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  1. If you are staying the weekend, I would recommend checking out the Olympic Park in Park City. During the summer, they have zip lines, extreme tubing, ropes courses, free falls, airbag jump, etc. You can buy a one day pass and it includes all of these activities. We did a combined Lagoon and Olympic Park trip two years ago and had a blast. https://utaholympiclegacy.org/location/utah-olympic-park/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIv_HztPeq5AIVBNVkCh27HwuIEAAYAiAAEgKwU_D_BwE
  2. Putting the new coaster in place of Tazmanian Devil makes a lot of sense to me. That side of the park needs more coasters and Taz has been essentially replaced by Wonder Woman.
  3. Knott's announced some events for their 100th anniversary next year. Don't get your hopes up for a huge coaster, haha. Knott's just added a major coaster last year, so I don't think anyone was expecting another one for the 100th anniversary. SFStl hasn't added a major coaster since American Thunder in 2008, so it's not really a valid comparison. SFStl would be an ideal park to get a Raptor coaster and I hope they get one in the next year or two.
  4. Honestly, I don't care at all that SFMM isn't getting anything for 2020. WCR looks like it's going to be an awesome addition to the park, and I'd rather get a major coaster every 4-5 years than smaller additions every year. I also really like how SF is getting away from all the coaster clones with WCR/Maxx Force this year and Jersey Devil next year. Hopefully this trend of custom coasters will continue in the future.
  5. Agreed, that area of the park has been really neglected. With the opening of WCR and the re-opening of Apocalypse with new track work, that area will now be packed and I'm excited to see how it turns out. But I'd rather have the park get a big coaster every 5 years or so than a bunch of small additions every year. I understand why SF has this strategy of every park gets an addition every year, but it basically eliminates the possibility of SFMM ever getting a giga. I will say that I was very impressed with the SFGAdv custom Raptor coaster annoucement, that ride looks incredible. With S
  6. I think you'll be fine with Gold, that's what I usually get when I visit SF parks. Just as the previous poster said, reserve your next ride immediately after you get checked into your current ride and your wait times should be pretty non-existent.
  7. Totally agree, the park really needed a family coaster that's a step up from Cobra (which is one of the most boring coasters ever). I've ridden these spinning mouse coasters and they are a ton of fun. I have to say that I've been really impressed with the additions to SFDK over the last 4-5 years.
  8. I prefer TTD for the reasons you mentioned, lap bars beat OTSRs and KK has more of a rattle than TTD. Honestly, I recently rode Red Force and it's now my favorite of all the Intamin accelerator coasters. It has a different restraint system that is a lap bar that you pull down over your head, similar to Skyrush but 100% more comfortable. Red Force also goes straight over the top like Xcelerator, which makes for better airtime than the twist of TTD/KK.
  9. Now that all the Cedar Fair announcements are done, it looks like the 100th anniversary celebration is the only thing Knott's is getting next year. I guess CF spent all their money on the KI Giga, as their other parks are only getting water park additions or celebrations like this one. Hopefully this means Knott's will be getting something big in 2021 since the park is basically getting nothing next year.
  10. That's a great slide complex, Knott's added a very similar tower two years ago and it's a lot of fun. I personally love the drop capsule slides, however they aren't great on capacity. But having a tower with 4 separate drop capsules really helps alleviate the capacity issues.
  11. You should have a great time at the commercial shoot. I was lucky enough to be a part of the commercial shoot for Twisted Colossus at SFMM a few years and absolutely loved it. SF really treated us really well, feeding us breakfast and lunch as well as snacks later in the day. During the day I was at the shoot, I got about 20 rides on TC (and it was about 2 weeks before it opened to the public). When the shoot was over, they gave us a complementary ticket that could be used any day during the season. It was a really fun experience and I'd love to do it again sometime.
  12. The park did some re-tracking on Apocalypse and it was running pretty good last year before it shut down for the WCR construction. I've heard they've done more re-tracking since that time, maybe somebody can confirm that? I'm glad to see the ride get some TLC because it really does have a fun layout and it rarely has a line since it's in the very back of the park. Although it will probably have longer lines now with WCR pulling people into that section of the park.
  13. Agreed, the preview night is totally worth doing as the park clears out around 8pm. I was able to get 3-4 rides each on skyrush, storm runner and Fahrenheit during the preview night.
  14. SFMM does sell refill bottles that give you free refills for the rest of the day or free refills for the rest of the season. If you are going to be there for more than 1 day, definitely get the bottle that gives you free refills the rest of the season. (I believe they are the gold bottles this year.) I'm not sure about the cost, but i think the daily refill bottles are like $15-16 and the season refill bottles are like $20-21. There are a few places around the park that have the freestyle coke machines and I would highly recommend filling up when you see them. I know for sure the candy sh
  15. You should be fine just getting the gold. We went to SFGAdv last summer on a Friday in July and got the gold flash pass. We would reserve our next ride as soon as we got checked into out current ride. By the time our current ride was over, the window for our next ride was open (or it was open by the time we walked to the next ride). I don't remember much waiting around for our reservation windows to open. On our visit, the Flash Pass office wasn't open during the early entry. So we rode Joker 2-3 times without a wait since it was right next to the Flash Pass office and then picked u
  16. Still a better ride than Green Lantern! As for Apocalypse, I know the park did some extensive re-tracking in early 2018 and it was running great last summer before they shut it down for WCR construction. Did the park ever say they were going to do more re-tracking during the construction shutdown?
  17. Don't get your hopes up too high, Elitch is very meh and Lakeside is a straight up dump. I would highly recommend buying the Elitch rapid ride plus pass as that lets you skip the lines on all the big rides and it includes one ride on each of the upcharge attractions (Slingshot and XLR8R). IMO, the two upcharge attractions are the best rides in the park. It's like $55 if you purchase them individually or you get the rapid ride plus pass for $60 and it includes both of them.
  18. Great media day report, that member preview night looked like a lot of fun. (I really hope SFMM does something like that when West Coast Racers finally opens.) Batman is a great fit for the park and the whole DC area looks amazing. I think that SFDK has one of the best themed and most cohesive DC areas of any SF park.
  19. Me. You can buy a combined ticket portaventura + train with a special price. (55 euros!?) take about 1h.20min to get there. Enviado do meu ONEPLUS A6003 através do Tapatalk Thanks for the advice, I think I will buy the combined park and train ticket.
  20. Does anyone have experience with transportation to PortAventura from Barcelona? We will be in Barcelona in July and I want to head out to the park for a day. It looks like I can take a train from the Barcelona Sants station and it drops me off right across from the park. Has anyone ever taken this train to get to the park?
  21. Agreed, I did it a few times when I got Platinum Flash Passes but I always felt super awkward about it. I'm glad that SF doesn't offer that as part of the Platinum Flash Pass anymore.
  22. Agreed, once a visit is pretty much my tolerance level for Wildcat. But Lightning Racer is a Top 5 Woodie for me and Comet actually rides really well despite its age. Looks like I'm going to have to plan another trip to Hershey once the hyper opens. I really hope it rides like Mako because I absolutely love that coaster and was surprised by how strong the airtime was. I haven't been on Fury yet, but Mako is definitely my favorite B&M hyper.
  23. I’ve ridden a couple of these S&S 4D coasters and they are a ton of fun. The seating is pretty comfortable and you spin a pretty good amount during the ride. It is such a better ride than the POS Green Lantern at SFMM, which is thankfully getting removed. In fact, I’d love to see one of these 4D coasters replace Green Lantern, I doubt the GP would know the difference! Overall I think this a great addition to SFDK and I really like the direction of the park over the last few years.
  24. Friday will be WAY less busy with everything pretty much being a walk-on, so I would definitely go on Friday if you can swing it. I would expect Saturday to be pretty busy, but the Boysenberry Festival is over so it won't be as packed as it was in April. Get there before opening because sometimes they open a few minutes early and go straight to Ghostrider. Ghostrider always has the longest line in the park, so get as many rides as you can before the line gets long. Then head to the back right corner of the park for Xcelerator and Hangtime.
  25. I was there yesterday as well (first visit this year, and local schools / colleges are all back in session), but the longest wait I had was 10 mins for the log ride. Ghost Rider, Xcelerator, and Hang Time were all walk-ons for much of the afternoon/evening with the occasional one-or-two-train wait. Definitely a good time of year to visit! Also, Ghost Rider operations were great. They seem to have fixed that stupid brake run issue, and trains were rolling right back into the station just as the next one was leaving. It's also lost some of the retrack's initial smoothness but seems to be run
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