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  1. They're using the Unity engine? If that's the case, RCTW should be really easy to mod...right?
  2. Holy Bajeezus, the more I look at this thing's layout the more I realize how messed up it is. And the more I love it Can't wait to ride this thing on my senior trip!
  3. SO MUCH BLOOM EVERYTHING IS DIAMONDS In all seriousness though, this looks awesome. I tend to have a weakness for white and blue for some reason.
  4. I wouldn't worry about that, Wicked was built in house as well and it's smooth as butter except for one small piece of track near the final break run.
  5. I'm not saying to get rid of terraforming, just to make it more intuitive, less glitchy and able to produce more "spectacular" results. ;P Also: Oh, another thing: It'd be nice to be able to create a plot of randomly generated trees from the player's selection. Or for creating a new scenario from scratch to be able to have randomly generated terrain.
  6. Decided to stop by their facebook page: Would you guys take into consideration a new terraforming system that allows for more interesting park layouts? In all of the other RCT games it was extremely difficult and time consuming to make something that wasn't a flat plot of land that also looked somewhat decent at the same time.
  7. I have a feeling that shot was probably an alpha version that got scrapped.
  8. There needs to be a feature in Alien: Isolation where you can hook up a microphone, so that whenever you get startled and make a noise IRL, you're screwed.
  9. The key to that being the words asset and render. Anywho, I think the splint system will make up for it
  10. Tallest beyond vertical drop in the world? In Utah? I'll be damned.
  11. Supposedly a press release is coming on the fourth.
  12. Why was ring racer shut down exactly? Shutting down a multi-million dollar ride after three days of operation seems really shady.
  13. I am so tempted to make an inappropriate joke right now.
  14. I'm going for NCSO, mainly because I want this to be more of a traditional "Chris Sawyer-fication" of the actual park, including it being a playable scenario, rather than a one to one recreation as mentioned in the OP. I'll consider doing a proper recreation with CS some time in the future though. Noted, my apologies.
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