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  1. ^It's actually quite true, even something like Krake would be around $12M+. Lightning Run was reported to be $7M. Hopefully Cedar Fair will pound out a deal for several Hyper GT-X models to go into their lower traffic properties. Lol, someone said Intamin giga.
  2. ^This is sad news. And it also never ceases to amaze me when people have positive things to say about Premier spaghetti bowls, lol.
  3. Very good points on the coasters Vortex. ^I also hope CP has a few things up their sleeves before 2020 after having lain dormant for so long between Maverick and Gatekeeper.
  4. ^I will be visiting SFOG this summer and am glad to hear of 2 train ops and the solid Mindbender crew. Shockwave is one of my favorites at SFOT, my home park, and interestingly enough even when the Titan or Texas Giant lines are crawling beyond belief the Shockwave team will usually be on their game. Much love to Shwarzkopf classics.
  5. Trains look nice, very reminiscent of wing rider restraints. I'm not big on spinning but I'll definitely be headed down to SFFT to try this out during the summer. OMG and Iron Rattler!
  6. I conquer Concur* is the word you were looking for. I am glad for variety in the giga spectrum, but it's likely due at least in part to that 'masterpiece' requiring millions in modifications and retracking.
  7. ^I've heard that, and agreed. Still think it would be more likely to simply be replaced down the line than have floorless trains added, though.
  8. It seems like the consensus here is relatively the same across the board. As much as I do love B&M, I am also pulling for Hyper GT-X models for the lower profile Cedar Fair parks because it just seems like a great solution for maximum ROI. I don't know that I see the Vortex stand-ups going floorless, as Mantis' conversion has demonstrated it's more of a process than a simple train swap and I'd rather those coasters be sold and replaced. B&M will continue to be the main supplier for Cedar Fair, and I hope to see more gigas and launches down the pipeline. I also hope we'll see some diversification with Chance and RMC, though I'd largely rather see new topper track woodies over conversions (or at least conversions using topper track so that the coasters remain wooden, I think this may be the fate of Mean Streak).
  9. ^Efteling's Baron has a proper zero-g roll, also. It's a good thing.
  10. In the interest of not spamming Beyoncé gifs, I will simply say well played.
  11. From my experience at the park this weekend, it's no wonder I often don't go for long periods of time. Does anyone know just what is up with dispatch times? Often there would be a half dozen or more employees just standing around as a station full of people look on, and apparently a phone call needs to be made or received before dispatching each and every train. The only team that was somewhat on point was Shockwave, and I think I enjoyed my ride on it the most partly for that reason. For Titan and Texas Giant it seemed like 3 mins was the absolute best interval one could hope for, with 5-7+ being more likely. Titan's station is an exceptional farce as there's a large digital timer that counts down from 60 seconds...most of the time they don't even open the gates until this timer has expired. It hasn't always been this way, but it seems the park doesn't need to be incredibly busy for exorbitant waits.
  12. Top Gun (now Flight Deck womp womp) at California's Great America. That thing has got to be the most underrated little invert around, puts the Batman clones to shame.
  13. I agree that it's a bit of an insult not to be able to choose one's seat, especially for those that are going out of their way to travel to the park and won't have many opportunities to ride where they want. At least it sounds like I'll be able to wait for the back.
  14. Objectively color science would disagree with you. One look at a color wheel, and some of the schemes chosen for the more vibrant/striking coasters start to make more sense. I think the fact that AC is faded and has simple supports and Tempesto is vibrant/new and has a more dense structure is where the visual complaints come from. Also, as has been mentioned - it's about context. I'd have no criticisms to offer if this were being installed at a Six Flags park!
  15. ^ I could type volumes on the issues I take with this addition, but I'll simply agree that compared with the simple elegance of Apollo's Chariot, Tempesto's supports fare poorly. Offensive as a shoehored-in clone for this park may be, at least it's a clone people have faith will deliver a solid ride.
  16. ^It did look like Sally Corp has outdone themselves on the animatronics. I was hoping for lighter traffic this weekend
  17. Thanks for the update! Twisted Colossus is shaping up very nicely. Still looking at that outside bank on the green track during the high five like
  18. ^I seriously want it to come to fruition that a purple-colored B&M hyper is named "Purple People Eater." Maybe Carowinds can paint/dub Intimidator thusly if their contract with the Earnhardts has a duration.
  19. I would be nice to have that extra row, but I'm confident B&M have their reasons (like extra speed creating more chassis vibration or some such thing). Assigned seating tends to be a thing with newer Cedar Fair coasters, but you won't catch me dead in those 'mine train' rows, lmao. My current plan is to be at Carowinds during E3 so I can just binge on game content the day I get back.
  20. ^100% agree. Similar to how the ridiculous complete stop on the MCBR of Goliath/Titan is far more likely to cause injury than a faster helix.
  21. ^Aren't there already multiple access points to travel under it? I think this is one of those times Screamscape just got a hold of a bad tip.
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