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  1. The station roof is coming soon, and you are correct when you say the station is a little off the ground. Keep in mind that this is a temporary version of the ride so I know where to place my paths.
  2. Well, there's one in there: (Ignore the funky paving for now)
  3. Sure... After finishing testing a new coaster I designed, (I've tried this in both the designer and in game scenario), I clicked the save track design button. It is fine until that point, when you would usually see the save screen that lists all current coasters by name. Now, it does nothing, as if the button were disabled. I know it is not disabled because not only it is not greyed out (indicating unavailability), but it allows me to select scenery to save with the design. Once I do that, the save screen never appears, and I don't get the "click" sound that indicates it was saved. Try finding the directory your tracks are stored in, click on "properties" and if read only is checked, uncheck it. If that doesn't do it I have no idea what's going on.
  4. This is a recreation of my home park Lagoon that I'll be dinking around with off and on for the next little while. I don't intend for it to use fancy custom scenery/rides but rather for it to be a "Chris Sawyer-fication" of the park that's roughly the same quality as RCT2's Real Parks scenarios because I find a more barebones aesthetic to be more charming. I also intend for this to be a fully playable scenario rather than just a custom park. I'm not entirely sure what some good objectives would be yet, so ideas for that would be great. Only one shot so far, but that will change. See if you can guess the area: Of course it's a bit rough and bland as there's no terraforming, fences, lamps, etc. in yet, but once again, that will change. More to come! Edit: Small update
  5. Well, poo. Figures though. I'm surprised (and frankly disappointed) nobody's made a version of the Drexler patch that's compatible with Deluxe. It's been YEARS.
  6. Going back to the April update, I initially thought the sign for Sports Bar said Sports Bra
  7. Damn, this ride is looking sexy as hell not to mention probably one of the most intense designs I've seen. The layout seems a bit shorter than ideal but I could very well be spoiled
  8. Anyone know if it's possible to design a custom scenario for RCT1 rather than RCT2? There doesn't seem to be an option for it in the version I have (the Deluxe edition, which as far as I know has already been nerfed quite a bit to stop people from playing the game with trainers, but I don't think removing the scenario editor would be practical at all)
  9. Hello all, I'm just a dude that's been an off and on coaster enthusiast over the years. I don't consider myself a full-on enthusiast anymore but I do still enjoy seeing the projects other parks have been doing. Glad to be here!
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