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  1. Really hope we see a JDC clone at the park next year and that it doesn't get delayed due to Covid. I rode WWGLC at SFFT last year and these single rail coasters are completely wild!
  2. The BBQ Sauce is one of our family's favorites! We always get a couple of orders of the BBQ wings during the boysenberry festival.
  3. Totally agree, I loved my first visit back in the fall of 2000. I remember being completely blown away by the Spiderman ride, which is still one of my favorite dark rides. Dueling Dragons actually dueled at that time and it was one of the coolest experiences I've ever had at a park. It wasn't that busy of a day, so we got tons of rides on the Dragons--and didn't have to go through metal detectors! I've been back to the park several times since then, but that first time back in 2000 is still my favorite visit.
  4. Great trip report, the Strat is one of must-dos when we have people visit from out of town. The views from the top are pretty amazing, so it's worth going up even if you don't ride anything. You were smart to check Groupon before you went as it seems like they always have deals for the Strat. Right now, there's a deal for $28 that gets you admission to the tower and unlimited rides (excluding the SkyJump). I've done all the rides and although X-Scream isn't the most thrilling, it's definitely the most terrifying!
  5. That would be the best case scenario, I was blown away by the airtime on Mako.
  6. Glad you had such a good experience at the park thrillseeker4552, I’m headed to SFOT for the first time in over 20 years. We decided to take the kids and do a quick Texas trip to see Holiday in the Park at SFOT and SFFT. Is there a best way to hit this park? I imagine starting with NTAG or Freeze is the way the go. If there’s any shows or good food we don’t want to miss, please let me know.
  7. I still think they should put a S&S 4D coaster in the same spot with the same name. I doubt very many people would realize it's an entirely different coaster!
  8. Like others have said, get there about 30 minutes before opening (as they do open the gates early sometimes), hit Ghostrider first thing and then head back to the Boardwalk area for Xcelerator, Hangtime, & Coast Rider. The Log Ride always has a decent line but it moves quickly. Silver Bullet has the best capacity in the park, so you can ride it anytime. Iron Reef is closing in Jan and getting redone into Knott's Bear-y Tales, so you'll probably want to ride it (but I wouldn't wait longer than 30 minutes for it).
  9. So we are thinking of doing a Texas trip after Christmas and hitting up SFOT and SFFT. I was just wondering how the crowds are the week after Christmas and if the weather is usually warm enough for all the rides to run?
  10. Just FYI, Citywalk does have several fast food places to grab a bite: Panda Express, Taco Bell, KFC/PizzaHut, Subway, and Pink's. I think they are all on the second level, so that's probably why you didn't see them. Great review of all the haunts though, thanks for sharing. It's nice that the front gate employee gave you the heads up about not needing to buy the express pass.
  11. I don't see them removing or revamping Iron Reef anytime soon. The ride is only like 3 years old and still pulls a pretty good line every time I've been to the park this year. I don't know where else they could stick another dark ride unless they take up some of the backstage area, which has been rumored to be moving across the street.
  12. I would recommend staying at the Cabana Bay hotel for your visit. It's a great hotel for kids and very reasonably priced for an onsite hotel. It has has two great pool areas - one with a sandy beach and slides and another one with a lazy river. The main restaurant is cafeteria style with several different food stations (salad bar, grill, pizza/pasta, etc), so there's something for everybody. We stayed there on our Universal Orlando visit two years ago and absolutely loved it. My kids are constantly asking when we are going back! (I told them probably in 2021, waiting for Hagrid's to get
  13. For me, this would be my biggest gripe with the merger of the two companies. I think competition has made their respective parks better, especially in markets like Northern and Southern California. I also like the two different strategies that the companies have regarding CapEx. I love that CF is still building huge coasters like Fury, Yukon Striker, and Orion. But I also love that SF makes sure every park gets something new every year, which keeps the passholders happy and makes me excited to keep visiting year after year. I can see a lot of negatives to the merger with the only pos
  14. Great trip report, their Fright Fest theming is some of the best I've ever seen at a Six Flags. I was able to visit SFGAm a few years ago when I was in Chicago for work and I've been dying to get back ever since.
  15. Both of those days should be "ghost towns" according to Is It Packed and I agree with them. Kids will still be in school, so the mid-week days in early December should be dead.
  16. Agreed, I'm still a big fan of this site and hope that the people who make it great will still continue to post. The quality of the posts and comments is just so much better than any other theme park related site.
  17. The park will completely dead on Monday 11/4, so you would be able get more rides in despite the shorter operating hours. We typically go to the park in the last week in October during the week and that has been my experience. The only ride that maintains any kind of line is Ghostrider, and even then it's only a 15-20 min wait. We usually can get multiple re-rides without getting off on most of the rides.
  18. If you go on a weekday, you should only need one day at each park as they should be completely dead. You will want to avoid the MLK holiday weekend Jan 18-20 and the Presidents' Day holiday weekend on Feb 15-17. I would also avoid the first week of January as kids will still be out of school on Winter Break. Also, you should check the Knotts calendar for scheduled ride closures. The ride closure dates are listed at the bottom of the calendar page: https://www.knotts.com/explore/calendar-and-hours
  19. So what do we think is a realistic opening date for WCR? I was thinking about visiting the park in mid-November, but I probably won't make the trip unless WCR is open.
  20. Totally agree, I recently rode Red Force and the restraints are by far the best of any Intamin coaster I've ridden.
  21. That's really disappointing to hear because this ride used to be very high capacity. Even with a long line, the wait rarely exceeded 30 minutes because the logs could fit up to 5 people. If they are only sending out logs with 2 people, it's going to absolutely kill the capacity and make for terrible wait times.
  22. It’s really sad to hear that Goldstriker has gotten so rough. It makes my wonder why it’s aged so badly as it’s only 6 years old. Ghostrider at Knott’s was running pretty rough before the re-track, but it was almost 20 years old at that point. GCI did a killer job on Ghostrider, it’s been 3 years since the re-track and it still runs like a dream. Maybe CF will use them to do some re-tracking on Goldstriker in the future.
  23. Glad to hear they received FAA approval, that's an important step. I really hope this thing gets built but I'll be skeptical until it actually goes vertical.
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