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  1. That's not a confirmation. The other ZacSpins didn't have an accident and they aren't being investigated. Also, is the first accident in Terra Mitica since it opened, so I wouldn't blame the park unless there is an official confirmation. Infeno's new restraints look a lot like the Intimidator 305's new restraints, so they could be made by Intamin.
  2. I agree. It's something that is happening a lot in newer theme parks, like World Joyland or China's Dinosaurs Park. It happens too with Rainbow Magic Land. They all forget that a good theme is not about having a impressive piece, but having all pieces blend together. I must say this one looks better, but it isn't as good as I'd like it to be. At least the 10 inversions coaster looks pretty fun with lap bars.
  3. How can you even for a moment put the blame on Intamin when there are so few details released??? This is a ride that has run for over 7 years without incident in a part of the world that has had some issues with ride maintenance before. (Hi, remember the flat ride that just collapsed at Tibidabo?) I'd personally put a bit more speculation into it being a maintenance issue than a problem with Intamin. It is still unknown if the restraint opened like all the news says. So I wouldn't blame Intamin or Terra Mitica. From what I've read from people working in the park the maintenance wasn't bad. Again, I don't think the restraint has opened. A spanish newspaper says that victim's overweight could be the cause. Last information is that the park has contacted with Intamin.
  4. It says Inferno is Catalan for hell. It's not, it's latin. According to this spanish newspaper, he was from Iceland: http://www.diarioinformacion.com/sucesos/2014/07/07/fallece-joven-caer-atraccion-terra/1522379.html It is still unknown if it was a restraint fail. Don't believe spanish newspapers (well, I would say don't believe any newspaper). Here is Terra Mitica report: http://www.terramiticapark.com/blog/comunicado-oficial-terra-mitica/ It doesn't say anything. The ride has all security certifications, Terra Mitica staff check the ride every day and they remember is the first accident they have since opening (14 years ago). Here is a Google translation: "The park Terra Mitica address transmitted: The attraction features the official Inferno-a certification by a competent external company safety of attractions that conducts periodic reviews of the same-that guarantees the optimal performance of the attraction with optimal security. Similarly, the maintenance staff of Terra Mitica amusement park daily check the correct operation of the attraction. Each of these reviews is recorded in the internal documents of the company which has been handed over to the CID. For now, the causes of the accident are unknown. Terra Mitica continue to investigate the reasons for such unfortunate events as the park, along its 14 years of operation, has had an unblemished safety. From the Department of Terra Mitica whole family support is passed." I'll keep you informed.
  5. Thank you. Well, I'm releasing the track file in order to get some opinions. I won't probably change anything unless there is a major flaw or a minor problem close to the end, but I wanted to know your opinion anyway. Since I don't want everybody to have the track I will remove the download link after the weekend. I'm waiting for your opinions: https://mega.co.nz/#!0sMwHC4R!IhCRQWJUYEDnP7_BTZXWU72WWvWgQ_3Mq3k9cgGKKZc
  6. Thank you. Which rock color do you prefer for the mountain? An suggestion? Also, you can see the river that will surround the ride.
  7. Thank you Will get back to it at some point and finish it. Next week l will make a big update on the Blitz. I have started working on the station and entry of the ride. If I can optimize the 3ds enough I will make a Mexican village surrounding the Mayan part (for those who have been there think of Port Aventura Mexico zone). Well, until then here is a render I've made to test my new computer.
  8. Hi! I want to share with you some things I have found while searching on the web. They are from the old Arrow Dynamics website, and thought they were interesting. First, we are going to look to the 4th dimension coaster. They offered 4 models: Delirium Quantum Mayhem Octophobia Ride Height: 127' 92' 106' 92' Ride Footprint: 168' x 647' 152' x 876' 223' x 558' 146' x 868' Ride Length: 2529' 1988' 2258' 1962' Ride Time: 89 sec 70 sec 79 sec 70 sec Capacity: 1160 pph 1325 pph 1235 pph 1325 pph Max Speed: 59 mph 52 mph 52 mph 50 mph No. of Trains: 2 2 2 2 Delirium: Quantum: Mayhem: I couldn't find any pictures of Octophobia, but here are the ride elements: Skydive Downdrop 1 Twisting Backflip 1 Twisting Frontflip 1 Backflip And then the ArrowBATic: Since the initial Arrow Mad Mouse was developed in 1998, we found customers asking for a Meaner and Madder Mouse. Rather than adding a drop and hill before the "S" curves, Arrow decided to take an extreme approach and offer the traditional Mouse ride in a different form, the ArrowBATic. Arrow has taken the premise of the single vehicle offered on our Mad Mouse ride and engineered an inverted five-passenger vehicle. The ArrowBATic's single car vehicle allows optimum banking for tight turns, negotiating small elements, and executing 90 degree down drops. These manueuvers are not possible when using a traditional coaster train. This provides a "free flying" ride experience as the single vehicle moves around the track path rather than being hindered by a long train. Ride Packages Arrow offers a family (non-looping) and an extreme (looping) ArrowBATic. Both versions can be accomplished utilizing a small footprint, therefore not requiring excessive real estate for ride placement as required by other inverting suspended rides. Ride Summary Family Extreme Ride Height: 96' 152' Ride Footprint: 110' x 240' 190' x 330' Ride Length: 1710' 2484' Ride Time: 80 sec 85 sec Capacity: 900 pph 900 pph Max Speed: 34 mph 59 mph Vehicles: 8 8 What do you think? Maybe if Six Flags hadn't ask for such a big coaster (X) and had build one of these smaller models, Arrow would still be alive. And I found the ArrowBATic concept really intersting, and would have loved to see one of them in real life.
  9. I don't know why I have killed the thread. I was bored working on that ride, so I changed to a new project to make something different. Anyway, I will finished it this week and will be back on my main project again. Thank you very much. I hope so Update: I have finished the station and one of the other building (a restaurant). I still have to do some changes (pavement, coaster materials...), and adding some new things as well, but I think I will finish it next wednesday. There won't be animation since my computer can't handle it. But I will buy a new computer soon, so I will finish it then.
  10. Well, seeing that plan I would discard Intamin. Their footers are round. We could be looking at a B&M, a Mack or a Zierer (and probably others). Although the plans point to a B&M, I wish it will be a Mack launched in Helix style. Would be a great choice, they have great reliability and those trains with lap bars are perfect. Any clue on when will this coaster be discovered?
  11. I couldn't work a lot on this, since I wasn't home and was using a laptop where I can't install 3dsMax (Mac), but I installed Sketchup (so many years without using it) and planned out the new buildings. I used Vray demo to make a render: That building with the tower is where the coaster is placed, the tower covers the lift. The big building next to the path is a restaurant. Last day I was home I worked on lightning, and turned really good. I took a render of it, but I saved it in a wrong format and lost a lot of quality. I will render it tonight and will update this post. Thanks for watching. Edit: here is the render I promised. Wanted to upload it before, but it took a lot to render (I hate my computer). The same view of the old render but with improved lighting,trees and a bit of work on the supports. I don't know if I will be able to complete the scene as I had envisioned, but I'm trying my best to optimize it. My main problem is vegetation, which is a big problem, because it gives a lot of realism to the scene. I will be able to put some trees, as you can see, but I wanted to put grass. My computer runs out of memory everytime I try to render the scene with grass on it. But I still have some tricks, and if no one of them works I will change the terrain type. Also, I am not done with lighting yet. Please comment. Grass! It is not perfect, but it looks better than just flat ground. BTW, which lighting and background do you prefer?
  12. This is really nice for all that people that don't know or don't want to model their own rides. They look very good, nice work. With NL2 we are starting to see the development of custom scenery sets, flat rides and trains, in pure RCT3 style, which is an amazing thing. Thank you for taking the time to do this.
  13. Well, next week I will be taking a small break, and will be making a small side project. I'm working on this small scene to see how realistic I can render it. So I have to finish the coaster (supports, LIMs...), redo the buildings, making a path, replace the trees and apply correct materials. If my computer can handle it... It ran out of memory a few times while rendering that scene. But I think it was because of the trees, so I will render some trees and place them as textures. Well, so I've showed you the before, next week I will show you the after.
  14. Thank you very much for your kind words. I've tried to make the mountain look more realistic, and this is what I have now. I mixed the old mountain with a new technique. There is still a lot of work to do on it, but I wanted to know your opinion before. So, V2.0 or V3.0? I also opened the NL2 demo and imported the coaster and the mountain to see how it would perform. I'm pretty happy with the results. 50-60fps with all settings at max. My computer is very low: Intel dual core E5200, Nvidia GT640 and 3.25Gb of RAM (4, but XP doesn't support so much) That imported mountain has about 16000 polys. The old one would be a bit higher, but not a lot. I have to clean a lot of things, as well as add a bit more (1 hour working in the new mountain) , so maybe it can be reduced even more. The scale in NL2 is wrong, look at the renders for it. Thanks for watching.
  15. That last shot is beautiful. How many track in one picture. Can't wait to see the POV of this beauty.
  16. Thanks, but they are not that good. They are simple perspectives, pretty easy. Just need a bit of practice. Anyway, on topic. If Disney has taught us something is that a ride must have a story. And, of course, this ride has one. And a story must have a main character. So, I present you to Qulcatan, mayan god of the elements (fiction). He is the responsible of making you take the ride of your life. Very important guy, isn't he? He will have two animatronics on the ride, and few sculptures in the queue line. I have big plans for this bad boy
  17. Thank you. There won't be an update until the next week. Right now I'm working on making the mountain look more realistic. I have also updated the station sketch for a better one.
  18. Thanks for all the kind words. They really motivate me to continue the project. I won't rotate the seats. Too extreme. I will save the concept for a future family coaster. But I will make a backwards POV, like on newer TPR videos. I have been working on the lake. There are still things to do, but I have improved a few things: - Made the path higher. Now you see the track from above, so it doesn't block your view and you can see the splash. - Reworked the shape. Now it's a perfect circle. Take a look to the first post to see the difference. - New fence. Here are the pics: And here is the work plan for this week: - Modify the fence. I want to give it an "adventure" feeling. Now it looks like a fence you buy in your local store. - More work in the mountain. Also making holes for the track from station to the lake. There will be a cavern in the top of the lift. One of the scenes of the coaster will be there. I have a pretty complete idea, but won't give details of it for now. - Start working on the station. Maybe even finished. Here is a sketch: The two temples are the stations. The building in the left is the transfer track. Proportions may not be accurate. Remind that textures aren't definitive. Just for showing the scenery with some material on it. They will be the final step. If I made enough progress I will post a new update this week. Thanks for watching.
  19. Boston's Temple of Torment set may serve you. I can't post links yet, but if you search Boston's ToT3 you'll find it.
  20. ^ Well, but it is still a wip. Nice work. I have never been to Knott's, but what you have show looks accurate. I'm looking forward to see that perspective shot when finished.
  21. Nice TR. The parks looks really nice, the new owners seem to know what they are doing. Lightning Run is a very good addition, and, from what I've heard, season passes are pretty cheap. If they add some more shade it will be perfect. Always nice to see a park open again, wish them luck with it!
  22. Yeah, but would be nice if they did. Other manufacturers can make inversions with just lap bars (Mack, Intamin, Gerstrauler, Zierer...), and seeing that new B&M coasters doesn't have harsh transitions... It would make for a better ride experience.
  23. Thank you for the pics. The trains looks great, hopefully B&M can adapt those restraints to bigger coasters.
  24. It will always be the king! What a first drop, what a layout... I love it. You can see all the happy faces in the train. Great video. That camera perspective gives a great sense of speed.
  25. Looks like a good start. However, your buildings needs more detail, and your pathwork could use better textures. With the path textures that have been released lately (alpha paths) would look a lot better. They show shadows and make everything look more realistic. I like the second shot a lot though.
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