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  1. I've gotten most of them off ebay. I got a few from CP, and the Hydra one from my friend!
  2. My room HAS to be clean. I hate messy rooms. I'm a neat freak.
  3. Canobie Fan- I like the MF sticker on your laptop! Is that the vinyl window sticker from cedarpoint.com? Here is a pic of my room. I'm sure you guys have seen it before. That last frame will be filled with the 2006 CP poster really really soon. My room!
  4. Here are a few older pics of me. The day I got my car! Me in Chicago!
  5. Cold Stone is my favorite. I had it in Madison and it was delicious! I believe I had the birthday cake kind.
  6. ^ That's what I was thinking. It said RLLR CSTR! Anyways, I have a coaster related license plate. I don't have a picture of it yet, but I will eventually. Mine is CDRPT11.
  7. Woke up at 7:37 Took a shower Ate Drove to school Went to schol Drove back from school Did some homework Went out to eat with the family Read some of my book (102 minutes <--- It's really good.) Studied (I have four TESTS on Friday) Watched American Idol Internet Now I'm here.
  8. This is another picture from the wedding day. This was in the amazing hummer limo!!
  9. My brother's wedding was this weekend. This is my new sister-in-law!
  10. No! Tengo un grande pollo en mi pantalones!!! Do you own a season pass to any amusement park?
  11. ^ Do I know you?? You look really familiar...
  12. If only it were the Acrophobia at SFOG. Atleast they are getting a new ride, now they just need a hyper coaster!
  13. My teacher today read this because he does on this day stuff everday. He said he highlighted the roller coaster thing for me! Go me!
  14. Man, trust me, if I knew who that was I would say the same thing... I only cut my hair because it was uneven. It won't be getting cut for a very long time now!!! I hate short hair. Well this is Matt, also know as Coasterfreak11. Oh wow, thanks Taylor!
  15. NO!! I was just about to say that! I liked braces. I didn't mind them that much and thought they looked cool! Now I have my retainer and I like it just as much. Do not just act like you don't need to wear your retainer. One of my friends went through a few years with braces, never wore his retainer and now his teeth are all crooked again. Trust me, its worth all the money and "pain" to get braces.
  16. I get my report card back on Friday, but I'm pretty sure I still have straight A's!! Woo!! Number one in my class!
  17. I don't really think my family is disfunctional. It's obviously not a perfect family, but it's pretty good. We really don't fight that often and if we do it's over something really stupid. I don't really have any rules because my family trusts me. I have two brothers and one is getting married in February! My other brother is in college right now. I'd say my family is a 2.0.
  18. It's January 2nd and it was 60 degrees in Illinois today! That's messed up. So I jogged 2 miles! Go me!
  19. No. Did you stay up past 6 a.m. for New Years?
  20. Haha. That's not my house. I couldn't tell you.
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