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  1. Looks like the high tomorrow is 104, so the waterpark will be packed but the dry park should have pretty short lines. I went to the park on a Saturday last summer when it was 108 and the longest wait we had all day was 20 minutes. It was weird seeing TC with an empty station on a Saturday in the middle of summer.
  2. Nice to see that they are finally opening this thing. I’m really interested to hear what the ride experience is like and whether it feels more like a coaster or a super loop. It looks like it would be a fun ride, so I am cautiously optimistic about it.
  3. I feel really lucky because LR was running pretty well when we visited last year. We got 3-4 rides on it each day of our visit and absolutely loved it. It's such a great coaster and the launch is a lot of fun, so I really hope they can get it running consistently. My in-laws live about 1 hour from DW now, so we'll probably visit again next year to check out Wildwood Grove. Hopefully they will have fixed the LR issues by then because I'm dying to ride it again!
  4. So I'm headed to NYC with the fam next week and we will be hitting SFGAdv on Monday July 30th. The weather looks good right now (no rain and 83 degrees), so hopefully that holds up. I have been reading this thread a bit and it looks like I'm good even if it rains a bit. I have a few questions if you guys can humor me: 1 - Is there a membership entrance that lets you in early? (We have Platinum membership passes) 2 - Where are the best places to eat? 3 - Is Ka as finicky as TTD and should I ride it first if it's open? 4 - What is the loose articles policy and which rides is it enforc
  5. I agree with you and don't understand people that call TH rough. Is it rough compared to Wild Eagle? Of course it is, but they are two wildly different coasters. I have been on plenty of rough woodies (Mean Streak, GhostRider pre-retrack, Psyclone, Wildcat, etc) and TH feels nothing like these coasters. I rode it last summer many times and again in Dec during SMC and it was riding great.
  6. Agree, SFMM is not going to put in a spinning mouse coaster. That just doesn't fit in with their "Thrill Capital of the World" motto. Almost every major addition is some kind of record breaker that the park can market. Just look at the additions to the park in the last 5-6 years: largest vertical loop (Fu11 Throttle), longest hybrid coaster (TC), tallest & fastest pendulum ride (Crazanity). If the 2019 addition is a Mack spinner, you can bet it will be bigger than Time Traveler, which would be the park's biggest investment since Tatsu in 2006. I'm still hoping for a giga, but I'm not
  7. This whole situation is a little bit ridiculous. Just this summer, I've seen several people fall out of tubes/rafts at my local waterpark and the rides didn't get closed down. This happens when people don't hold onto the handles tight enough, not because there's something wrong with the slides.
  8. I don't think there's any way to upgrade from the old gold memberships. I had to purchase the new membership and then cancel my old one.
  9. 4,000 has to be the length of the coaster right? I can't imagine what else that number would refer to. Whatever this project turns out to be, it's looking like a major investment by the park.
  10. That must of been right after the fireworks show! Did you get the ERT? I didn't get it cause I have a dining pass and didn't want to spend money on food! By the way, does anyone have an official closing date for Apocalypse/Cyclone bay? Rode it yesterday and it's gotten rougher in just these last couple weeks alone! Also, is there gonna be a pass holder preview for Crazanity? I saw them adding some landscaping and the frame for the entrance sign yesterday, and no water dummies in sight so it seems like a couple more days and it'll be good to go! I rode Apoc a few weeks ago and thought
  11. Seems odd they're putting in new additions as soon as they just acquired the park, as it'd make sense to wait a year, see how things work, spruce up the park, THEN add rides. But if that's what they're gonna do I'm not complaining. Adding something new every year to each park has been SF's MO the last few years, so it wouldn't suprise me to see them add a ride to DL next year. But you are correct that the park does need some upkeep and two train ops on the major coasters. As much as people like to bag on SF, almost all of their major coasters run two trains.
  12. I couldn't agree more, this whole VR on rides trend is stupid and needs to stop. It just creates long lines due to the ridiculous load times and doesn't add anything to the ride experience.
  13. The correct way is slowing down. That's what I thought. For the last couple years though 95% of the time it fully stops on the mid course brakes though. I wish they could come up with a long term solution for that. Although it is kind of fun watching people freak out and think that the ride is broken when it comes to a full stop.
  14. I've got no problems with a B&M hyper, especially if it's similar to Mako. Of course, I'd love to see a West Coast version of Superman:TR (my #1 coaster), but it's been awhile since CF has built an Intamin. All the major coaster additions have been B&M lately, although it's good to see them working with RMC and Gerstlauer. Mack is also making some killer rides right now, so I'd be on board with a Mack hyper as well.
  15. Agreed, Kwerk is a high quality show and a great way to escape the heat for a bit. I took a friend to the park for his first visit last July and it ended up being a super hot day. I'm used to warm weather at the park, but it was like 108 or something ridiculous like that. After riding TC a few times (with no lines, due to the heat I'm sure), we ducked into the Kwerk theater to cool off for a bit. Both of us came away impressed with the quality of talent and the overall production value of the show.
  16. Yes, the last few years they've announced the new rides for all SF parks on the same day at the end of August. With the Cyclone Bay area closing down next month, it looks like SFMM will be getting something big. I'm not getting my hopes up too high since SF hasn't installed a major coaster since X-Flight in 2012. That's not to say the additions haven't been good (RMC conversions, RMC Raptor, S&S 4D, Fu11 Throttle, etc), but something like an Intamin or B&M giga would go against their ride strategy the last few years. However, the company's financial performance has been pretty good
  17. The Preview night is a great feature at Hershey and everyone should take advantage of it, especially since the park is open until 10pm. We went a few years ago in mid-June and the park really emptied out around 8pm each night. I did the preview night by myself bc the wife and kids were tired and I got about 5 rides each on Skyrush, SR, and Fahrenheit in about 2 hours. The early entry is great too if you stay at one of the Hershey properties, it's basically like an hour of ERT on Skyrush, Comet, and SDL.
  18. Agreed, Submarine Quest is a huge embarassment and the park would be better off just scraping the ride, especially since Legoland is about to open a far superior subarmine ride. I don't know who was responsible for the commisison and design of this ride, but they botched it pretty badly.
  19. You are correct, SFMM is no longer doing the VR on Revolution anymore. The have moved on to doing VR on Lex Luthor, which makes even less sense than having it on a coaster! Luckily it hasn't hurt the Lex operations as badly as it did with Revolution. However, Revolution has been down for about a month now and it is still closed. I'm not sure what's going on with it, but I was at the park twice this month and it was closed with no visible activity on it.
  20. I visited SWO last year for the first time and was blown away by Mako. It had a ton of airtime and was glass smooth, it easily became my #1 B&M hyper. My kids had never been on a hyper before and loved it, they couldn't get over how much airtime it had. Although we went during the summer, the lines for Mako were pretty minimal, so we are able to ride it a ton. SWO really has a great trio of coasters, I tell everyone that's going to Orlando that SWO is a must visit.
  21. Looks like I'm headed to SA for work in a few weeks and I am going to extend my trip so I can visit SFFT. I've never been to the park before, so I'm pumped to check out WW and finally ride IRat. I plan on getting a Flash Pass but I just want to make sure that WW is on the Flash Pass. Has anyone gone recently with a Flash Pass that can answer if WW is on it and if there are any restrictions? I plan on doing all the coasters plus the drop tower and Sky Screamer. If there's any other worthwhile flats, please let me know. I'd also appreciate any tips on food and anything else to have a great
  22. SWEET! Did you get to meet Bert? Yup! Funny guy! What you see on the show is him, the entire time, even off camera. He had this idea for this cheesy group walk thing, that we all did, and they used that. So hilarious! It was the lone time you actually saw me in it! Lol My kids and I used to love watching Bert the Conqueror, glad to hear he's a cool guy in real life.
  23. TC opened with the park when I was there last Tuesday. Apoc and Justice League were closed in the morning but opened up in the afternoon. Revolution and Green Lantern were closed all day though.
  24. It's actually kinda shocking that Six Flags opened the same ride before a Cedar Fair park. Then again, Knott's is opening their new coaster on Friday and SFMM hasn't even gone vertical with their giant Frisbee, which is more like I've come to expect. I wonder why CGA's raptor is taking so long to open? You'd think they would want to capitalize on the Memorial Day holiday weekend to drive guests to the park.
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