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  1. There was that initial tweet that gave a neutral, but not derogatory review, and a few people ran with it to take the opportunity to bash the coaster. Then there were those who overreacted to that. Outside the shenanigans, the general consensus seems neutral-positive. Anyone who thought this coaster would be a game-changer for B&M was a victim of wishful thinking. It seems to deliver what their previous speed coasters do, just more of it - and that's peachy keen to me. Several of my top 10 are B&M speed coasters, but did I expect it to wow anyone with a top 10 comprised exclusively of envelope-pushing rides the world over? Nope. Those folks know what they want out of a coaster, and if a coaster doesn't deliver for them, that's their prerogative. It doesn't hurt my enjoyment one bit, nor does it change the fact that this coaster represents good progression from Leviathan with some interesting elements and a more complete ride experience. Like it or not, B&M has gigas on lock for the foreseeable future, and with good reason.
  2. I've never done a slingshot as I'm poor and upcharge attractions are rarely in the budget. Are they worthwhile? When I visited during Leviathan's opening year, I thoroughly enjoyed Behemoth and Leviathan and thought they complimented each other well. I had a great time and felt the park typified Cedar Fair at its best. The supporting coaster cast could definitely use some help, though. Vortex is a great highlight and I didn't mind the Volare *that badly* and it's a unique experience, the wild mouse is solid/its laterals are fun...but beyond that, you're looking at lower-tier coasters. It breaks my heart that an SLC, and one that rides quite poorly, is a stand in for a B&M invert at this park. Even though another invert is almost certainly not in the cards, a launched wing rider would be the a solid addition to this park. With how promising Thunderbird looks, I hope that something like this appears (running 3 trains obvi). Outside of Cedar Fair's close coaster relationship with B&M, a Mack launch in the vein of Blue Fire would be an amazing, ideal addition but that's much less likely.
  3. ^You do realize that's KingRCT3's basic interpretation of the layout in NoLimits 2 and not an actual animation, right?
  4. So, let's get real here, how costly can the maintenance for a sky ride truly be? I am staunchly against their removal, I love taking a breather and getting an elevated view of the park. And for better or worse I'm down with Divehawk 232. ^Great Millennium footage. It seems like your shots were nice and stable, a few were framed a bit tightly but I think you were just going for variety. 60fps would have helped due to Millennium's speeds, and maybe try some panning shots next time? Nice work though.
  5. How can we be expected to teach children to read if they can't even fit inside the building? Invertalon, thanks for the input and I eagerly await more photos - your Flickr stream is phenomenal.
  6. Pacing looks pretty gross right now, but give it time, it'll pick up a bit.
  7. ^Objectively, I think maybe he was trying to say he disliked the 'objections'. Check this, it really highlights how much faster the pacing is with riders: http://www.youtubedoubler.com/?video1=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DRdJH7cnQPkM&start1=54&video2=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Da5GZ1QOYdpk&start2=54&authorName=snoopsagan The forward POV on the right starts just a hair ahead and ends several seconds behind.
  8. ^Agreed! I think part of the reason there's a contrast between the reverse and forward POVs is that the forward appears to have been filmed with an empty train. The reverse POV was shot with a full train of riders and probably after Fury had a chance to warm up for the day. It also has the advantage of perspective with the track layout unfolding behind the train to add to the sense of speed. I'm betting that night rides will be where it's at.
  9. Carowinds posted a reverse POV and it's pretty hilarious, watch the face of the guy in blue.
  10. Totally agree with the posts above. I don't like the sort of partisanship that happens, as if being a B&M fan is mutually exclusive with being an Intamin fan. Intensity is great but it's not the only thing I enjoy. I'm glad there are a variety of coaster experiences out there, and unlike JJ Abrams Star Trek movies, I'd *much rather* have new gigas than not. Glad to hear someone that values the intensity of I305 equally values the ride Fury gives.
  11. I read that 'crawling' bit and was like Thanks for the input/validation, actual rider!
  12. Does Millennium Force distill down to an unremarkable piece of visual marketing/hype? I adore that coaster but it has not one lick of airtime, if Fury is any peer of Leviathan it'll have solid floater. No one was expecting ejector. Mounted POV looks great, I don't think the helix is ideal but it'll at least have headchoppers and some speed is held through the final hills. I'll be down for a Fury Floatfest 5000, I don't need every coaster to be like NTAG (literally) kicking me in the shins with air. Millennium demands an appreciate for height, speed and grace, and it's been a huge success for Cedar Fair. Why would they not emulate it?
  13. For real, I'd forgotten that about Vekoma flyers. I always just close my eyes.
  14. Straight line, flat surface, minimal footers, 1000' track length...as has been said, the construction team should still be applauded for their hard work but this one's kind of a no-brainer to go up fast. Really curious about the ride experience, I have yet to experience a 4D.
  15. Amen. I'm glad to hear it's a chassis they're rotating throughout the chain, that way only one good ride can be ruined at a time.
  16. I'm aware of and agree with everything you've just said, I'm only stirring the pot. 2 out of 3 of the parks that received a B&M hyper now have a giga, so that's also a factor. I was trying to indicate that CF has done well at adding things to Kings Island that complement that park and also aren't in danger of stealing Cedar Point's thunder, so to speak. I wouldn't have bothered to say anything if Helbig's reaction wasn't so strong: 'in the argument for best ride experience ever.' The only place I disagree is that you're skirting the line on a straw man argument with the whole B&M giga for Cedar Point thing, especially since I go on to discuss the dive coaster leak and other possibilities for the rest of my post. Now I just want to see Tony's reverse POV
  17. http://instantrimshot.com/index.php?sound=rimshot&play=true I've spoken my peace about Tempesto, and putting my optimist goggles on, perhaps in a couple of years things will normalize and capacity won't be such a nightmare once Manby realizes what this park truly needs is an RMC woodie. Should I start a letter-writing campaign?
  18. I think it's been said that it will be themed later on. Just now seeing some of the new pics...dat drop doe
  19. Here's the kicker: Mr. Freeze is designed to accommodate forward and backward travel, BTRs are not. What you should be worried about is the fact it's in your top 5 to begin with I actually prefer Freeze backwards, just keep your head back and lean into the transitions, they're much more gradual than Namtab's curves. Also it's super cool looking down 200' plus at the top of the spire when you ride in the back seat.
  20. I'm glad to hear about improved operations, last year in particular was enough to make me not want to come back, home park or not. Does anyone know if Batman has been turned back around?
  21. In my opinion, Namtab is the worst gimmick Six Flags has pulled yet. They've taken what was already one of the most intense layouts around and upped the intensity by removing your brain's ability to anticipate what is coming, and it can be incredibly disorienting. Even though I've known the layout by heart for decades I found it hard to properly brace myself for the snappy corkscrews, and it was by far my worst experience on a B&M, ever. Forwards BTR clones are one of my favorite rides, backwards and I'll pass. Kindly run the damned things as B&M designed, please, and expend your efforts on maintenance - not this backwards nonsense.
  22. This post from forever ago and I came upon it trying to figure out Leviathan's lift hill angle, but I have to take this opportunity to say Leviathan actually makes the ride on Dragon Fire more interesting. It's pretty awesome when you're traveling upside down in a loop and can see a train plummeting down the massive structure directly above you.
  23. Yeah it's absolutely not 45ยบ, 36.5 is an odd number but sounds feasible. I can't wait till it's time to get on the road to ride this thing.
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