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  1. Last time I checked we also have never had an Alien Attack on Earth either. I don't think your reasoning is good enough not to enjoy this technology on this ride. It's fun and thrilling all at the same time. Who cares if the "workers" in the hangar never move or that the jets land the wrong way on the carrier, just enjoy the ride.
  2. I notice that they have also added several security cameras in the station to deter people from trying to steal the headsets or phones. Remember kids Big Brother is watching.
  3. I was wondering how they were going to handle this potential problem. You know I was surprised that I didn't get nauseous or feel sick after riding the coaster with VR several times in a row. I usually get a little grayed out during the two loops but I felt fine after several cycles. I'm not sure how it all works, but I don't see people getting sick being a problem.
  4. I also attended the Media Day Event, and I have to say that the technology and the ride exceeded my expectations. The HD graphics were beautiful. I rode it about 20 times and several in a row, and I never felt sick or nauseous. The whole experience was a lot of fun!
  5. Hey Chadster, where exactly were Catwomans Whip ride parts? I searched all over on Saturday and couldn't find them.
  6. Magic Mountain is doing sign ups. Does anyone know where to sign up for the Season Pass Preview at SFOT? The website doesn't have a sign up sheet.
  7. So rumors are swirling that SFMM is getting a Dive Machine, and now SDC might be getting one too. How many coasters can B&M produce in a year? Does that mean SFOT is not getting a Wing Coaster? Maybe we are going to be getting the T-Rex Coaster from RMC. Some things to consider.
  8. The "Boat Ride" doesn't seem like a boat ride, but more of a track less vehicle ride. In the video it looks like the vehicle spins around. I wonder if they would be using screens or real life audio animatronics. Also I remember seeing somewhere that they would possible have "cast members" dressed up walking around so you really feel more immersed in the world.
  9. They said VR coaster. which from what we seen coming to Alton Towers, is just a headset you wear while riding an already existing coaster.
  10. Runaway Mountain has the longest wait time right behind Batman. I really think this VR thing is a horrible idea for this park. Unless they can get the loading processes up to speed this whole thing will be a nightmare. It won't be worth the wait in the humidity and heat. Plus think of all the sweaty faces that are going to be wearing them. JL was a test to see how the park handles high tech attractions, and IMO they didn't handle it well. Yes I know it was the first year and new technology, but IMO it could have been handled better. I'm not sure bringing more new technology into the park is a good move. Fix what you have before you more to new attractions.
  11. I agree i can't remember the last time i saw the waterfall working. Maybe when I was a kid?
  12. From what I was told this is was discussed by the park on the tour. The water feature areas would be used for new landscaping. As a fellow born and raised Californian I know the meaning of be "drought conscious." I loved Revolution's queue, but am excited to see the new updated version. Even if includes new plants were a waterwall use to be.
  13. Something else not noted was the loop will receive chasing lights. The park is also working on creating an LED light-package that will reflect different colors off of the withe structure!
  14. They are getting rid of all the water features because of the drought in California. They will be replacing these areas with new landscaping.
  15. Will my old home park finally get a new coaster? Time will only tell, but the park for sure needs another signature/custom coaster. The collection is getting a little outdated imo. Or maybe I should use the term stagnant. With SFOT and SFFT hosting CC in 2017, I bet big things will be coming to both parks. SFFT will be adding a coaster to their Boardwalk area; finishing that renovation. I've been told that marketing for SFOT has already stated working on a new Coaster in 2017. I guess time will tell.
  16. Does anyone have any idea if SFOT will be getting the new Six Flags Chinese Restaurant, Chop Six, replacing Panda Express? I know that SFMM is. I was just curious if all SF would be switching over.
  17. No those meals are considered part of The Holiday In Park Event and not included with your Dining Pass. Kind of like Panda Express. On a side note I'm really excited to see if Epic Cones comes back this year!
  18. Yesterday I witnessed what I thought was impossible. One of our Members of TPR scored a 600,000+ on Justice League! Dude had 300,000+ just on the first screen! It was incredible. I wept tears of defeat on the steps of The Hall of Justice. Please sir, post your picture. I know you'll read this!
  19. I got the opportunity to ride this yesterday! It was a really fun! The seats are really comfortable and yet allow you to get plenty of air time. The ride itself is pretty fast and smooth. I loved the over banked turns and the steep drop backwards. This is a home run for the park!
  20. Don't get our hopes up Larson loops are reportedly all back open again. The problems may just be a thing of the past. I hope not. I don't want one! Current home park is SFOT.
  21. With all the problems they are having with the Larson Loops, why do you think they would continue to put them in the parks?
  22. I think this may be a teaser pic of the All New Twisty Colossus Jr. Coming in 2016.
  23. I think every RMC Coaster should have a seat outside of the entrance for people to test.
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