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  1. Well lets put it this way... I still feel like crap.
  2. Hahahahahahaha! That was amazing. That is definitely something I would do. That was hysterical. We going to hook him up with a tree in the back of his car so he feels like he's in the rocky mountains!!! Good job man! The toaster was a great addition to his kruck kar too.
  3. I didn't feel well at all yesterday, but I don't think it is because of the red bull. I slept all day and whenever I wasn't sleeping I had a headache. I still have a headache this morning. Red Bull shouldn't make you sleep all day! Well I still love that stuff, but if I feel like this after I drink Red Bull again, I just might stop.
  4. I love Red Bullllllllll!!!! I had way too many that night.
  5. ^ Laura you seriously crack me up. I'll confess something. I'll tell you the truth too, I've never told anyone this before. I thought the best place to confess this was nowhere else, but in the confession thread. I'm in love with Laura!!!!!
  6. That was disturbing! There should have been a warnign somwhere. Maybe the fact that you had a knife was a warning. Here's a picture of meeeeeeeeee. Me sitting on a sailboat in Mexico.
  7. Yes, you can. Rosen College of Hospitality Management in Orlando part of UCF. I'll be going there next year! HAHA! I'll see you down there Matt! Oh god, it will be John, you, and me!? Someone save us all! EDIT: sorry, I know I just posted twice! That seriously makes me really really really happy/excited. Us three together, oh help us God. The world may be ending in August. Are you going next fall? I simply can not wait. We are going to be the most quiet and shy students there. Except the opposite! Woo hoooo!!!! I live 7 hours from Cedar Point and I had a season pass there.
  8. Yes, you can. Rosen College of Hospitality Management in Orlando part of UCF. I'll be going there next year!
  9. Gulity I'm definitely guilty myself. I think my room should explain my addiction. Maybe the fact that I'm going to major in theme park management in college is a sign also. My crazy room!
  10. You got a magic bullet! That' awesome! That thing amazes me when I watch it on tv!
  11. Well I definitely got more than what I wanted for Christmas! A trip to Mexico with my family! It was sooooo much fun! I also got two holister shirts. Tomorrow I'll get my stocking! Mi hermano y yo!
  12. That looks really good man. Hopefully you can pull this off. How come you have to make it soo big though? You can still make a realistic Goliath model without having it that large. Keep up the good work. I can't wait to see it finished.
  13. He was actually going 93 mph to act like he was riding Millennium Force. I'm sure the police officer would understand.
  14. It's homecoming week, and today was crazy day! My friend Sarah and I!
  15. I'm not worried, I was just curious as to how they would E-Stop it. The LSM's just push the train up the lift hill. Are there brakes that would pop up to stop the train if necessary?
  16. I am very impressed with this coaster. This should be a very fun ride. I must get there in May to ride this!! What if they need to do an E-Stop? They can't stop it on the lift with the LSM's, can they? Is the launch area the only place to stop a train (minus station, brake run, pre lift)if needed?
  17. ^Trust me, people know! That definitely looks like an inversion to me... Woo hoo!
  18. ^ I can be really nerdy and say that nearly all airtime hills similar to that are parabolas. Maybe you were talking about the standard parabola! Anyway, I can't wait until they announce this thing! Why can't they just tell us when so we can all mark our calendars?
  19. I got some camo shorts and pants today. I got those shirts today too. What do you think?
  20. Isn't Wednesday a random day to announce this coaster? I figured they would announce it on a weekend, and I'm not expecting the announcement this soon. Time will only tell!
  21. Wes41190 -It was worth a try! Thanks for trying! Oliver- WHOA! I'm very impressed. TTD one is so simple, but so amazing. I'm definitely a fan of the MF one also! Thanks a lot!!
  22. I'm such a coaster freak that I make my own roller coaster folders. I got the idea from another coaster enthusiast. You just take a picture into your photo editing program, and take out the sky behind the coaster picture and make it very simple. Just the supports and the track. Then you put the logo of the coaster into the picture, save, and print. I buy those cheap 10 cent folders, print out these, and tape them on my folders! Anyone care to help me out by editing some pictures? Thank you! Here is one that someone made for me so that you get the idea. Raging Bull
  23. Check this out!! Track is now up!! http://www.cedarpoint.com/public/fun/webcams/index.cfm Sorry, I got a little excited when I saw this!!
  24. Janelle did win HOH for the 3rd time. I really do believe Mike and Erika are engaged too. How do you know all of this before the show even aired? Tell me more secrets!
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