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  1. Don Helbig rode Fury today as well, I wonder if he'll want to push for a B&M giga now. Should be interesting to see what type of coaster KI opts for next with its proximity to CP. It seems like Cedar Fair have only added things to KI that were longtime staples at the Point (Diamondback/Magnum, Banshee/Raptor). As for CP itself, whispers of execs riding dive machines is an interesting development. My guess/hope is that the dive coaster is legit, and that we'll see RMC at the park for one or more projects before the big 150. If Mean Streak is converted, I hope that topper track is used in a new layout to keep it as a wood coaster.
  2. Hmmm, you may be right. I think that would have complimented Apollo better, but perhaps they didn't want to venture into Goliath/Titan/Rougarou territory. Maybe it isn't quite such a visual assault in person.
  3. Thanks for the photos, they're well done. Tempesto looks nice out of context, but the last shot of it crowding Apollo's lift makes me cringe - I fail to understand why this was the prime location to plop down a ride clone with a diminutive footprint. Excuse me while I pray for a fresh coat of paint on Apollo's Chariot.
  4. Intimidator 305, Skyrush, the launches on rides like Top Thrill Dragster, Kingda Ka and Formula Rossa, the relentless twistiness of rides like Maverick and iSpeed, surviving the Texas Giant before RMC laid hands on it...those are a few that come to mind. Oh, and pretzel loops.
  5. Definitely fast for a chain. I think the statistic for Leviathan is 16 feet per second, and the lift for both it and Fury are close to 40 degrees.
  6. I wouldn't worry too much, theoretical capacity is 1140 pph, which is not much lower than B&M's other loopers and I'm sure the park will do all that they can to hit that number or even exceed it.
  7. The Register does have a track record at this point. I found it crazy that 2020 is already being talked up here and there as well, definitely has me intrigued. I am wondering if it will be something relatively low to the ground but that will nab speed and length records. As for the male models, David Duchovny can fill you in:
  8. Yeah, that. I don't think anyone should be expecting anything 500' + unless they decide to go that direction for 2020 and the 150th anniversary.
  9. Based on the TPR POV of Leviathan, 50-55 seconds, and the Carowinds POV of Intimidator would indicate around 40 seconds. Obviously the lift chain can operate at variable speeds for all of these coasters, though. The next train I timed for Fury was around 40 seconds, so either I was off or it takes a hair longer with the weight of the dummies.
  10. I just timed it, it took around 37-38 seconds from the lead car hitting the incline to the last car clearing the chain. Much faster than the advertised 63 seconds.
  11. What would constitute full scale? I have to say I was hoping for a fair bit higher when I heard the 223' statistic from the dive machine leak a bit ago, but the layout described sounded great. I know there are a lot of detractors, but I think a dive machine could be a good thing if executed properly. I am very excited about the future of CP, moves like the Mantis conversion and Maverick restraints (which could bring it to #1 for me) show the park is listening to the people and taking opportunities to improve their existing coasters. Hints about a promising 5-year plan have been dropped as well, so I wouldn't be too surprised to see a 2016 coaster.
  12. Domestics B&Ms be lookin fly in 2015. Holiday World have exceeded my expectations with their execution on Thunderbird and that station looks marvelous. I hope that the launch and shorter trains allow for a bit more intense experience than previous wing riders.
  13. All I can say about this landscaping project is that it sure did make the Apollo's Chariot area uglier. Regardless of whether the coaster itself has any merit, I am deeply disappointed. It seems haphazard, garish, and inappropriate for a park that sees a lot of traffic and has a premier (yes, puns) collection of original coaster designs. The restraints are the icing on the cake that caused my disappointment to coalesce.
  14. Wow, this is an interesting development! Joel is very likable and great things happened during his tenure at Herschend. Hopefully this could mean good things for the Busch parks as well as SeaWorld properties.
  15. I was quite impressed with Leviathan's entrance and the coaster itself when I visited back in 2012, Banshee and Fury have continued the trend! Fury seems to be an excellent design progression from Leviathan for B&M, I am stoked to ride and to see how Carowinds evolves in the future.
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