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  1. Honestly, I think it has more to do with foot traffic and staffing. BGT is open year round, and has a higher guest attendance than BGW. At the time of Griffon, the rumor was that BGW didn't want to staff a duel loading station, and would have 2 extra seats per row to "help with capacity." The park has said that Griffon was designed with a floor, and the added weight from going 10 across was the reason they moved to floorless. I would wager that if the park had wanted a floorless AND a duel loader from the start with Griffon, B&M would happily have obliged. I'm sure they'd do the same for CP, and if CP gets a DM, I sincerely hope they do.
  2. Yeah, I remember really scratching my head when I learned Griffon would only have one load station (much the same way I question BGW for not putting a duel load + transfer on Tempesto... but oh well). The first few years of Griffon, I'm not even sure why they bothered running three trains. With three trains, they have more staffing on the platform, yet they were ALWAYS fully stacked the first few seasons. I think now they have things figured out better. My last visit, they were only running two trains, which means fewer platform workers, yet they were running so efficiently that a train was leaving the station before the train behind it even hit the final brake run (which is pretty impressive for a ride as short as Griffon, especially one with such a tricky loading process compared to older B&Ms). That said, CF is all about ops and capacity. Not only do they consistently put more people working the platform than BGW, but I doubt they would build something known to be a slow loader without taking whatever option there is to increase capacity.
  3. Well whatever it is, it sounds like it will be a record breaker from that teaser!
  4. Oh, gotcha! Yeah, it's pretty dated. It's a shame there's no sit down conversion option, since that would be a great "first looper" for kids if so, but I'm sure whatever replaces it will be better.
  5. Well, while the ride is dated, and many enthusiasts don't like stand ups, I don't think you can call it a piece of crap. Togo over engineered their rides like crazy. It was well machined, well built, and KD has said more than once that it's their most reliable coaster. It's likely going away for the same reasons the KI and CW ones did: low capacity, low ridership. Your opinions of the ride itself aside, from an engineering standpoint, that ride could keep going indefinitely. This is almost certainly coming out to be replaced, not because they want it gone for the sake of gone.
  6. ^^ I think the giga rumor started a few years ago, that every cedar Fair was going to get a giga, and, to be fair, since that rumor started, three new gigas and counting sprung up...
  7. ^ seconding the smoke house brisket! However, the smokehouse quality depends on the time of day. If there's a line, the food is fresh and good. Meanwhile, the Italian and Festhaus food is good no matter what time of day!
  8. I get that a lot of enthusiasts hate Arrows, but I'd rather see Anaconda stay and have another coaster interact with it. It's a huge lake, and Anaconda doesn't really take up much space of it. I suppose that's an even bigger pipe dream than it being replaced with a flyer though! I really don't find Anaconda a bad ride except the jerk between the two helix's. People talk about how weird getting into the corkscrews is, but that's how 100% of Arrows enter their corkscrews. They just carbon copied the elements coaster to coaster.
  9. ^ I think he means Shockwave, and accidentally typed Dominator since he was using it as reference for the plot size. Honestly, anything is possible, and I bet it's completely plausible B&M could put something in there, but honestly, unless you're talking a ride the size of BTR or Iron Wolf, you're probably not looking at a B&M. Now, I wouldn't mind seeing a 90s style, small, high force, high intensity B&M be built, but given their recent "as smooth and forceless as possible" creations, I won't be holding my breath. I'd say flat rides, or a medium family coaster a la Verbolten or Lightning Run would be what would round the park out best, but KD could be building anything. We should be inching closer to an announcement though, so hopefully there isn't too much more shotgun guessing!
  10. There's a 0% chance any Intamin is coming. It's going to be either a B&M hyper, launched wingrider, or invert. Wow, zero percent? Unless I missed a giant press release, I'd say there's a 100% chance that anything is possible at this point, at least from out point of view. We don't even know a roller coaster is coming, much less who the manufacture is, the type, or anything about the coaster that may or may not even exist. Just because YOU want/speculate a specific kind of ride, does not mean that anyone else's guess is any more or less valid than your own.
  11. Man, it's hard to believe Kumba and Montu don't have longer lines in peak season. They're amazing good rides, IMHO much better than SheiKra (though that is a fun ride too).
  12. Awesome! For a first NL2, that's really well done. There's a few other nit-picky issues we could take to PMs if you REALLY want to make it authentic, but for what it is, I think you did a very fine job. Now I hope we aren't disappointed by the real ride when it's announced!
  13. Cool trailer! As others have said, be careful about using registered trademarks, especially one that might have been registered for a not-yet-open-ride. Also, the huge nerd in me has to point out that there would not be feeder wheels on the block brakes/safety brakes. (Block brakes are what most enthusiasts call the MCBR). There would be a row of magnetic trims first to slow it down most of the way, then standard friction breaks. It would be at a slight angle so if stopped there, gravity would take over. Same goes for the safety brakes (the first brake run it hits). And while I can't see it in your video, the station would have feeder wheels only (no friction brakes). Most people put brakes on their NL2 recreations, and while it doesn't matter since it's a game, if you're going for true realism, I'm not familiar with any B&M coaster that has anything other than feeders in it's station.
  14. ^ agreed, but my last visit red side was down, and it was still a fun ride. It's a fun older ride, and less "ouch" factor than other arrows!
  15. This looks great, but I agree with the others that the preview video is... lacking. They did it in NL2 but they didn't even use the RMC mod, much less any 3ds. I'm half tempted to offer to make them a better video myself just to show off what I'm sure will be a great ride!
  16. ^ Very possible, and I wouldn't read TOO much into this because it's a different park, but I seem to recall DF and Alpengeist track arriving around early September. I don't really recall Apollo, but I'm pretty sure they started pouring footers well after DF closed, but Griffon stuff started showing up around late July. (IIRC, Le Mans closed either at the very end of June, or the first week of July, and they started site prep and footers almost immediately after. The first supports and track arrived way earlier than any of BGWs previous coasters, and the construction was finished later than most. Drachen Fire's opening day was April 4. Alpengeist was March 22. Apollo was March 30. Griffon was May 18 despite an earlier-than-normal construction start time. Again, this is a different park, many years later, and any number of things could have led to Griffon being a larger, longer project, but just from this experience, I believe dive machines really just have a lot more to them from a physical labor and testing side of things. They put a LOT more strain on the structure than smaller coasters. Edit - Just editing to say that, because we have no pictures, I'm going to go ahead and assume the mythical supports don't exist. Someone else would have noticed by now.
  17. Not to stir the rumor mill since the CP track is unsubstantiated right now, but Griffon track/supports started arriving around this time in 2006. If the dive machine rumors are true, they're a bit more involved to build due to their size. The footers need to sit a long time of course too on any ride.
  18. Woah, what color? Did you get pictures? It'd be interesting to compare them to the pics of the B&M plant!
  19. ^ True, and I think it's fine for a ground-up new project, but for a conversion coaster, it's nice to change as little of the structure as possible. As an avid hater of Mean Streak, I think it's impossible to deny it's aesthetic beauty, something I think should be preserved in a conversion. If they leveled the ride, I'd prefer to see it replaced with a good wooden coaster like the one posted a few pages back, but a true woodie none the less. If they convert it, I'd love to see it end up with as much original structure as possible!
  20. The lift supports for Alpengeist were originally going to be traditional, but the "water main" for the water rides (that Chuck mentioned several pages ago) was in line with where they wanted the station to go. The ride was shifted over several feed to avoid it, but in doing so, the traditional lift supports would now intersect many other obstacles, so the current ones were designed. Alpengeist originally had no zero car, but somewhere in development, it became feared the train would valley in the second half of the ride in the event of a MCBR full stop, so the zero car was added. It weighs 1500 lbs. The Loch Ness Monster originally was supposed to have 4 trains of 6 cars, but when that concept proved mathematically to be a bad idea, they switched to 3 trains of 7. The block brakes (MCBR) on Loch Ness are perfectly level. If a train stops there, a maintenance person must go out and manually pull the train forward on a small conveyor chain that has been added just beside the brakes themselves. Part of why the coaster can't do a "double looper" anymore, is because back when it could, one train would leave lift 1 before the other train would leave lift 2. By slowing the first lift speed, they ensured that a train would leave lift 2 at the same time as or before the one behind could leave lift one, minimizing the likelihood of a setup on the block breaks. (Another reason is that since Loch Ness can't stack trains without the third stopping on lift 2, they decided to decrease lift 1's speed so that they get a little more time to dispatch, greatly helping disabled guests board the ride). Drachen Fire had feeder wheels to push the train in and out of the station. However, they were spaced in such a way that if a dispatch was canceled while a train entered the station, it was actually possible for the running boards under the train to be perfectly spaced in-between the wheels, at which point team members and maintenance had to manually push the trains into the station. The Big Bad Wolf had a home-made maintenance buggy to inspect and repair the track, which the guys who made it choose to name after a cheesy 1980s helicopter action show, "Air Wolf." As was mentioned elsewhere in this thread, Wolf was designed by Schwartzkopf, but then handed over to Arrow when they went bankrupt. This is why the ride had switch tracks instead of a transfer track. Also, the Arrow trains did not fit inside the maintenance bay, as they were slightly too long. Drachen Fire had red trim lights on the exterior of the train. Each one was powered by a moped battery. When Alpengeist was built, the park mentioned fears of people being able to walk out the front or back of the station into the ride area. This problem was later fixed by putting down pressure-sensitive pads which e-stop the ride if stepped on. Before they could be installed, the sign shop made a tongue-n-cheek sign that is still there today out by the final turn into the brake run which reads "Warning: You are standing in the path of a roller coaster." One last fun BGW trivia: Before the park was there, the land was an old military base. Part of sale involved them promising not to disturb a small plot of unmarked graves of unknown soldiers. The cemetery is still in the park, hidden in plain sight by in the England parking lot. As a guest, you would never think twice of it as anything but a planter, unless you see how oddly shaped it is from an aerial shot (which also shows that there are no plants on top of the graves themselves). https://www.google.com/maps/place/Busch+Gardens+Williamsburg/@37.2370459,-76.643823,38m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x89b07d5fca884c61:0xbcc368944bb80c82!6m1!1e1
  21. ^ I also interpreted that as taking it off the first drop, and could get more on board with his first argument. I'd still love to see them keep the whole length and just modify the design, maybe add some heartline roles at the end when it's "slowing down."
  22. ^^ Greying out is common on that ride, it's insane! You should have ridden it in the first weeks though. They changed it after because people were blacking out left and right! Now THAT was an experience! (I came really close, but never blacked out myself. It was the first ride I ever greyed out on though!)
  23. Used to be Hyper Sonic just for the sheer insanity of the force of the launch. Now I'd say probably Maverick. I wish Volcano had a better circuit after the launching is done!
  24. 1) Maverick 2) i305 3) Alpengeist 4) Millennium Force 5) Magnum XL - 200 6) The Beast 7) Kumba 8) Tempesto 9) Kraken 10) Firehawk (I hear what you're thinking, come at me!)
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