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  1. ^ I mentioned the anniversary a few pages back, but that was responding to someone hoping they'd re-build DF, and I was pointing out how long it's been gone.
  2. ^^ I've also ridden Banshee, and I think it's a great ride, but does NOT pin you to the seat the way BTR does in the vertical loops. It does NOT sling through any of it's elements with the force that the cobra rolls on Alpengeist and Raptor, or the batwing on Montu does. I would compare it more to gatekeeper or X-flight than to any of the 90s inverts. It's not a bad ride, it's not a boring ride, but it's certainly a new B&M, not a throwback to the 90s. The only ride they've built recently that could come close is Thunderhawk, and that's not an invert. Also, as others have said, you can't say taking out Aerial Chase is ok because they have Wind Seekers and a Wave Swinger. Aerial Chase is a kiddie ride. The other two are adult rides. Plus, A LOT of people don't like getting in Wind Seeker. I'm not saying they WON'T be taking it out to make room for a coaster, because neither of us know. I'm just saying it would be a poor business decision. There's also nothing promising a new coaster to KD. It'd be nice, and we'd all like it, but they have 14 roller coasters already (well, 13 once Shockwave goes). They have a great woodie, plus a wooden racer, and a total crap woodie. They have three launch coasters, a bobsled, a SUPER intense giga, an old Arrow, a solid B&M floorless, two kiddie coasters, and a wild mouse. It sure would be nice for them to get something new, but they aren't "hurting" for it the way some other parks are. Meanwhile their flat ride collection barely exists, and their family ride section is also pretty lame.
  3. So today is the 17th anniversary of Drachen Fire closing, and it makes me wonder when BGW is going to build something permanent back there? I feel like the site has been the parks utility closet for a decade and a half, being used as everything from literal storage to a concert grounds, and of course Hallowscream (although the maintenance bay is not used for anything related to the public that I know of). We now have 3 new coasters in the park since that lot opened up (all blue btw, I wonder if that's someone's favorite color?) and several new medium rides. I wonder if we ever are going to see something permanent go there? They've certainly had plenty of opportunity.
  4. Were. Past Tense. When I think of intense B&M inverts, I think of Montu, Alpengeist, Raptor, and the BTRs. Nothing after 2003 that I've been on has topped any of those for me. Banshee isn't bad, but it's definitely not on the same intensity level as the 90s era inverts. Anyhow, I really REALLY would be shocked to see a large coaster go in this spot. I'm not saying it won't, because we're all just guessing, but all the people thinking they will take out a coaster AND a kiddie ride AND a family ride to build a coaster are probably smoking something they shouldn't. KD has lots of nice coasters. They have an average collection of kiddie rides and family rides, and almost no thrilling flat rides. Not only would it be a poor business decision to take out 3 rides to replace 1, but it would be bad to take out 3 rides from different parts of the spectrum to replace with 1 ride that fits the category they already are pretty solid in. I know to a lot of enthusiasts a "dream park" is nothing but coasters, but not to the GP. Of course, they don't need to take out the car ride to put a coaster there. Look at how awesome the Phoenix interacts with the antique cars! I think smart money says flat rides, and possible chance of a smaller size coaster. I would be shocked to see anything other than Shockwave coming out of the park this year, unless they place to relocate it elsewhere within the park (which I highly doubt for Blue Ridge Tollway).
  5. Yeah double corkscrews look great! It's a shame the era of two consecutive corkscrews or verticle loops really went out when Arrow did.
  6. That's actually what I was getting at! Prior to the early 90s, part of a roller coaster was getting jostled around. In the 90s there was this golden era where many companies, with B&M at the helm, figured out how to make a mostly-smooth coaster, but with very strong forces on them that really felt intense. I'd say BTR, Alpengeist, Raptor, Medusa, etc. are very good examples of these rides. But I think they've gone too far lately. They're SO good at making their rides glass-smooth, that they now try to reduce any discomfort they can in other areas, which seems to be in the g-force department. You just don't get BTR style vertical loops or raptor style ending helix's on rides anymore :/ Maverick is a good exception to this rule, but a lot of people like to complain about it too for some reason.
  7. I've always been a huge fan of how trains look when they go through cutbacks and overbank turns!
  8. ^ 100 agree with all of that. Also, the GP will find ANYTHING to freak out over, no matter how benign. Back when I worked at BG, I did a jaunt working on Alpengeist. About once a week, a person would bump their seatbelt latch just-so and it would come out. A LOT of them would freak out and tell me their restraint came undone during the ride. It didn't matter how many times I told them that belt was superfluous, and only there to make sure guests had the proper body dimensions to ride, they KNEW that seatbelts are what save your life, and theirs came undone... Reading that news article, I guarantee you that this is a "freak out over anything" kind of person being a helicopter grandma for her granddaughter, who also may have embellished the story when telling it. I don't doubt for one second that their fear is genuine though.
  9. This was a great read! Thank you! Also, if anyone like me is curious about the section of track they cut out for the envelope, you can see it here. I almost hope a coaster DOESN'T go there, because they would need to take out a lot of trees to do it, and that's one of the few "cool" places to take in shade at KD. I wouldn't mind seeing an ultra light as I said before though. Also, a ride similar to Lightning Run would make a great fit for the parks collection, and I bet they could fit it in there!
  10. Just going back to the Arrow debate, the reason the track often looks weird is because Toomer always took one rail, and wrapped the other around it. In most "weird" sections on Arrows, one rail is fairly smooth, and the other can get really gimpy. Another factor for weird Arrow moments is that Toomer felt that getting "beat up and bashed around" was something a lot of thrill seekers wanted. Some of those awkward moments were intentionally put in to add to the thrill. Obviously they bet on the wrong horse, though a lot of people seem to think some modern coasters are TOO smoother now, and B&M certainly gets a lot of criticism in that area. Also, many Arrow transitions wouldn't feel too awful if they had better trains, but one thing that was REALLLY dated on Arrows by the end was their bogie system. The bogie had a fixed axel per car, so to prevent problems with the wheels chaffing, they left a gap between the guide and upstop wheels. True, a lot of the transitions would hurt anyhow, but you also need to factor in the extra slam you get when the guide wheels slip over to the rail. Here's a picture of LNM. Also, Arrow did use computers in the end, but not as well as they could have, plus their bogie system was the same as it had been for 40 years. Here's a video showing Drachen Fire in CAD. Anyhow, getting back onto the thread, my nomination is that weird straight section at the bottom of the Verboten drop. Every other spot of the ride flows nicely, but because they were following the wolf footers, there's this one odd straight and level part between two S curves at the bottom of the Rhine river drop... (my other answer was the Anaconda helixes, but it was taken)
  11. ^ desperation is begging for a TOGO standup! (And again I have no problem with it!)
  12. Well, I didn't mind shockwave one bit. I actually like standups, but I understand I'm in the minority. What I won't miss is the lines on that thing. What a capacity nightmare! I would rather have seen hurler go (since they already have other great wooden options at that park, and Hurler sucks), especially since this is the only Togo standup left in North America, but meh, can't say I'm heartbroken that it's going either. As to the people calling for Anaconda to be next, you're probably right, but I hope not. I wish someone would come alone and offer a bogie system parks can put on their old Arrow trains to get rid of the headache rattling, instead of just scrapping them as if a ride can't be modified. Hell, look at how much better and smoother Phantom is with the Morgan trains! As to the speculation for what will be going in, I have a bad feeling it will be a pipescream :/ A more hopeful me would bank on one extreme flat ride, and maybe one medium flat ride. Of course, looking at the footprint, there might be enough land nearby for a midsize coaster. I know everyone is hoping for a launched wingrider, but I bet an ultralight would do well in that spot! Maybe a Maverick-like coaster is a possibility too! https://www.google.com/maps/place/Kings+Dominion/@37.8387238,-77.4447545,151m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x89b130e911df49fb:0xfb9756c680858525
  13. IDK, I've always dreamed of a section of a park paying homage to RCT just for fun. Like, rides named "Dive Coaster 1" and have surveys when you get off asking if you thought it was a "good value." Yeah ok, maybe not.
  14. Wow this thing looks awesome. One thing; Forgive my ignorance, but where is the inverted loop? Is that what they're calling the dive loop? I just watched a POV and I see an immelmann, a dive loop, a cutback and/or overbank depending on who far it inverts, and then two inline rolls. I know different manufacturers call different elements different things, so it gets hard to keep up sometimes!
  15. ^^ those shirts are nice! I just wish they had a 40 year shirt with ALL of the coasters on it (the six current plus Wolf, Drachen, Wildmaus, Wild Cat, and Glissade). I'm not sure how they picked the rides. The Le Man's and Wolf shirts make sense, but then they have a waveswinger shirt... idk, maybe there are waveswinger fanboys?
  16. ^ Oh for sure, but we're the ones who do most of the talking anyhow. With the possible exception of BBW, I can't think of many rides at many parks the GP talk about once they're gone. Also, as a fan of the ride, I 100% understand why a lot of people weren't, and think the ride should have been modified (just not scrapped). I'm sure as a VA person you remember how awful flight of fear was with OTSRs, and how much better it got with lap bars. That's my go-to example of "there are other options for rough rides than the scrap yard." I think what's interesting about DF is that, unlike oh say BBW (which is pretty sorely missed by most), DF is missed by only some, but you hear people who didn't like it or didn't get to ride it bringing it up in a context like here such as "I wish they'd re-do it" or "I'd like to see a B&M take on the layout." You don't really hear people saying that about rides like GASM, Shockwave, Son of Beast, or Deja Vu. Sure, there's people out there that miss all of those, but it seems to be more of an "oh well it's gone" rather than "damn, I wish they'd re-make that with better technology."
  17. Well, what bothers me about the DF removal is that they barely tried with it. They took a loop out in 1994 that honestly wasn't the worst part of the ride (the turn into the MCBR was). Then they considered modifying the trains after Alpengeist was built, but just said screw it. I don't think the ride should have necessarily stayed in it's current form (although I didn't mind it) but I think there were options, like perhaps FOF style lapbars, that could have saved it. Anyhow, MANY people (myself included) would love to see a ride honoring Drachen Fire built on that site. Hell, I wouldn't mind seeing them rebuild the 1992 ride verbatim, but with heart-lined and smoother transitions, and a bogie system that keeps all wheels on the track (instead of the Arrow gap). Unfortunately, and this is hard to believe, but this coming Saturday marks the 17th anniversary of Drachen Fire closing, so something tells me if they ever were going to cash in on that lore with a new ride, the window has probably passed :/ Still, here we are 17 years later and conversations about Drachen Fire still go on, so who knows? Between the supports, the unique layout, the unique cars, the train lights, it's short operating period, and the 4 years it stood in beautifully maintained condition SBNO, it sure does have a lot of mythos about it.
  18. Alpengeist has springs and was built a year before oblivion. I wouldn't be shocked to learn all B&Ms do. That's what allows their coasters to be so smooth, and what put Arrow and their fixed-bogie with gaps system out of business. Maybe they improved them in some way on dive machines, but my understanding is that pre-SheiKra dives, and post griffon short dives are high 80s only because of the smaller drop distance. The shorter the drop, the harder it is to get a safe pullout from a steep angle. This is half the reason the post MCBR drops on griffon and SheiKra aren't 90 degrees, but the first drops are.
  19. ^ As someone who worked at the park for seven years (although not recently, but I doubt it's changed) there ARE drunk people on occasion, but usually security is pretty good at spotting them and escorting them to the back area. The food service people actually have to take bartender training if they're going to serve alcohol so they won't over serve. It still happens, but not often, and again security is great about getting any form of trouble (health, attitude, or otherwise) out of view of most guest. There's an entire network for fire-truck sized service roads behind the scenes that can get any form of emergency service to anywhere in the park pretty quickly. I do actually recall one specific instance well over a decade ago in which a full-on brawl broke out when someone threw beer in someone else's face. Both "sides" had a big group with them and it got ugly. JCC police broke it up pretty quick when they got there since it was a scale too large for security. Of course, now JCC has police on duty in the park at all times these days so I'd be shocked to see something like that go down now. Also, even that one-out instance of insanity was a total of 10 minutes from start to everyone in handcuffs in the back area.
  20. Totally get where you were coming from! Also I do enjoy the battering ram. All of their flat rides are good! (Except Europe in air if you count that).
  21. Actually the battering ram is a different ride! The ride I was talking about was called the "Sea Dragon" and used to be in Festa where Apollo's station is now. Actually, they just re-purposed it's old ride tent for the queue for Apollo. It was a REALLY fun ride, but apparently it was a maintenance nightmare, so away it went never to return :/
  22. Most rows are good on all their coasters. LNM is a LOT of fun in the back. It will be the smoothest Arrow you ever go on. I personally avoid car 2 and 5 because they have the chain dogs/roll backs on them, which is super loud, but the ride itself is good anywhere. Apollo is best in the back. Period. Griffon is also best in the back. I'm not a huge Griffon fan (I don't like the new era forceless B&Ms) but the back gives nice air time over the first drop. The front is also a "must try" since it's a dive machine. Verbolten is fun just about anywhere, but you get a nice boost in the back leaving the show building. I only did Tempesto in the front, which I highly recommend. Alpengeist is good anywhere (and my all time favorite B&M). The people who call Alpie rough always baffle me... the only way to get smoother is those new-age forceless B&Ms. The first loop of the cobra roll and the snap onto the MCBR have a nice pop, but unless you're sitting completely limp bodied, it shouldn't be bad at all. The faster it's running (later in the day) the less you'll worry about that. They have FANTASTIC flat rides at this park, all worth getting on. They do have a lot of old fashioned flat rides too. Unfortunately they took two of my favorites out years ago (an old Octopus ride that used to be in Oktoberfest and a Sea Ship ride from Festa). Most of the flat rides are in the Italy/Festa and the Oktoberfest parts of the park. The bumper cars are particularly good at this park, since they let you go nuts on them. They're pretty strict about loose articles on rides. They're one of the parks that will stop the lift to come get cameras etc. We never did it on the Arrows when I worked there, but they did it daily on the B&Ms. I assume they still do, though I don't know for sure. They have lockers for your stuff. Tempesto has been handing out free fanny packs for your stuff that you give back when you're done. If you get permission to take something like a go-pro on the rides, they'll let you. Otherwise you can't take anything on the rides. Often they will let you take photos at the exists as long as you are not in the station itself. Sometimes on a crowded day they'll ask you to leave if lots of people are there, but usually they'll let you take pictures as long as you're outside of the fenced off area in the station. (They no longer let anyone, including employees, on the platform when trains are moving these days).
  23. Great TR! It's nice to see the decals are on LNM now. They weren't when I went in May. I really like the new branding and logo, and it looks just as nice on the trains! I'm pretty sure they started selling more than just AB products the moment the company sold the first time. I think competing domestic beers were added with the Blackstone purchase. I might be wrong, but I don't think the Miller is new for this season. Fortunately, BGW is keeping the old AB tradition alive of allowing beer consumption anywhere in the park except for the bridges! (which is against state law, or they'd probably let you drink on bridges too). Anyhow, I haven't had a chance to convert my 1994 DF footage to digital, but here's a POV of DF from 1993 that shows you how much slower the second of the ride actually was when open. While it was a bit on the rough side, I don't think it was any worse than your standard Arrow. I'd rate is a bit more rough than Vortex, but not as rough as Shockwave or GASM. The first half of the ride wasn't bad at all. The turn into the MCBR was really bad in certain cars, not bad in the back, horrible in the front. Going into the two corkscrews was pretty bad, and got worse the further in either direction you were from the middle. They took the first corkscrew out after 1994 to try and fix that, but I think that only made the ride worse. The cutback was pretty fun no matter what seat you were in. The helix was bad in the back, but not so bad elsewhere. Basically, if you held on and kept your feet on the floor, with your head up and out, you didn't have problems on it. But most people don't know or want to know "how to ride" which is why Arrows keep getting the Ax. I still wish they went with their first decision and modified the trains for re-opening. Still a shame they cut it all together.
  24. This video isn't really a fair comparison because it was done during testing. Arrow famously tested their coasters with the MCBR completely off to see if the trains could handle the last bit at full speed. While DF was far from smooth, it wasn't this bad when the block brakes trimmed it to a crawl. I have a pov of it somewhere when it was open, I'll see if I can find. I still don't think the park made the right call with that ride. Plenty could have been done to salvage it. Anyone who went on either Flight of Fear with the OTS restraints knows how bad they were and how much better they are now. I think FOF was worse than DF was before they got lap bars. I bet either lap bars or new bogie could have made DF a great ride. Yet, what's done is done. I never minded it, and found GASM and Shockwave worse, but well, they're gone now too.
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