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  1. Isn't thunderbolt supposed to have lapbars too? Seeing the drop and the loop (which seems very tall and circular, meaning that there could be hang time on the top) lap bars would take advantage of them. Anyway, they're getting it up fast.
  2. ^Agree. It leaves you waiting for more. I can't wait to see the POV of this. It is my most anticipated new coaster for this year (well, this and Helix). Looks like a really long layout with lots of things to it. The drop is clearly the highlight of the ride, but the rest look to live up to it.
  3. G's are in check. The only yellow G's are in the top hat (4.6 and 4.9) wich are taken from real life coaster (Ispeed). I've made 2 sketches showing the trains: Theme explanation: They are high tech vehicles designed to explore the temples and the mountain. The real trains will have 3 cars of 4 seats, plus the last car seen in the picture which is for the sound system. Part of this car will be the motor of the trains and the other part is storage. The trains will have lap bars, modeled after the ones found in the new Intamin 10 inversions coasters (like the one at Cinecitta World). I have thinked of turning the back seats of each car backwards (like Invertigo trains), but I'm not sure. Do you think a backwards launch would be comfortable? The launch is set at 1.5G. BTW, here is a little tutorial. This is what I do for creating a mountain. I do it in 3dsMax, but I think you can use any modelling program or even without modelling anything: - Create a rock. Clone it a few times - Scale the rock to bigger size. Make the shape of the mountain with big rocks - Scale and rotate few rocks. This will make the illusion that not all of the rocks are the same. Cover the mountain you've created with them - Once you are satisfied with the result, cut the rocks for removing unused geometry. I don't know if you can make this in Sketchup. In Max I use a tool called Proboolean -Texture it. You can find textures of almost everything for free in CGtextures -Setting LOD's. I don't know how you do it in Sketchup. And that's it. It is not difficult, just take a bit of time. There is a set of rocks realeased by a guy called ByeTom. I've seen it in other forums, but it may be available here too. Hope this helps.
  4. The ride looks good, but being Zamperla I don't know what to expect from it. Hope it rides well, it has an interesting layout, and seems to have good airtime in those bunny hops at the end.
  5. Almost done, and looking fantastic. I'd pay to sit there in the arch where those guys are.
  6. The new colors are horrible, but the new trains are nice, they look much better than the old ones, and I have only heard good things about them. It's nice to see parks trying to improve their old coasters.
  7. Thank you. About the heartline roll... Well, there are opinions on both sides. I like how it is now. It's like Blue Fire's one, but a bit more intense, which is what I think Intamin would do. Anyway, all G's are in check, so it wouldn't have problems like Maverick's one.
  8. Yeah, spanish operator sucks, but the park looks really nice. I live 200km away from it, but I haven't visited it in years. I will try to go this summer. I'm looking forward to ride Abismo. About Parque Warner I agree in everything. Coaster Express is the worst coaster I have been on (apart of Magnus Colossus). They both should get the RMC treatment. Or, the Son of the Beast treatment.
  9. It looks really good. I thought it wasn't going to be a great coaster when they presented it (it looked like it was designed in the 90's) but it has changed my mind to the point that now I love it. With that cheap price I could see a lot of them coming.
  10. This week I'm planning how the queue line should be, so I added the most important buildings as reference (without detailing them, just the basic shape). Here are a few renders. Keep in mind that everything is a wip. This is only the beginning. Under that inversion will be the entrance to the ride. It's is going to be an hybrid between Indiana Jones style camp and this: Will add some more details, a Jeep, some crates... The sign will be carved into stone and the crane will act as a ride support. Finally an overview: Let's explain the numbers: 1 Entrance 2 Big temple. It hide a hill and part of the queue will be inside 3 Camp. Part of the tents will be full with objects found in the temples (tresaures, totems...) Something like this: 4 Zig-zag queue line inside the building. The building will be made following this one: 5 Small temple. Same as number 2 6 Reonstruction-excavation work. Will cover the hill and the brake run 7 Station. Building in a similar way as number 4. Will cover the transfer track. The two temples are the two stations. 8 Two towers joined by a bridge. They cover the inverted Zero G Stall and its support structure. The towers will be similar to the one in the picture mentioned above, but without windows. A flame coming from the mountain will surprise riders. Well, that's everything for now. Ideas for objects to be placed in the queue line are welcome. Thanks Edit: forgot a picture:
  11. Port Aventura - Shambhala - First drop Terra Mitica - Inferno - Second drop Parque Warner - Stuntfall - First tower Disneyland Paris - Indiana Jones - Drop into loop (I love that loop) Walt Disney Studios - Tower of Terror
  12. I can't wait to see how this one turns out. Even if it isn't an amazing coaster, theme and effects will make it an interesting ride. Animatronics looks great, and I love the ride trains. I really like what Universal is doing lately, even if Harry Potter isn't my favorite franchise.
  13. Wow, this is amazing! It makes me want to start doing a model. You're doing a grear job, suports are really realistic and track looks really smooth. I'll be following this.
  14. Rock 'n' roller coaster at Disneyland Paris on February . One of the smoothest Vekoma I've been on. Also i would like to mention Space Mountain: Mission 2. I think my last ride was way smoother than last time I was there (2 years ago).
  15. ^I agree. I've only ridden Batman La Fuga at Parque Warner, but it is one of my favorite coasters. It's a perfect example of why older B&M's are better than newer. The Zero G and the flatspins are perfect. On Goliath... It's looking amazing. I wasn't sure about the lift structure when I saw the renders, but is really growing on me. I can't wait to see it finished.
  16. Hi guys, I'm new here. This is the coaster I'm working on. I have already posted this in other forums, so some of you may have seen it. But for the rest of you I'm going to post the most important things that I've post. The ride is done in FVD and NL1, but it will change to NL2 before the release. Well, let's start with layout and stats: Lenght: 1355m Max elevation change: 43m Max Speed: 105km/h Max G-Force: 4.9G/-1.5G 4 Inversions 8 Airtime moments (9 if you count the Inverted Zero G Stall) Layout is finished and now I'm currently theming the ride. Here is an artwork of how it's going to be themed and a few renders of the scenery I have done. There will be an artifical splash in that lake. And last, but not least a POV. Keep in mind that supports and terrain are not finished (I used prefabs because I don't like to show floating track). Also, the last S-hill doesn't pass tunnel test. Don't worry, it is fixed by now. Tell me all the flaws you see, I'll try to rework them. Hope you like it.
  17. You pay for everything including rides you are not going to ride, so I don't think it's fair to pay even more for some rides. I usually buy fast-pass in the parks I visit (always except it isn't very crowded), and they are pretty expensive, so I understand that a lot of people don't want or can't pay more money. They'll wait more and ride less rides, but at least give them the chance of choosing what they want to ride (especially with a major ride like T-Express) Sorry for my bad english, I'm from Spain and I don't usually have the opportunity of speaking it.
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