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  1. Apart from a traveling carnival coaster that has only one other listed, the Wildcat and Mr. Twister at the original Elitch Gardens with 10 and 12. For extant, non-kiddie coasters, it's the Zippin Pippin's Green Bay incarnation with 75.
  2. I was there in 2014, and a chunk of the track through the parking lot was being removed to put in a statue. I don't have any photos though.
  3. If there even is a wooden roller coaster in North Korea, it probably is dangerous. North Korean infrastructure makes Chinese knockoffs look safe!
  4. The Meteor wïh my 6 year old daughter at Little Amerricka today-last day for 2015.
  5. ^Gross tonnage is actually a measure of capacity, based on volume, not mass/weight.
  6. SFA's Wild One (1917) in 1993 at what was then called "Wild World." But it had only been in that location for 7 years. Oldest in original location is Belmont's Giant Dipper.
  7. Mt. Olympus has something almost identical to this. Any idea what's different enough for them to claim it's a first?
  8. Arrow launched loops. It's not a huge drop, but they're the only ride I've been on that launches into a drop, which results in a lot of airtime as a percentage of the track length. First one I rode was the Python at Wild World (SFA) back in 1993 - the launch made the thing shake so much that you could fall over while waiting on the platform.
  9. First: Rock'n'Roller Coaster on January 2 Last: Hades 360 on August 7 (Rode it twice with a painful Zeus, Pegasus and 4 laps around a smooth Cyclops in the middle, but the 1st was credit 50)
  10. First of all, welcome to the forums! I don't really think there will be a difference in lines from Thursday and Friday. (I went this Tuesday, and the lines were as long as it would be on a Saturday! Yikes! - proves that the lines are consistent no matter what day it is.) The single ride line is open depending on if the ride operators want it open - it's their decision. Anyways, have a good time at the park and on Goliath! You're in for a treat! I've been reading and lurking for a bit - finally had something that might be interesting to ask. Thanks for the insights! I guess I'll be flexible and not worry about the day of the week. I haven't been to SFGAm since 1997 - my parents planned trips around parks and coasters, but my wife is scared of most them. My daughter finally is starting to come around after visiting Disney last winter, so we're enjoying the videos. But she's still too small for most of them, so I'm stuck soloing for a while. First new ride next week will be my 50th credit - Goliath would be a great one for that, eh?
  11. I'm looking at going to ride Goliath and a few other new-to-me coasters at SFGAm next week. Will there be much difference in line time on Thursday versus Friday? I'll probably be using single rider lines when I can. Weather looks like it might be better Friday, but if the lines will be longer.... Any advice?
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