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  1. Thanks! I was surprised too. I think part of it may have been that I had such low expectations for Firehawk, that when I didn't leave in pain and actually felt some REAL g-forces on it (somethings sorely lacking from too many modern coasters) that I said "huh, yeah, I'd do that again!" That said I doubt I'll wait more than 20 minutes for it. Also, I'm seriously confused how the diamondback crew can be so bad. I was at BGW earlier this year, and the AC crew was so good they had to hold dispatches because the block ahead wasn't clear yet when they were done loading. I'd blame the seatbelts, but every coaster at CF seems to have them these days (except weirdly the Bat, which used to have them but they've been removed). The load times were noticeably slower than the pre-seatbelt days, but not THAT much slower. The CP ops seem to have it figured out, and while the KI crews are slower, it's still not that bad. I think the crew is just lazy and slow (and I say that as someone who was a ride-op for years, including on B&Ms). Then again, I do miss the good ol' days of the 90s and before when people didn't really have cell phones/cameras they were trying to take on the ride, parks weren't making ride ops stand on presence pads, guest would actually get right on the ride and right off, and by and large would have read the signs before getting on. Just look at this old Vortex footage where they basically are sending trains out the moment the one in front got off the lift... On Arrow coasters, we call that "Christmas Treeing" the ride, because when you have all three trains out on the course with none in the station or ready brakes, all the block indicator lights read occupied, and bleed a little extra light into the red and green sides of the indicator and it looks like a Christmas Tree. You NEVER see that happen anymore :/ The ops just seem slower, there are new precautions that don't actually increase safety and are there to ward off a frivolous law suit, and the guests have tons of crap with them that makes it go slower, plus they're playing on their phones and not reading the sign
  2. So I've never done one of these before, and my camera skills certainly aren't on the level as most of the posts here, but I had a pretty good time (mostly) at King's Island yesterday, so I thought I'd share! I've been to King's Island a few times before, but I actually had 3 1/2 credits missing due to a variety of unfortunate circumstances on my previous visits (those being Banshee, Adventure Express, Firehawk, and the blue side of Racer). So I actually wasn't planning to go to KI this summer, but due to other summer travels and a few plans falling through, I happened to be in the Cincinnati area with a sudden free evening, so I went over to take advantage of their after 4pm rate. Let me start by saying that the first pleasant surprise of the day was DEFINITELY the admission price. They advertised $29 after 4pm, and that's what I paid. I was bracing for some sort of service fee, or crazy tax, but the evening total per person was $28.85 post tax! It was a pretty warm day (high of 92, but slightly overcast at times) so I was glad to be getting there in the evening, and the park was open to 10pm on a Monday, so I assumed (correctly) that I could still get plenty of rides in! The first stop was supposed to be Diamonback. However, this was the first bad news of the day. Even though the park was near empty and they were running three trains, the wait was filling up much of the queue. I stood and watched for a moment to see if it was at least moving fast, but the trains were MAYBE going out every 5 minutes. The train would finish the circuit and sit on the safety brakes for 2-3 minutes fully stacked before they would get a new dispatch out :/ My next try was the Beast since it was right there, but it too had a long line. This didn't surprise me, and they were going pretty quick, but I decided to save that for later since night rides are my favorite on that anyhow. So, with Diamonback and the Beast both busts, I started my day exactly the same way that most TPR folks don't, with a back seat ride on Vortex! I gotta say, I'm a pretty big Arrow fanboy. I'm tall so headbanging doesn't really happen to me, and I really enjoy the "you vs. the ride" experience that is getting on one of these old deathtraps. I had never done Vortex in the back before, and was bracing for the worst, but honestly it was actually smoother in the back than I expected! There was great air time whipping over the first hill. The turn around before the vertical loops sucked, but the rest of the ride was actually pretty enjoyable! Whipping on the MCBR was actually pretty fun in the back, unlike the "oh crap what the hell" whipping you get in the front. I took more pictures of Vortex than most of the other coasters, because lets face it, no matter what your take is of the ride, it's beautiful, extremely photogenic, and pretty fun to watch. Not the way most people start their day, but I actually love these old Arrows. I love the old tear drop verticle loop. Very intense! Empty cars on just about every train today on many of the coasters. After Vortex was done with me, I decided to head over to another TPR favorite: Firehawk. I didn't have this credit because every time I've been before, they're running only one station and the wait is over an hour. Couple that with the less-than-stellar reviews, and I decided to skip it in the past. Today I was very surprised to see both stations running, and a very short wait, so I went for it! I must say, while it's not as fun as a B&M flyer, I was SHOCKED at how much I liked this ride! I was prepared for the worst, but I actually enjoyed it. The G forces going into and coming out of the vertical loop were some of the strongest I've ever felt! This didn't really feel like I was "flying" so much as "a large drunk man was slinging me around," but I didn't leave with a headache or bruises, and I did get an adrenaline burst from it all! Perhaps it was my low expectations, but I enjoyed it. I doubt I'd wait more than 20 minutes for it and will likely skip it in the future since it's a capacity nightmare, but I'll certainly scope out the line from now on and get on if it's not too bad. Woah both stations running! I swear there's no way to look cool while riding this thing. Looks like some X-flight is starting to leak through... Next up was the racer, blue side. This was also a walk on. It was running pretty ok today. Not the smoothest ride at all, but I mean, it's a 40 year old wooden coaster, what do you expect? I never got on this when it ran backwards, but I image it was similar (read: identical) to Rebel Yell, which I grew up riding. I really wish they left one side backwards... I watched this thing throughout the day, and red won every time. Rigged? Many coasters were a walk on all day, and this was no exception! Now that I had 1.5 more credits, I decided to hop next door and scoop up another missing one, Adventure Express! This is DEFINITELY my new favorite mine coaster. I understand that's not a high bar to set, but this was really quite fun! I'm a fan of coasters with the lift at the end for some reason. That said, could someone please explain to me what in the hell is up with that final lift? That was seriously out of left field! Big shout out to KI for running all their trains all day even with low guest count. Walk ons for days! I really enjoyed this one in the back. I guess no one else did! Now it was finally time to check out what everyone has been talking about: Banshee! I gotta say, this ride looks and is great, and is a big win for the park! That said, it's not really my new favorite... anything. However, I don't think that stops it from being a good ride. The ride is smooth as glass, and the slow-roll is a hell of a lot of fun. I did get my hopes up for a BTR style intensity on the smaller vertical loop, and was a bit let down, but oh well. High G-force, intense B&Ms are clearly a thing of yester-year. I would still take Alpengeist, Montu, and BTR over this one just because I like high-intensity, but it's far from a bad ride, and beautiful to look at! Also, the ops were on point and kept this thing moving. Slingshot photobombing my crown shot! Wouldn't be a Banshee TR without this shot! I love the dive loop shape, and the lack of net on it! Couldn't help myself Seriously though, I love the lack of net here! Really cool! Next I went over to Top Gun...err Flight D...errr... The Bat! I really like these coasters a lot. I wish someone would take up the charge and make a non-inverting free-swinging suspended coaster again. It's a great family ride, and provides a nice low-to-medium thrill. I have several friends who don't go on looping coasters or ones with big drops, but eat rides like this up, and it's sad to see them going away. With BBW and EF gone, this (and the other Vortex) are definitely the best ones left... which isn't really saying much given the pool to choose from... In any event, I got a few rides in on this walk-on as well, and enjoyed every one! Also, while I know it's not new for this season, this was my first time seeing the new paint, which I think looks just fantastic! Way better than the derpy old grey it used to be. One other interesting thing of note (which I sadly couldn't get a picture of)... There was one set of break calipers that did not appear to be from this ride, and was painted red. I wonder if there's any chance BGW sold them some spare BBW parts when they scrapped it? It would make sense if they were still serviceable and compatible. Who knows? Oh hello there Such a fun ride Definitely past 90 degrees! Little up-skirt action I decided to suck it up and wait for the front Got one more on the way out. I love that you can see daylight between the upper guide wheel and track! Oh Arrow... I guess they're keeping this around in case anyone wants to remember SOB existed... Looks like they use the old station for a haunted house. I'm sorta bummed I never got the credit. I missed it by 1 season. Next I decided to see if Invertigo was a walk on, since that's about the only way I'm interested in riding it. It wasn't, so a snapped a few pictures, then smiled and backed away slowly, hoping it didn't see me. I just don't understand why people wait in line for this capacity nightmare... I guess it's not the worst ride ever (looking at you Meanstreak), but just not worth waiting for... Grabbed another ride on Banshee before leaving the area, and it was now a 1 train wait to get on. Such a great crew! I thought about doing red side of racer, but it looked like they weren't bothering to time them anymore, so I skipped it. I decided to go see if FOF was shorter now (it was an hour wait when I rode Firehawk) and strangely, the line was LONGER now. I just don't get how that ride always has such a long line. In any event, I've done FOF at both Kings Island and Kings Dominion many times (hell, I did KD with OTS restraints!) so I decided to pass, even though that AC probably felt great in the 88 degree heat! Since it was a one train wait for the front, I went ahead and got a front seat ride on Vortex. I was going to hit the stunt coaster next, but I noticed there was no line at the Beast while I was at the crown of Vortex, so I ran over there next! I had perfect timing for the Beast. I waited one train somehow, and by the time my train got back, the station had filled up and it was over 20 minutes again, and getting longer. I guess I just hit a sweet spot! Unfortunately, it was far from my best ride on the Beast. The trims were on full blast, which I find makes the ride a bit rougher, and takes a lot of the thrill out. Still my favorite woodie, and my favorite night coaster, but I've enjoyed it more in the past. God I love this logo! Double coaster shot! Ok, rant time. I'm sorry, but what the hell is wrong with the Diamondback crew? I haven't been to the park since the seatbelt-pocolypse, but none of the other rides seem to be having the trouble Diamondback does. The KI crews are way slower than the CP crews, but even the other KI crews blow the Diamondback Crew out of the water. It might as well be a different park. With Gwazi closed, I really think Diamondback gets the "flat out, hands down, indisputably worst crew in the world" award. They were still cranking out trains at roughly 5+ minute dispatches. I really like this ride, but choose to skip it to avoid standing still in the heat while the employees raced along at the pace paint dries :/ Worst crew on the planet. All three trains stacked so consistently, they mine as well have taken one off... Oh dear lord they actually got one moving! I think the guy in blue in the back is realizing how long he's going to sit on the brakes in the sun, and is trying to bail! It's a great looking ride, if you're lucky enough to actually see one of the trains go by! It's like trying to photograph endangered animals... At this point my phone died, so that's it for pictures. Basically I just went to the Stunt Coaster next, then cleaned up some re-rides while I waited for the park to get dark for my Beast night-ride. I will say, as far as non-coasters, basically everything is back up now. I know a lot of stuff was down earlier in the year. Also, Delirium is really fun! Definitely worth the somewhat-slow loading time to get on!
  3. The site is huge. Of course, Dive Machines are huge also. True, many in existence so far have fairly small footprints, but they're also short, compact layouts. Image a CP adoption that actually has a long, interesting layout! I wouldn't rule dive machine out just based on the land. Then again, I'm going to laugh my ass off if CP is trying to beat Skyscraper to the punch and build the first 500 ft coaster before 2017 so they can keep their tradition alive. Of course, with how often TDD goes down for wind, and hell, even windseeker, I bet a 500+ foot coaster at CP would operate approximately 10% of the time!
  4. ^ I Actually didn't mind Maverick on the old restraints. Again, I'm tall, and I've noticed that most of the coasters people hate on, tall people don't mind as much (except Meanstreak. That's seriously my only "never again" coaster that I've ever been on). I did want to try it, but I'll be going back later this summer and I wanted to try and get on as much as possible yesterday! We were going to do it at the end, but a storm came up and closed everything down a bit early.
  5. Went out to CP for a bit yesterday. It was a really good day, because the thunderstorms early on kept the lines non-existant. There were many hours in the middle of the day where everything was up, and you could literally walk onto everything except Maverick, MF, and Dragster. I waited under 5 minutes for MF, about 5 minutes for dragster, and didn't mess with Maverick today because the line was over a half hour and we weren't there for the full day. I was curious about the new restraints, but not "pass up walk-ons for a half hour wait" curious. Around 7pm they closed the blue side of Gemini, took corkscrew down to 1 train (and it was still a walkon) and probably a few other rides too. Rougaroo was a good time! I actually never minded Mantis because I'm tall, so for me it wasn't really too different. It was fun, and I like that they don't use the drop trims on it. The crowds seem pretty "meh" towards it, because it was a one train wait for the front and walk on anywhere else. I rode in the back one time and the middle 6 rows were all empty. MF, Dragster, and Maverick still seem to be where the crowds are (not surprising). One other thing. A ride op hinted that this is the last season for Corkscrew. I'm not usually one to trust ride-ops as information sources, since usually they don't know much more than the GP when it comes to park planning, but I must say I would be a little sad to see corkscrew go. I've never found it that rough by Arrow standards, it's small so there's not much that could go in it's spot, and it's a pretty neat site over the midway (especially at night). I'd much rather see the stinking garbage heap that is Meanstreak go if anything, since it's footprint is huge and could be replaced with an actually good ride, though in honest, I'd prefer to see no coasters go since that's not the point of Cedar Point! Anyhow, hopefully this guy was just getting on the "lots of Arrows are closing" hype. I'm sure there's plenty of people who wouldn't miss it, but I would!
  6. The block brakes basically weren't trimming at all. The crown trimmed some but not as much as some seasons. The cobra roll was a lot more smooth ad a result, and there was basically no rattle. It was awesome. Unfortunately like I said Apollo was running sluggish though. It'd be fun to go when both are hauling!
  7. Hah no worries! I wanted a picture. It was actually a bit tacky, since it was just one wheel, and even on the same bogie it had LNM rims. I wonder if they're starting to have trouble getting replacement parts?
  8. Well I suppose I don't, but it's definitely a second gen road wheel and sticks out. I couldn't get a close up shot to see that it really had the boomerangs, but when you watch the train enter the station, it sticks out like a sore thumb it's so different from the others. I know they just resurfacr the polyurethane when it wears down and keep the same rims for as long as possible. It makes sense that some of the LNM stuff is starting to need full time replacement.
  9. Went to the park today! It was a really good day to go. It was pretty warm but not too hot. Tempesto was an hour wait most of the day but basically everything else was a walk on. It rained for about an hour and the coasters were down for about a half hour for thunder but opened back up quickly. Most of the crews were moving fast. All the coasters ran 2 trains except verbolten which ran all 5. Apollos crew actually outpaced the trains and had to hold for spacing more than once. It's amazing how superior the non seatbelt hypers are. I hope AC never gets them. AC was running a bit dull. Not nearly as much air time this season for some reason. Alpengeist on the other hand was hauling ass. It barely trimmed and felt awesome! Verbolten was same old same old. Griffon was ok, I've never been a huge fan. The crew was on point. They had the station empty more than once, something that I've not seen there before. Once they had a train on the lift before the other even hit the final brale run! Loch Ness' crew sucked hard. They were stacking trains constantly. If they'd been on three trains, this crew would have had set ups for days. Extremely disappointing. The ride itself has aged very well of course! Tempesto is a lot of fun! Huge air time in the front! The crew wasn't bad, but could have moved faster. They were joking on their headsets the whole time and.dispatches suffered for it, but it wasn't awful and they're only human. Capacity is an issue, but honestly the wait could have been worse. I only fear because I waited a half hour at the end of the day and every other ride was walk ons. On a busy Saturday, I bet that line will be 2 hours + especially if the crew is slacking. Today by coincidence was also the actual 40th anniversary and they had a special film in the globe theater commemorating the park. It touched on many old rides, including drachen fire, big bad wolf, glissade, le mans, gladiators gauntlet, the monorail, and more! They had lots of interviews with old GMs. It was fun! They're also selling shirts with "the old country" and old rides on them. I was hoping they had one with all the coasters, past and present, but they don't. They dont have anything for Drachen Fire, which bummed me out because they even had a shirt for the damn waveswinger, but oh well. Roll out the barrel wasn't as good as the old show. It was WAY loud. It was so loud I had trouble understanding them. It was probably a fine show if they'd just take 20db off the gain. It was very busy visually but fun. My main gripe was the rock-show volume levels. They have it figured out everywhere else, so why not here I dont know. I gave Euope in Air another shot. It's still the worst ride the park had ever had, probably tied with King Arthur's challenge. One guy boo'd when it was done! Bring back Questor! They also had the animatronics from the Enchanted Laboratory out! Makes you wonder what else they have in storage! Oh, also theres a drachen fire rode wheel on one of the loch ness trains! I tried to get a picture but my phone was dead! Watch for it! Back row on the right side! All in all a good day!
  10. Nice! Thanks for all the nerd shots! Also after watching that video with the audio on, anyone else wondering if the ride is fun? I hear it might be fun.
  11. Tough one! Best Intamin: I305 Best B&M: Alpengeist Best RMC: Goliath, though I haven't been on any others!
  12. Hate to derail the newride/dive conversation, but did anyone ever find an answer for how they addressed the heart-line issue on Rougarou going from standing to floorless?
  13. This is not the first time I've clicked submit once and wound up with a double post... wtf my computer...
  14. Europe in Air... ugh... When Corkscrew Hill first came along, I was so upset. Sure, it was better than King Arthur's Challenge, but that's a pretty low bar to clear. Now with Europe in Air, I almost miss Corkscrew Hill. Considering most of the Questor themeing is still there, I don't see why they can't just make a Questor-like ride. No cartoons, no google-maps themed adventure, just a nice, live action, THRILL ride simulator! Hell, I'd be fine if they just re-shot and brought back Questor verbatim!
  15. I find it funny watching people bitch about a name being hard to pronounce, but have no problems mispronouncing other names. My girlfriend is a native french speaker. When I asked her to pronounce "rougarou," it blew my mind. Everyone at CP saying it on video isn't even coming close. The first consonant sounds more like an L than an R. Infact neither r is pronounced with an "R" syllable. Of course none of that matters, and it won't matter with this new ride either. I just find it funny.
  16. ^ There's no way BGW will "just open it!" They love to do their gimmicky things/put on a show. However I think that's going down on Friday, not Saturday Here's the verbolten opening ceremony: There used to be a video of Drachen Fire's opening ceremony online where Dana Carvey did a standup comedy routine, but it seems to be gone now. There's about 5 seconds worth of the opening parade in this NOVA special though: And of course, it wouldn't be right to talk about BGW ride openings without giving the honorable mention to poor Fabio's commercial!
  17. Cramped in what way? Now at 6` 4" I'm a bit nervous. I hate rides that slap my knees into my face...
  18. ^ Yeah, the difference between Diamondback from my 2011 visit and my 2014 visit was stark. Those seatbelts are a stupid timesink, but the crew definitely didn't seem to care very much making a badly designed load time process much worse. Glad to see shots of Vortex though! I know most people on here are Arrow haters, but I just love the old school loopers, and Vortex is one of the best still standing!
  19. ^ Busch runs their rides in the rain all day long. It's if there's lightning in the area that they close things down, and even then, it needs to be pretty close. If there's lightning near by but no rain, it'll still close things down. Rain but no lightning? Enjoy getting wet cause they're open! I can think of one time in my years working there that we shut coasters down when there was no lightening, and that's only because we had insanely absurd winds coming in that set off the wind alarm (meaning faster than 40mph gusts).
  20. People willing to ride normally might prefer the idea of not having them for the freedom, but they don't look bad. My bet is they are either there to make sure body dimensions are right for riding, or they're there to stop dumbasses from getting hurt while turning around or doing something else dumb.
  21. The cobra roll seems weather dependent, but even at it's worst I don't mind. I always thought the snap onto the brake run was the worst, but don't really mind that either. Then again, I love all the old arrow loopers, so even a "rough" B&M won't come close to bothering me! I do miss the little air time jolt you used to get off the brake run though.
  22. Oh no disagreement there, it's my favorite in the park still. Also some seasons they don't trim as bad as others, but still, 1997 when there was no loose article net on the Immelman, and the block brakes gently tapped at best, that thing was insane!
  23. ^ I really hope they keep the launch speed the same as it appears to be in testing. It looks like it REALLY flies over the top, then needs to hit the brakes way harder. I can't wait! My fear is that they'll eventually figure out they can slow it down, and will. I mean, compare this video of 1997 Alpengeist MCBR trims with modern Alpengeist: 1997 2014
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