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  1. Here's my two cents. I'm optimistic with the addition of the new headsets and head restraints, which simply "snap" into place, that the dispatch times will improve. I don't know enough about the "new" experience, and if the headsets and or phones received an update making them faster to sync. I hope they roll out and continue the reservation system they had done toward the end of the summer and during Fright Fest. Id rather come back at a certain time and walk around the park and enjoy some of the other attractions instead of standing in line. Bottom line, I have high hopes that the software was updated and improved.
  2. Noooo, not again. I was hoping this VR craze was coming to an end. . . Looks like it's still on Shockwave from the photo. Since Six Flags loves to act like this is a totally new ride, nowhere on their site do they say what coaster it's on. Can anyone confirm? Yes this is going on the Shockwave in the "Tower Section" For more information Click Here
  3. Get ready to loop into a space battle on Galactic Attack Virtual Reality Coaster. Galactic Attack is the World’s First Mixed Reality Experience that only Six Flags can deliver. This virtual reality coaster will introduce riders to the device’s passthrough camera functionality that creates awareness of their surroundings through their Samsung Gear VR headsets. Complex gameplay is part of this ride which is also a world’s first! Thrill seekers will go into battle and save planet Earth from an impending drone invasion. As they ride, a heads up display overlay on the passthrough camera view will show status of the weaponry, time codes, fuel cells, and a countdown clock. Galactic Attack Virtual Reality Coaster features: A mixed reality view that changes into a completely immersive virtual reality environment. A completely different gaming experience with three different endings. A one-of-a-kind thrilling, fully immersive ride. Galactic Attack Virtual Reality Coaster will open on February 25.
  4. I really wonder how that area will look once it opens up for the Joker Here's a really bad photo of some of the concept art of the area. Gotham Concept Art
  5. To get everyone up to speed. S&S released four concept coaster videos on their Youtube page yesterday. One of which was a small foot print roller coaster. This sparked a conversation of whether SFOT could and would install this in their park. People were claiming there wasn't enough space for a this and thus I went in search of facts and pictures to prove otherwise. 2018 started being discussed shortly after Six Flags announced their new rides for 2017. As of right now, I have no updates on The Joker's progress.
  6. Bring on the S&S Twisted L0oper Looks to me like space for Midway / Gotham Games stuff. and a themeing of the restaurant space to something comic-book/Gotham City. don't get greedy and wanting more rides. Naw I could see them using the back side of the games in the Gotham area, and adding an entrance into "New Gotham" near Batman's Exit. The building in the picture is gone except for the very end.
  7. Bring on the S&S Twisted L0oper Someone previously had mentioned a Disk-O, Or Hurricane Force 5, being put in. The cool thing about Zamperla, is that they make a couple of different size tracks, and a couple different sized disks. I rode the one at SDC, and it has a bigger track with a smaller disk, so you got a lot of pops in airtime. Unfortunately they only offer them in 24 and 40 seat Disks, so load capacity would be low with a smaller disk. This could be a cool addition to that area of the park.
  8. Let's put this into perspective. The picture shows where the coaster and the ride queue currently are and how much space is left over. Keep in mind the strip mall has been demolished up to the Mexican Restaurant on the end. Don't mind those mad paint skills.
  9. We've all heard rumors of the park installing a wing coaster some day. We've also always been afraid of getting a Super Looper. What about this? Check out this Twisted Looper from S&S! What do you think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSHiubQ8_CA
  10. Some park updates: All the signs in the park got touch up paint, and some relocated. A coaster's trains got a new paint job.
  11. They've added some stuff and moved some dirt around. It's still under construction.
  12. The park brought in bigger crowds with the new VR last year. They also had a bigger Fright Fest and HITP crowd. I expect the crowds to be bigger this year too. With that being said I would expect them to invest money in each park, every year. Otherwise the general public lose interest and go elsewhere.
  13. The park will not be getting a Larson Looper as there is now one at a nearby Flea Market. But if I had to guess it would be something similar. Too bad no one has come up with a similar ride design, oh wait... someone has.
  14. I couldn't agree more, it kills the wait time and makes the line a complete clusterf*@k. I was really hoping SF would abandon VR on coasters after all the issues they had last year, but I was giving them too much credit. They have a two year contract with Samsung.
  15. Wait, you really think that SFOT is going to get a "first of its kind" record breaking coaster the year after just getting a brand new coaster?? Seems highly unlikely to me. I never said 'first of it's kind, coaster.' There are several of possibilities of "first of their kind" attractions SFOT could put in in 2018.
  16. 2018 is looking very promising for record breaking coasters. Lets hope we get a "first of it's kind" in good ole SFOT fashion.
  17. That is one mod that I wouldn't support. Personally, I think VR on roller coasters is dumb, and the VR on Revolution gives me motion sickness. I prefer to ride it without VR goggles. I was kidding about the Viper VR, but good luck with the Galactic Attack on TNR! I like the new augmented reality.
  18. I don't see the park installing a big coaster after putting The Joker in. No Super Loop, but close, and No Disk-o.
  19. Plenty of room. Study the pictures and video from the Topping Off Event. There's a couple of different types of rides and or attractions that could fit there.
  20. By adding VR to Viper, it could make it more popular than what it currently is.
  21. There's plenty of room for expansion. 2018 looks promising. But in all actually i think the park may focus on putting a more family friendly attraction in this area to round out the collection they have. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  22. That "derelict old building" has a kitchen in it and could be used to support catering events at the park. Since the kitchen is already in tact from the old restaurant it use to be it could also be used for a new restaurant. New construction is expensive, so to save money the park could easily convert the restaurant into a DC themed restaurant. The same way they redid the sports Bar in Spain. The parts of the strip mall that were torn down were old retail spaces.
  23. I heard a rumor the new Harley Quinn Animatronic was spotted roaming around the park at night by a security guard. I hope they get her bolted into place soon before anything happens.
  24. The park has already demoed the part of the strip mall for expansion. The remaining building will be used for a future use.
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