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  1. Magnus Colossus will be closed this season according to park's FB (they answered a similar question). Tbh, I don't think it will ever reopen again. Very sad news for a park that was pretty good at some point, but years of bad management have lead to its current position.
  2. Speaking of that one, I made a recreation of it on NL2. It's not finished and it isn't accurate (that picture was the only reference I could find), but it serves to get a general idea: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] It would have been amazing. Taller than Millennium Force and it fixes all the things people usually don't like about it (mainly the airtime). Shame it wasn't build...
  3. Well, here is a small preview of this ride. Obviusly it isn't accurate, but you can get a general idea:
  4. The loop is designed like that to provide hangtime at the top. Take a look at Full Throttle's loop, it's at least as circular as that one. And yeah, Mack has some of the best engineers in the industry, so I have faith it will be an amazing ride.
  5. Thank you very much for your kind comments guys! Well, not a lot to say... i'll let the pictures and the video speak for me: And the POV: Sorry for the crappy editing. A new video (Hræsvelgr's quality) and a download will be availible next week. Edit: don't know if it's the appropriate forum to post it. If there are any issues, I'll open a thread on the games subforum.
  6. Well, I started working on this when I saw the horrible POV they've released: POV coming out tomorrow!
  7. Banshee is finishing its test runs as the first riders begin to arrive ! Thanks to 6FlagsManiac for that amazing environment
  8. I can't believe anybody has posted a picture yet! C'mon guys, I'm sure you have something to show Hræsvelgr by me
  9. ^ Yeah, I think that's the main problem. It's a good coaster and I love the concept, but people expect more from a quality park like BGW. I like the coaster (well, except the otsr). Actually, my main concern here is the capacity. Seems too low for this park. Btw, anyone knows how much does this coaster costs?
  10. Please, please make it happen! I'd love to have that Fury model sitting in my desktop. Or that Sheikra one... Amazing job, I really like this concept.
  11. Thank you very much! Some more pictures before I start making the 3ds for the queue and station:
  12. ^ Thanks! I use Gerstlauer track as it ĺhas a better tie spacing, and that's why the transfer track is in that position. I mean, there are two tracks, one that marks the train path (with the transfer in the right position) and another coaster for the track itself. Some more progress: Layout: Stats: Max speed: 110km/hora Max height: 48m Lenght: 1100m Max G force (positive/negative/lateral): +4,5G/-1,5G/1G 2 Inversions (Immelmann, Zero G roll) 6 Airtime moments 1 Stengel Dive I think NL2 terrain editor is underused, and it's a shame, because it can make great things, so I'll be experimenting with it on this ride. I've also chosen a name, Babieca (El Cid's horse), and there will be a medieval castle theming. Here is a bunch of pictures: Updated preview pov:
  13. Well, I open this topic to post all my side projects. To start, here is an Intamin LIM coaster I had sitting in my hard drive. Trackwork isn't good (I made it in one day), and there is a section that doesn't pass the clearance test (just after the top hat), but I like the layout and it's almost finished, so I may release it. I'd like to redo the track to fix those errors, but I don't feel like redoing the entire track. Anyway, here is the pov:
  14. Thanks! I have some different ideas for that part. I will be showing them next week. I'm thinking about something like that too, Anyway, some more pictures. I made a station today because I was bored. Textures didn't work well, but it doesn't matter. They will when everything is finished. As you can see in the 4th picture, the ride is buried in a trench. You will be able to see the entire coaster from the path.
  15. Little thing I'm working on. A B&M launched sitdown coater sitting in a polynesian environment with a volcano. I have posted most of the pictures in other threads, but I'm reposting them here for those who havn't seen them. The layout I might change the ending. Everything until the second loop will stay (with minor modifications). I'm thinking about getting rid of that loop, because the pacing in the second half is a bit slow. Elements are (in order): - 64Km/h kaunch into zero G roll - Immelmann - Loop - Zero G roll - Cobra Roll - Corckscrew Stats are similar to Hulk at IOA. The theming As you can see in the concepts, the volcano will be the centerpiece. It will erupt everytime a train goes over it. There will be a splash at the bottom of the first drop. Behind the Moais, there will be a polynesian village which will serve as queue/station/transfer/shop... More to be announced soon. The plans I hope to finish the trackwork this month so I can have a entire month to do the theming. So, estimated release date is end of march. The future A second themed are with an Intamin Blitz. This time Aztec/Mayan theming (kind of a tribute to my older, lost Intamin Blitz, although this time it will be more family oriented
  16. Well, in that case: Those are all the projects I have sitting in my hard drive. I work on them alternatively. First release should be the B&M in my previous post, sometime arround next month.
  17. I haven't posted anything here in a lot of time. Here is a polynesian themed launched B&M. BTW, is there a screenshot thread on this forum?
  18. New update. Today I'm showing the plaza and the restaurant, themed to a water mill: The plaza when aproaching to the ride. The other way. The restaurant from the lake. I'd like to eat something there, seeing the lake, the forest... And the coaster. Well, so supporting is almost complete. There is still a lot of work to do, but I think it already looks nice. I think I will continue it, as I have a lot more plans for this. I must look for a park name... BTW, is there any CFR for the drop tower? In game one is ugly, and the Intamin drop tower CFR is too tall. Hope you like it, and please, comment. Thank you
  19. First time editing a cloudy scene. What do you think? BTW, expect a real update before thursday.
  20. New update: There are some tunnels and head choppers along the ride. Station fly through! Well, this view will be a lot more pretty when complete. Unsupported half of the layout. However, the most tricky parts are done, so this should be built fast. What do you think? Criticism is appreciated
  21. @AdmiralNether well, the closest I have is like 2000 miles away. Thank you! @tatsu_dude: thank you. Yes, it's right behind the station the second pic. And yes again, there will be tunnels and head choppers Now it's starting to get shape! I worked on the station, foliage and area of the ride. Did some supporting too:
  22. Well, I took a break from NL after losing all my files and decided to open RCT3 again. Since I wanted to try the Wodan CT since the first time I saw it, I made a terrain GCI inspired by the one at Knight Valley. Well, here is the layout: And I started supporting it. Still in its early stages though: Hope you like it
  23. Well, that's a different story then... Then it is obviously a Park fault. But Intamin engineers do inspections in their rides frequently, don't they? They should have noticed.
  24. Haven't you think they could get out of station in flying position, make a fly to lie (like Hydra heartline roll) and then launch?
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