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  1. The first teaser pics are out for #‎SFFT2017‬ ‪#‎FiestaTexas25thAnniversary‬
  2. Six Flags Over Texas has announced their ‪#‎FrightFest‬ line up for 2016 with a brand new Scare Zone called Black Widow's Walk and a new pitch black maze called Blackout! https://frightfest.sixflags.com/overtexas/ New Scares Coming in 2016
  3. I'd also like to throw a suggestion out there for "New Technology Six Flags might bring to their parks." These Kuka Robocoasters won IAAPA's best new technology applied to an amusement park last year. I have no idea how much these cost, and what the ride capacity per hour is, but this could be a possibility.
  4. Work is being done on the old Mexican Restaurant in Spain. I bet it's a new haunt for Fright Fest. There were black curtains in the windows blocking anyone from looking inside. EDIT: The only reason I mentioned the black curtains is because during the Johnny Rockets remodel, you could see inside the windows. Mexican Restaurant in Spain
  5. After visiting on Saturday and getting my own view of the site. I believe they are merely setting up a site for either the same ole Zombie haunt or a new haunt for Fright Fest.
  6. Yes, but New Gotham was built right next to the area with a gate connecting it to the "parking lot" to the strip mall. What your seeing is demolition work on the lot. I wouldn't be surprised to see the building demoed soon.
  7. Here's another peek over the fence with a view of a dumpster being filled up. They are definitely doing some land clearing. Every day more and more. dumpster with stuff in it.
  8. It's being reported that new construction fencing is going up behind CatWoman Whip. Is it for Fright Fest or SFOT2017? New Construction fencing in New Gotham
  9. Everything at this point has just been speculation. There has been nothing confirmed from an official source on a new coaster coming, or not coming in 2017. The only thing we have to go by right now are the stakes in the ground that say "E. Coaster" and a lot of land clearing. During the OutLaw Run Rendezvous with ACE, we were told to "...Come back in 2018, because something big is coming" This was told to us by the park President. I would't bet on any coaster being built and ridden in 2017. Plan accordingly. They also asked us to vote for them to host the Coaster Convention in 2018. Why? Because they are opening a new coaster that year.
  10. Yea I found that, but they claim there is still no pictures of the coaster yet.
  11. The shuttle coaster, while very cool...would likely be a capacity nightmare...even with longer trains. Plus, I can't see them getting another woodie anytime soon. I looked for, but couldn't find the spinning coaster you described. Are they talking about this?
  12. So now it's suppose to be 2018?? I've determined that no one actually knows anything about what, or when "it's" being built at SDC. And those who do know, haven't/can't say anything because of the amazing "confidentiality" paperwork they had to sign. For now it's all just rumors. Personally. I like the 5,00ft tall 1,500 mph, 120 inversion Intamin, and B&M aqua Trax." However, the new "Mack Spinner" coaster is a great rumor too. Whatever this ends up being, I can't wait to see what it is, and how amazing SDC themes it! Yes 2018. The park is really hoping to be chosen to be the host park for CoasterCon in 2018. I was here on Friday during the ACE event. The management told us we should plan to come back in 2018 because "something big is coming." The area behind those kiddie rides is having work done, and it goes straight down hill. A perfect area to put a first drop. I saw tape and a work truck down the hill from it.
  13. No offense to SFFT, but SDC Disk-O is so much better than the one they put in on the Boardwalk. From what I understand, SDC went with a bigger track and a smaller disk. It was so fast and had a ton of airtime.
  14. I was told that these rides will be closed and removed for the new ride coming in 2018.
  15. I'm ALWAYS "one of those guys" when it comets my first visit to a theme park. No worries! We hit SDC twice a year, and our food routine is as follows: 1) Eva and Delilah's bakery on the left as you first enter the park. I think. I'm horrible with eatery names, but trust me... you'll smell it before seeing it anyway. Order anything you like, including cinnamon rolls as big as your head, and have them save it for you to pick up on your way out of the park. Just do it. 2) House made chips, and pork rinds (Don't scoff!) are found down the left side of the park, near the entrance to Wildfire, the log flume, and Fire in the Hole. Pork rinds in a small area just past the woodworking viewing area. The chips are at the larger restaurant with a ton of outdoor, shaded seating. Can't miss it. 3) Succotash. Served at a couple different locations. We get it at the little place right near the entrance to Thunderation. 4) Wife swears by the Apple Fritters, but I don't know which bakery she gets them at, as she usually wanders around the shops while we ride coasters. 5) I've tried many of their "skillets" for breakfast. Enjoyed all of them, so pick what you like. SDC has, IMO, the best food by far of any theme park. If you don't gain a few pounds during your visit, you're not doing it right... and it's just plain un-"Murrican" not to do so. Thank you so much! I can't wait!!!
  16. So a Free Fly would be pretty bad for that. [attachment=0]bart-simpson-generator.jpg[/attachment] Exhibit A: To achieve higher capacity you need the help of the Justice League Team!
  17. So a Free Fly would be pretty bad for that. I thought the T Rex design was the 2 across hyper coaster style track, and the Raptor was the single seat, clone only, smaller version for small parks. Unless they just dropped the 2 across mono track design all together. Anyway, whatever it ends up being, I'd prefer it be something with a unique layout, but that's just my preference/opinion. Guess we'll have to wait a few months to find out. Once we know for sure what's getting torn down, and have a better idea of how much room will become available, it make make some options more clear. Time will tell I guess. You know that's a really great point. Funny enough I actually love both El Diablo and Jokers Chaos Coaster, so clearly not all clones are bunko. The raptor is the smaller version, but like I said earlier I don't know how large of a footprint the T-REX has either. It looks smaller, but still packs a punch.
  18. Idk they've done more one of a kind RMCs in the last 5 years than anyone. I don't think that's what this is, but Six Flags has proven to be unique and cutting edge in at least that one area! Thursday is just the announcement to what is closing, not to what is to come. I thought the Tweet was pretty clear about this.
  19. I'm going to be one of those guys... I'm going to SDC for the first time this Friday for Outlaw Run. I've already seen the post about what rides to cover first and how to properly use the Trailer Blazer Pass. But what about the food? Where and what should I be eating? What should I try? What should I definitely get my hands on? A little background, I live in Texas and have pretty high standards for BBQ. That being said, what should I stuff my face with?
  20. Would you feel let down if you got the first RMC TREX Coaster? There's not a whole lot of current information about the footpaths of these to know if it would fit in the space outlined above. I heard the footpaths were smaller, but I guess we'll see.
  21. Thanks. Last time I was there it told me I scored in the top 1% so I was curious what the top score might be. I'm a little short of yours though, I only had 442k and some change. Only ridden maybe 16 times though. Trying to learn the tricks. I'll probably be back at least twice more this season. Gotta get some use out of my season pass. Chad, I have to believe that this was a computer glitch, because it closed down for two weeks shortly after you and another person posted that they had maxed out their score. After the shut down I noticed that they reset the rankings. So anything above "Normal" will be in the top 1%. Source: I was one of the first to ride JL and have scored as high as 860K after learning a few of the tricks and tips. I've notice the last few times it's said top 1% next to my score.
  22. Yes they do offer Early entry for Gold Season Pass Holders. The line is all the way to the right of the front gates.
  23. In all seriousness, pick you poison and choose whether you want to experience the VR on ShockWave or go over to the New Gotham City area and ride the new rides. Both will be packed, and I typically use the early entry for Gold Pass members to get into line early.
  24. The crowds will be crowded. Don't conquer the park, conquer Mexico and go ride the best best ride in the park, The Tea Cups!
  25. Hey now, maybe I like to pretend I'm a superhero and fly in circles! Besides, Yosemite Sam kicks all sorts of A$$ throughout the river adventure...well until the end that is when he has some, um, technical difficulties. I mean personally Batwing and Yosemite Sam are my top 2, but the general public seems to enjoy other rides. I don't get it. Ya'll are riding Batwing and Yosemite Sam while I'm over here, in Mexico, riding the best ride in the park, The Teacups!
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