. Should mention that Wildfire at Kolmarden won't reach over 160 off the ground, yet its still gonna get the height record for having a bottom-to-top lift of about 187 ft. Given that they referred to the lift as "over 20 stories tall", I fully believe that, from bottom to top, the lift is well over 200'.
  9. Woulda been hard then, since Switchback at ZDTs is set to reach vertical.
  10. Non-inverting HALF-LOOP. Look at the bottom half of the turn.
  11. The only two I could possibly see are steepness and inversions. There's actually dispute as to whether Colossos should get the height record. Sure, the lift hill, bottom to top, is 196 ft., but it heavily uses the terrain to an advantage, as it only reaches a peak of about 155 ft. above ground. The tallest flat-ground woodie is El Toro, at 181 ft.
  12. I'd imagine it really comes down to cost more than anything. Being in a desert climate, any other color would rapidly fade with the relentless sunlight/dust storms etc and add a considerable amount of maintenance if they want it to look good. Ahh, that's what I thought. If Tatsu over in California looks bad, anything with a decent paint job in the UAE's heat would fade very quickly Well let's not jump to conclusions. After repainting X2 with a different mix of paint, I'd have to say that rides paint job has held up pretty well over the years. You're calling such rides as Monty, Katun, Banshee, Diamondback, Rougarou, Nitro, Apollos Chariot, and the Batman clones "forceless"?
  13. Looks like Dorney will be getting more used rides From the looks of it, all of Cedar Fair parks could be getting a used ride! Hell yeah, bring SkyLab back to KI!
  14. I'll give Cedar Fair credit, they're not overbearing with ads. Fun TV is a perfect example of this, it actually entertains people in line. Does it have an ad every now and then? Yes. But for the most part they have trivia, music videos and things that are there to keep the guests entertained. Six Flags TV on the other hand is getting absolutely unbearable. I'd much rather wait in line for a ride at Six Flags that doesn't have it and listen to music than endless commercials turned up to the max. Unlike Chance the gardener, I don't like to watch. It's part of the spread of giant tv's everywhere. Even my bank has them in case someone waiting in line for three minutes is unable to cope without seeing advertisements and flashy fluff. Topic change: I wonder if CP will do a live stream of the announcement, sorta like KI did for Banshee, Carowinds did for F325, and Dollywood is about to do for Shot Rod/Lightning Rod.
  15. Few things are better than being high on a coaster. Lakeside Park's Cyclone+legal Colorado weed makes a Vettel woodie seem like a B&M hyper.
  16. Fun TV was a big surprise. I noticed at both KD and CP that the majority of the queues were fully engaged in the trivia, and the music videos did make the crowds more lively. I find Fun TV to be quite enjoyable myself, minus Taylor Swift. Sometimes, they'll throw Black Keys, Rob Zombie, or Evanescence
  17. Kings Island says get in line... Gurl we've been the test park since 2008 Yeah, but they perfect everything at KI
  18. The font does look very Valravn-y. You know, it has that Viking/Medieval vibe to it.
  19. Plot twist! It's a B&M Dive Coaster named Centurion! Where do you see Roman Numerals?
  20. Plot twist! It's a B&M Dive Coaster named Centurion! I'm all over their site, where do you see roman numerals?
  21. Hey, it got the Alvey seal of approval. Everyone has to be on-board now. Now hang on a second here... Just because I said I have liked *ONE* B&M Dive Machine (and it's clones), isn't necessarily the "Alvey seal of approval." I will say that I have much better hope for a B&M Dive Machine to be something cool versus my initial thoughts on Gatekeeper. That being said, would I rather it be some sort of crazy RMC re-do of Mean Streak or a "WTF is that crazy thing" Intamin that we knew nothing about? You bet. But the way things are lining up, I'd be "ok" to "pleasantly happy" with a Dive Machine if it's on par or better than SheiKra. That's all I said. How do we know if we've gotten the "Alvey seal of approval"?
  22. So, and this is probably a dumbass question, but how much building/assembly goes into it?
  23. Yeah, how the fuck did we get to a KI giga from a CP dive machine?
  24. Every roller coaster, including clones, are custom built for their customers. If they want a terrain Giga-coaster, they'll get terrain Giga-coaster. There is literally no reason why this couldn't happen. Why y'all jumping on me? All I said was that, IMHO, I don't see it likely. I would love it, but seeing as the park's last two coasters cost a combined $46 million, I just don't see it. Coasters cost a lot of money. KI is the second most attended seasonal park in the country only behind Cedar Point (and the two are very close anyway) so I'm sure they pull in a ton of money to go with it. Considering Diamondback's popularity, I would not rule a Giga out for a second. There is alot more to profits then guest through a gate. There is hotels (CP), merchandise sold, fast passes, season passes, all season dining, parking, food, games. Profit margins, which CP usually dominates Absolutely those things matter. But getting people through the gate is priority #1. Seeing what kind of rides people ride the most, therefore attracting them to the park, also matters. Hence why I feel a Giga makes sense. Let's look at time, though. Banshee, a $20+ million investment, was added 5 years after Diamondback, a $20+ million investment. If its a giga we're getting, I wouldn't expect it until 2018 or 2019, especially considering the usual price for a giga is around $30 million.
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