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  1. Am I alone here, or does anyone else love the old-school Dinn Corp. woodies. I just really love how they're a little rougher than most, but often have strange designs (Mean Streak and those high turns). Same goes for CCI, relatively tame and occasionally boring layouts, but the nostalgia!
  2. Yeah, but if you take away some length and height after the first drop...you get more airrtime and a more intense ride overall. If the ride is too long, then it'll will start to meander due to loss of momentum. May I cite some of the longest coasters in the world (Voyage, MF, The Beast, Steel Dragon 2000, Steel Force, Black Mamba) as examples against your argument.
  3. You mean like RMC just did on Timber Wolf? GCI worked on Timber Wolf, from what I've heard. And they didn't actually change the layout, they are just re-tracking it. I believe that Firechaser meant do an Iron Horse conversion, but instead of using I-box track, use topper track. I'm sure that RMC would do that if a park wanted them to, I just don't think that a park would choose to do that. I remember hearing that RMC completely overhauled TW with topper track, but without changing the layout whatsoever.
  4. What do you mean by "Cuda Valls". Dont think Ive heard that before.
  5. Yes... you're right of course but if you watch Rougarou on a block check it crawls back to the station so slowly that you'd swear it was going to valley. I'd imagine even a minor issue with a wheel or something combined with a stop on the mid course would spell big problems. Here's a video of what I mean. The ride had previously valleyed and was being pulled up to the mid course. When it goes behind the trees you'll see that there's a point where it can't be going more than a few MPH (go to 1:43). Obviously every coaster goes slower than normal once it re-starts from a dead stop on the mid course but this ride really pushes it. Also, it seems to go even slower through that section with the new trains than it did with the old, most likely much heavier trains. [vimeo] [/vimeo] EDIT: And in that video you'll see they started the drop and then stopped it so they could push it and give it extra momentum because they knew it needed all the help it could get. It's actually pretty funny to watch. It wont play for some reason. Is it on YouTube somewhere?
  6. It's up through pipe scream Damn it, I was hoping they wouldn't count that. My guess is they're gonna count Rougarou too.
  7. So, for anyone who's been to CP within the last week, what's the wall (of coasters) look like?
  8. I agree. One of the reasons they typically have a line, is because they take so long to load and unload. I figured somebody would try this line of reasoning as a comeback. However, while they do have slower than usual load/unload times, that does not diminish the fact that they are very popular as well. Other coasters with poor load times, but without GP interest, aren't going to have the lines that every Flying Coaster consistently has, and has had for 13 years. I see no less excitement about the ride type from "normal" people (ie: not any of us here) now, than I did back in the early 2000's when I was riding them. Poll random people at the park, and you'll see this corroborated as well. People, generally speaking, enjoy the concept of flying. It's a fact. I've only seen the ride type denigrated or belittled as a "fad" or "gimmick" among enthusiast circles. Nobody else feels that way on the "outside" of our little clique here... Unrelated, but don't wing coasters and 2nd-gen inverts basically use the same restraints as flyers?
  9. Griffon cost 15.6M, this coaster will definitely be of similar size. Isn't the price from the Sandusky Register excluding excavation, construction cost? I believe that Griffon's reported price tag is the final price (the actual coaster but also construction, land moving). If that is correct, CP's dive machine will definitely be larger than Griffon. Also to all the naysayers about dive machines: I live close to BGW, and Griffon is absolutely awesome; it has a great mix of airtime and positive G's. Also, it is without a doubt the smoothest coaster I've ever been on. after Griffons drop it is completely boring. any enthusiast would know that I hate people like you that claim there's only one type of enthusiast. You think that all enthusiasts have to agree or somebody's not an enthusiast. Seriously, if he loves the ride, let him love it. Just because he loves it doesn't mean he's not an enthusiast. I love Gatekeeper and The Beast, am I notan enthusiast?
  10. The layout is VERY suitable for it. Mean Streak is more or less a mirror image of the original Texas Giant, and RMC did amazing things to that ride. Mean Streak could be as smooth as butter and trim-free and still be a pretty lame ride (especially in a park like Cedar Point with the bar set so high). The ride is screaming some type of RMC treatment. It doesn't really get enough ridership to be worth the investment. Texas Giant, Rattled, Medusa, Colossus, and Cyclone were all very popular rides at their respective parks. I'd consider a full topper track rehab (Timber Wolf style) more likely.
  11. We don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan, cause we''re from OHIO
  12. CP has already confirmed that they're not doing a major coaster/thrill ride for 2017. During one of the "park trivia" things, it stated it wasn't going to be a water ride, thrill ride, or roller coaster. So I'm guessing either a Planet/Camp Snoopy ride or overall park infrastructure improvements. Kinda like KI did this year. Where did they confirm this? I hope you're not referring to the queue line trivia game. That's hardly confirmation You're right. They could very well be duping us. I just have my doubts as to two new coasters in back-to-back years.
  13. CP has already confirmed that they're not doing a major coaster/thrill ride for 2017. During one of the "park trivia" things, it stated it wasn't going to be a water ride, thrill ride, or roller coaster. So I'm guessing either a Planet/Camp Snoopy ride or overall park infrastructure improvements. Kinda like KI did this year.
  14. Speaking of Travel Channel, what's up with Insane Coaster Wars. Canceled?
  15. True, but they also name-dropped the Centurion rumors in the Fury 325 announcement. Kinda like how KI did with The Bat during the Banshee announcement. Given that the name was later used for something else in the park, I'm anticipating the same to happen at Carowinds. Plus, the Valravn trademark was filed by Cedar Point themselves, not Cedar Fair.
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