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  1. Man what a nightmare. People really can leave their brains at the door when they check inot a theme park. I spent a bit of time working on Alpengeist, and I can't tell you how many estops we had from people going into the ride area to retrieve an item. Then they would get mad when they were kicked out and banned from the park, as if they didn't 100% deserve it. Some people just have no respect for how close they come to death from their own ignorance. Usually it was just going out the station, where the ride moves slowly, but even that is dangerous when you're talking about a 3 1/2 ton steel and fiber glass object... And of course, what's worse is that other people may have been hurt because of this Darwin candidate. I have a lot of sympathy for the friends, family, witnesses, employees, and everyone else involved in this because one person did something stupid. Unless I find out this person was mentally disabled, I doubt I'll have any sympathy for them however. What a tragic mess :/
  2. Vortex is one of the better Arrow loopers ever built, and still a very popular ride with the GP. I was at the park recently, and Vortex had the third longest line in the park (behind firehawk and diamondback), and about the same wait as FoF, beast, and Banshee. They weren't going very slow on loading either, and were running three trains. They also featured it on the travel channel last year, talking about how pleased they are with the ride, with officials from the park saying it's one of their most trafficed attractions, and that it's got many years left in it. Personally, as far as Arrows go, I'd say it's among the best. Drachen Fire, Shockwave, and GASM were SUBSTANTIALLY more rough, which is why they are gone now. Hell, Demon is more rough than Vortex, and that barely does anything. There are enthusiasts who think it's time for it to go, but judging by the lines and the comments I hear from the GP, I'd be shocked to see it go anytime soon.
  3. ^ yeah back row on shockwave was fun for just that reason. You even got a very tiny amount on the bunny hills on a warm day. Also that loop was pretty awesome. I never had headbanding on any standup, and always make sure to position the seat to avoid nut crunching, so I never minded anything but the load time. That said, I'm excited for whatever is coming to replace it!
  4. Well that part was rough, but it was actually worse on the trains than the riders. I heard maintenance guys give that as a strong reason for removal, though that was a good head bang spot for some riders. I always thought the turn into the MCBR was the worst part. Everything before that was glass smooth. The cutback was also smooth. It was the two corkscrews and the turn into the MCBR that banged most people up. I also had some friends complain about the helix, but I never heard most people complain about it. I myself loved the ride. True, though I don't know which parks, so I don't know about knobels. There was a statement released when Drachen Fire closed that said the number of riders was too low compared to the cost of operation. The exact quote from the park PR spokeswoman in 1998 was "There has been a steady erosion of ridership, combined with the high operating expenses of the ride, it helped officials make the decision to shut it down." As to the sale, and later scrapping, "We had several inquiries from potential buyers, but for various reasons, we couldn't reach any agreements." 100% false. Both Ron Toomer and Claude Mabillard have stated there is no truth to this rumor. Lary Giles says that the park took bids from various companies, but Arrow won. The trains and sleek supports were a Busch request, not a B&M design. The design itself was completely Toomer. It's possible the park wanted B&M, but they were too young to take on that many projects the same year they were inventing BTR from scratch. Every time this rumor comes up, I like to point out it was started by a teenager on a fansite, with no sources to back it up. The same kid wrote a long "history of the Big Bad Wolf" that is more error than fact. Best of all, this kid who makes wild claims left and right, says in this history, that the guy getting hit by the BBW is a rumor. It's not. His name was Pop Brown, and even a small out of googling will pull up all the news articles from 1993 when it happened.
  5. I hope that this is a dual load station, with 4 train opperation!
  6. The third inversion on this potential coaster is probably worth the whole ride, and I doubt the rest of it will suck. Also, I'm a sucker for airtime hills. I hope B&M comes up with a cool name for the third inversion, and not just "zero g roll with turn exit" or some such. Something like "wrap around dive roll" or... well that's about what I've got for a name, but it looks like a really cool element for any coaster, but on a DM, I bet there's some crazy forces that will be happening on the end seats (especially if they go 10 across on this)
  7. ^ I'm with you on B&M. They aren't bad rides, but no new B&Ms are making it into my top 10 these days. That said, this coaster, if the real layout (which I'm pretty sure now it will be), will not only be the most ambition Dive Machine in the world, but will also bring elements that have not been featured on either of the two US DMs yet. I don't really care for DMs myself, but I'm actually pretty pumped for this layout. I especially like the looks of the "wrap around dive roll," (for lack of a better name for this fun looking new element).
  8. Clearly shockwave is closing so they iron horse it! Err... wait...
  9. Now that I've seen the higher resolution renders, I'm going to switch from "clearly fake" to "plausible." First, it does look like a VERY real dive layout. Often when people fake things, they make subtle mistakes that would never be on a real coaster. I don't see any here. Also, the colors in the app match the track we saw at the factory, which could mean that track IS from CP. Third, if it is real, the drop will be as good as Griffon, and while the Immelmans on dive coasters are so so, after the block brakes, a dive loop into a zero g roll? Yes please. Also, I bet that carousel and air time hill will be great! While splash downs are neat, I don't think they're necessary, so I won't be let down if one isn't there. That said, there doesn't need to be the long trench we've seen in the past to rule out a splash down. I'd this is real, this might be the first dive machine I actually like!
  10. Yeah I saw that... looks pretty low resolution and low quality to be a legit rendering, but who knows. Usually B&M computer models are very fine 3d work, not crap 3d plastered over low quality Google Earth. That said, I'd love a dive loop into a zero g roll on a dive machine!
  11. ^ naw, it could work. Thats like saying a roller coaster can't be built because cars need gravity to stay on the ground. There would be guide and upstop magnets just like on modern coasters. In fact, many, many years ago I made a simple maglev coaster at a science fair as a proof of concept. I think the real reason you won't see it, is that the operating cost would be astronomical in comparison to current rides, with no real gain. Where mag level trains gain back their losses in speed, a mag lev coaster would lose its novelty after a few seasons, and you'd then have just another coaster, but with an insane operating cost. MOST older coasters that close, do so because their ridership is lower than what the park wants based on the cost of opening the ride. I think this gimic would wear off too soon.
  12. ^^ toper track is pretty awesome though, and anyone who's been on a coaster with it will attest to that. With topper track, they could take the brakes off Hurler and it would be a pretty fun little ride again. I know you say your pipe dream is for a double RMC mega conversion, but I doubt anything will happen to Hurler other than topper or demolition, if they even bother to do anything at all. Grizzly is still a great ride, and exactly what a rough old classic woodies is supposed to be, so I'd doubt anything will be happening to that coaster for a long time, if ever.
  13. I've had Dollywood on my to do list for years. I think this just made it a priority for 2016! I'm putting money on this breaking my new top 5 list next year, and maybe even taking Maverick out of my number 1 spot!
  14. ^ Hurler was fine when it came out. It was a fun, fast ride, and a novelty since it was in the Waynes World section of the park. It wasn't common at all to have a low to the ground fast ride, and it gave a real sense of speed because of it. There was some nice airtime on it too. Also, at the time it was built, the only other true thrill rides were Anaconda, Grizzly, Rebel Yell, and Shockwave. I remember waiting in some damn long lines for Hurler before FOF opened. Hell, even after FOF opened, Hurler, Grizzly, and Anaconda would often have lines just as long. The public didn't receive FOF well when it had OTSRs. Those lines didn't start to taper off until Volcano opened. I don't recall starting to dislike Hurler until more recent years. I was definitely still waiting in lines for it when Hyper Sonic XLC was there, as I remember watching Hyper Sonic from the Hurler line.
  15. ^ wait, carowinds or Canada's wonderland? Vortex is a b&m. I'd be shocked to see any b&m go.
  16. ^^ most people consider i305 one of the most intense coasters in the world. Volcano is a one of a kind thrill. Fof is a launch and in the dark. Then you have Dominator, Anaconda, Grizzly, and Rebel Yell, all well in the thrill category. Explain to me how they are "lacking" in thrill coasters? I305 can keep that in check all on its own. Also, while yes Avalanche is another good example, grizzly, stunt coaster, and rebel yell are definitely more in the "thrill" category when it comes to young and new riders. Hurler has one drop, and since the lift and drop are often the scariest part for new riders, it's the perfect fit. Grizzly and Rebel yell are far from good first coasters, and plenty of young riders would be afraid of a launch, even as tame as Backlot. Also kiddie coasters are kiddie coaster. That doesn't count as a first "grown up" coaster.
  17. ^ agreed! The loops alone are enough of a problem. The only Arrow that I think might have had a large enough envelope to get a lap bar conversion was Drachen Fire, and honestly, I wish it had. Arrow kept their vertical loops very tight. Then again, I really like how close Arrow coasters get to various elements because of this. LNM, Demon, Anaconda, Canyon Blaster, and countless others get very close to various structure, theming, and scenery since they know you can't put your hands up. But you have to remember that not every coaster should be an intensity machine. Hurler's layout is a good first coaster for new riders. If you take it and change it into an RMC, you just took a coaster from one demographic of riders, and gave it to the demographic or rider who has i305, volcano, fof, dominator, and others already in their line up. I know lots of enthusiasts want more extreme, more thrills, but that is not really the best business move for a park that wants to reach a large audience. Really if they can just smooth it out, then they have a good coaster for a particles audience.
  18. ^ not on many, the reach envelope is small on many, since the horse collars are designed to keep your arms down. Actually Arrows used to have smaller harnesses that were less restrictive, and were changed so that people couldn't put their hands out anymore since the cars go way closer to structure and obstacles than more modern coasters. Here's what the old harnesses looked like.
  19. ^ glad you liked it! Unfortunately, AC is running sluggish this year for some reason. It seems to be less forceful with less air time, and I'm scratching my head head as to how that's even possible. Alpengeist hauls this season, so glad you got to enjoy it! I'm jealous of your summer by the way!
  20. ^ Anaconda can really suck in some cars if you aren't bracing at all, ESPECIALLY the transition between the two helixs. However, much like the snap onto the brake run of Alpengeist or Raptor, or going into any other weird Arrow transition, if you just hold on for a moment, or stick your neck out (or both) you'll be fine.
  21. I rather like Grizzly personally. I find that rough old wooden coasters is half the charm of them. The reason I hate Mean Streak is because it's rough AND boring. Grizzly I find fun though! If they did topper track for Hurler, but left the same layout, I'd be down. I like the layout because it's kinda different from most woodies, but it has not aged well at all, that's for sure. As I've said before, my gripe with Shockwave is the capacity. If it loaded faster I wouldn't mind it. I also like Anaconda, though it is from the dying breed of coaster you need to be taught "how to ride," which is definitely falling out of favor. Then again, considering there are people complaining that rides like Alpengeist and Rougarou are too rough, I'm convinced that if we got rid of any coasters less rough than Banshee, people would be out complaining how rough Banshee is...
  22. ^ rumor has it, it was supposed to be twice as long, but got cut back. Many of the alleged planned scenes enhanced the story. I've heard this is why the first season it had that weird "ball room scene" that made no sense. It would have made more sense without the cut scenes, but they later replaced it with the current scene setting up "the drop."
  23. How is Rougarou a head banger? I've been on it in most rows and would not call it anything but smooth, forceful, fun, and full of a surprising amount of small air time pops like all the good B&Ms. The best part is, since it's a 1996 ride dressed up, and not one of these new forceless B&Ms, it's really fun!
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