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  1. Except the ride isn't the joker and this has already been posted just a few posts back... I'm pretty sure this ride is called Poison Ivy Pendulum.
  2. Here are some shots of the rides in Gotham City Area at night from the media day on Tuesday. This whole area is beautiful at night time. The park will also be moving the lip sync stage over to this area and will have entertainment during the evening starting soon.
  3. The area ends at the beginning of the parking lot of the strip mall. They put in a new fence around it.
  4. O.M.G. ‪‎Lightning Rod‬ had begun "Technical Rehearsals" at Dollywood! I just saw a post from 10 minutes ago via Facebook.
  5. No unfortunately, the park was not able to get the licensing for either to be possessive.
  6. Hey TPR, I had the opportunity to attend the Gotham City Commercial Shoot this past Saturday. I was able to ride both Riddler Revenge and CatWoman Whip several times. Both rides are a great addition to Six Flags Over Texas. Riddler has some amazing speed and awesome air time! CatWoman is a ton of fun and is a great family ride. Here are some photos I took of the rides. I'll also be attending the Media Day event to morrow morning. I know Chaster will probably be covering that for you guys, but I may be able to get some additional footage for you. This whole area of "New Gotham" looks amazing. The entire area looks incredible at night with both rides having light packages. They are also building a stage off to the side in between Riddler and Harley Quinn. This will be a place for night time entertainment. This summer, "New Gotham" will be the place to be at night at Six Flags Over Texas!
  7. What are my thoughts? Well if this goes over well and the general public enjoys the renovations, I hope that Six Flags carries this trend on over to some of their other parks. I'd especially like to see Viper at Six Flags Magic Mountain get a similar treatment.
  8. I must of been absent that day you wrote that post, because I missed it. I apologize. Cheers for shorter lines because of larger capacity! Whoo hoo!
  9. A little unknown fact, Six Flags Over Texas is the only park in the world to have an Endeavor 48. The standard Endeavor 24 only allows for riders in a single line, where as the Endeavor 48 has two seats side by side. This allows for you to sit next to your friends and family.
  10. I feel like a better use of money, would be a new ride and an overhaul of an existing ride. ie. Viper or Riddler's Revenge. I say this because SFOG is getting new themed area and they are painting and getting new restraints on their Ninja ride.
  11. Yes and there is video out there of them testing the emergency brakes too. Basically they run the ride fully spinning and extended and then apply the E-Brake. Its all part of the testing process.
  12. Yes and there is video out there of them testing the emergency brakes too. Basically they run the ride fully spinning and extended and then apply the E-Brake. Its all part of the testing process.
  13. I could see the retheme to Aquaman, but I doubt Six Flags would give MM Justice League and a T-Rex in the same season. I think MM will do Justice League in 2017 and a dive coaster or possibly T-Rex in 2019. I could definitely see a retheme to Tidal Wave to Aquaman as seen here in SFOT. That would help tie in that Riddler Plaza to the rest of the DC Universe. Park attendance was up for most of the parks last year, so the parks have a bigger budget to spend on rides. I've heard mixed rumors that big things are going to be coming in 2017. I don't agree that SFMM will get two new big rides. Maybe a JL:BFM and possibly a Zamperla Giant Discovery, but not a coaster and a 4D dark ride.
  14. Here are a few picture updates on the new rides from this past weekend. This Tuesday is the commercial shoot. Next Tuesday is the media day. They have not announced a date for any season pass preview events, but they will probably be like Thursday and or Friday May 26th or 27th. Harley Quinn got some added themeing to the back fence. The Riddler Revenge now has a sign. New trees and rocks are going into the back area. A closer look at the new Riddler Revenge sign.
  15. Based on that theory, then a state of the art 4D Dark Ride would be a perfect addition to the park. Get ready for battle Southern Californians!
  16. Here is some construction pictures from my recent visit this past Mother's Day. Johnny Rocket's is now open. They have a lot of the queues on the rides set up. It looks like they still need to add sun shades though. The signs for the rides still need to be installed. The whole area has been paved, and new lamp posts have been installed. Johnny Rockets is now open. CatWoman Whip new sun shade structure. new lamp posts are being installed New sign needs to be installed Riddler Revenge
  17. Anyone know what this building will be used for? Structure next to Riddler Revenge
  18. Aww yes, the music. The music is what gets you pumped up for the ride. Waiting in line wasn't so bad when it was like a dance party!
  19. I'd love to see Riddler's Revenge at Magic Mountain get new trains. Especially seeing the new ones for Hulk. I'd also like a revamped loading station. Fix all the neons and the lasers.
  20. Some new images have been released of the new Derren Brown's Ghost Train.
  21. So a Mack Power Splash is going to an over seas Six Flags park huh? I wonder if they will bring any of those State Side.
  22. Thank you so much for not asking if it will be crowded and whether or not you should get a flash pass. Have fun!
  23. To focus your headset you use the button on top of the headset. roll it back and forth until the scene comes into focus. Your gun was suppose to break so your pilot can take over shooting and you could enjoy the ride.
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