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  1. FYI- According to the park's website, Coaster Campout will be on May 28 and 29 this year.
  2. Spot on. Carowinds is advertising like crazy over Fury 325 since they are trying to bring in more people by the end of the expansion. Why is BGW not saying anything? I guarantee you BGW will sell more season passes if they already announce Tempesto. Theme park enthusiasts only account for 5% of the park's attendance, and the GP knows nothing about this ride but the structure. I work in marketing, but it doesn't even take a 1st grader to figure this out. Busch/SeaWorld will gain something (money?) if they announce Tempesto earlier.
  3. Not to backseat moderate, but it's Rougarou. Google it up or check the park's website if you aren't sure how to spell something. It is only a matter of when the park feels comfortable adding a new coaster. Some of them added a ton of rides/coasters back then, but want to go low tone with ride additions now and focus on the waterpark instead. There is no set pattern a park/Cedar Fair follows. When the park is ready, they'll ask for proposals, find one they like, tweak it, and then give it to Cedar Fair for approval. Cedar Fair can say yes or no at this point.
  4. They really need a wild mouse or a spinning coaster before tearing down Mean Streak or doing anything in the big kids steel coaster department.
  5. Yes, if you stay onsite, you get early entry. Room packages do include tickets for two days with water park included. However, if you call and ask for no water park ticket package, you can save some money as the water park is not worth visiting.
  6. Here's my advice for Cedar Point: 1) Go May 28th- June 1st. The park is less crowded then. 2) When going on Maverick , do NOT even think about going in the Fast Lane Plus line. The ride has horrible capacity and even the FL gives you 45 mins lines. 3) If you want a good alternative to Hotel Breakers, try Lighthouse Point. For my suggested dates, it's only going to be $438 for the cheapest option. It seems pricey, but you get WiFi, basic needs, ERT, a 2 day ticket with waterpark (call to ask what the dry park price is for a cabin). I have no answers to Kennywood or Hershey, but enjoy my home park! PM/email me if your need any other advice.
  7. I don't see any issues with the seatbelts on any Cedar Fair coasters since they know how to move fast with operations unlike Six Flags. I remember reading in the press materials that Robb posted that there WILL be seatbelts: The seatbelts are calculated into capacity.
  8. Platinum. Although it's pricey, it's worth it for this park. Just be careful about your Goliath rides as in 2014 they only allowed 2 per flash pass.
  9. You're not the only one. I'm sure they'll clean it off before March 25th, media day (get it, 3/25? )
  10. Whatever the case is, DON'T bring a GoPro, do selfie sticks on a ride. What if the guy dropped it? Then he'd be suing Disney and it'd be a total load of "The biggest a**hole in the world".
  11. I couldn't agree more. It really does make you wonder if a Busch Gardens/B&M contract actually existed because the Dive Coasters are in my opinion their best and most innovative design... with not much of a price tag compared to other B&M's. I'm not much of a B&M guy, but I do love Griffon and Sheikra as they're my favorite B&M's and in my top 10 coasters. If there is any doubt that CP doesn't have the best coaster line-up in the country, a Dive Machine would push them over the edge in my opinion. Non-compete clauses are fairly typical in the industry for parks to protect their investment. They do, however, expire after a certain amount of time and are typically limited to a certain number of miles... I do recall hearing on the internet, back in the day, that Busch had exclusivity in the US for 5 years for Dive machines. It does seem strange that we haven't seen more built in the US. Not to derail this thread, but weren't SFGADv and SFGAm rumored to get dive coasters in 2009-2010? I wonder why that never happened?
  12. The fact that Cedar Fair parks/employees respond to Mike's tweet really show their support for one another. I LOVE this train's look!
  13. Aren't they getting a clone of Colossal Curl for Adventure Island in 2015?
  14. Whoops. Wasn't the earliest rumor for a 2013 coaster a floorless or a dive coaster? Looks like those two both eventually got into the park's lineup (hopefully). They're really fun gimmick coasters.
  15. B&M could give Cedar Fair a discount for ordering so many coasters from them recently. EDIT: They're using 8-across trains. The track style wouldn't be that different from what they stick with. If they went with 10-across trains like Griffon and Dive Coaster at Chimelong Paradise, it will be more expensive.
  16. Against this idea. It's not marketable, and doesn't really add to the park's lineup. Give me some RMC yummy-ness.
  17. The only firm source is the park themselves. He is NOT a park representative. Once the park announces it, then we can officaly say Batman: TheRide is running backwards. SFNE did say during the live chat on 12/3/14 (embed below) that all the parks in February will announce more news on 2015, whether it's more details to a ride, new attraction, show, etc.
  18. Dumbest idea ever! Someone on the Carnival Glory did that and their fell into the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. Youch. I saw the same issue at SeaWorld as well.
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