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  1. HOT! Expect to drink plenty of water, and a wear a baseball cap if your prone to sunburning. Also be prepared for thunderstorms popping up. Are you a Gold Pass Season Holder? Get there early enough to take advantage of the 10 minute early entry. Once in, run to The Joker! Then ride Rddler, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, Batman if you want. You should probably snack at this point. Grab a snack an decide if you want to Battle Metropolis or take on Titan, The Giant among Coasters. If you choose Jusctice League, ride it, then take a right aqt the lemonade stand heading towards the front of the park, and go into France. Check out Runaway Mountain. Then go over To Texas Giant and then ride Titan. At this point, all you have left is ShockWave, which will most likely be VR and a little longer wait, and La Vibora which also has a bit of a longer line. Id recommend checking out the nachos in the sports bar and then ride La Vibora. Then head over to ShockWave. This area of Arlington has several places within 5 mins of the park to eat. Use Google to look and compare locations near the park and your hotel to eat.
  2. Asphalt goes down really quick. When Justice League was complete and New Gotham, I recall the asphalt seeming like it was put down "over night." The queue for The Joker is basically what Shockwave has with a Circus tent cover according to the latest renderings. Sharon told a group of us this past weekend that we'd be seeing a lot of an animated Joker character. I assume that there maybe an indoor show room and or televisions like on JL throughout the queue. I assume the later as I don't recall seeing a show room in the video renderings.
  3. They are trying to get it done early so they have time to set up and test the new VR.
  4. Once you arrive at the park, have your friend head around to the back of the park. He'll need to go into Gotham City Area via the "Bring a Friend Free Tunnel." To get get into the tunnel you'll have to locate the sewer gate on the outside of the fence behind Batman. Once inside, they will follow the path into the tunnel. Ask the attendant at the end to draw the Bat Symbol on their forehead. Once they have the appropriate symbol drawn on their forehead with a sharpie, head back out of the tunnel, through the sewer, and back out. At that point, head towards the front of the park, through the crowds of people, because it will be crowded, and up to a ticket window. Show them your season pass and they will give you a ticket to scan at the same kiosk you scan you season pass at. Hope this helps.
  5. Work has begun on the top and last level of The Joker. The Joker at Six Flags Over Texas
  6. With the addition of Justice League: Battle For Metropolis, I think SFMM might add VR to Riddler's Revenge. One park has already released information about bring VR to two of their attractions. I think SFMM will leave VR on TNR and add it to Riddler's Revenge with the opening of JL:BFM (The Better Version) Honestly I think it would be a neat experience.
  7. I know right? I think we have the best looking one. The colors are so lively. I can't wait to see the trains!
  8. Work has continued in Gotham City. The Joker is rising quickly, and soon testing will begin. Hopefully they are can get it open by Opening Day, although I'm hearing they are now shooting for a later date. I'm curious as to where the new location of VR is going to go and what it will be this year. The Joker Photo Credit ACE South Central
  9. SFFT recently announced bringing VR to Scream. I really enjoyed the VR at both SFOT and SFFT. Adding this technology to a drop tower, really intrigues me. Drop towers themselves, intimidate me, so it will be interesting to see what it's like with VR goggles on.
  10. We are hearing that construction could be done and ready to open by opening weekend. It all depends on the weather.
  11. The Joker's first pieces of track have been installed on the lift hill. Notice how the track color is opposite the color of the support on the same side. I think this ride is going to look awesome!
  12. I'm planning on visiting the Boardwalk the week after Christmas. I'm not familiar with the weather in the area, but do the roller coasters typically run this late in the season?
  13. We don't have one up here at Sfa. A mat racer is like the one thing we need for our water park to be well rounded. I see. I didn't realize SFA didn't have a mat racer. I still would be surprised to see it relocated to SFA though. But, perhaps they will. I was told by the park, that this ride will not be relocated.
  14. I attended an event at the park during Holiday In the Park this past weekend. The park looked incredible, and the shows were spectacular. I highly recommend checking out their Holiday in the Park. Here are some photos I took during my visit.
  15. I went by the park last night to check on the construction progress and was able to get some pictures before the sun went down. I'm hearing through the Grapevine, that the park may be shooting to open this ride during Opening Weekend. Hopefully the weather cooperates and they are able to get the ride built in time. Over view of the construction site Return track back into the station station and prelift hill track location of the additional attraction??? additional coaster parts and stations building material crate from S&S station building materials
  16. The Joker is finally vertical. There is also several pieces of track laying on the ground next the supports.
  17. Yes the Hill Country Racers will be removed for the new ride. The ride will take up this space plus the area behind the wave pool.
  18. Is there any chance that Mean Streak is just being retracked with the I box track and still follow the same lay out? I've never been to Cedar Point and I'm not familiar with Mean Streak and it's layout. I was just curious about the CP enthusiasts opinion ... Please don't hurt me.
  19. Where does one stay when coming to visit Holiday World? Hotel app says closest hotel is in Ferdinand about 17 miles away. I'm not familiar with the area the park is located, so are there any lodging options closer to the park? Thank you for your help.
  20. I went by the park this past Holiday weekend to get some photos from Holiday In the Park. The park looks stunning, and I love the new Deep In The Heart Of Christmas over in Boomtown. This is one of the best looking Holiday In the Park events I've ever seen here at SFOT. If you get a chance, you should check it out! Happy Holidays! Riddler Revenge CatWoman Whip Texas Sky Screamer Texas Flag Light Canopy Frosty's SnowHill Fire Pit Fa-La-La-La-La Light Show
  21. As of Saturday, November 19th, no, The Joker has not gone vertical. The footers need 30 days to set before they start putting the supports in. Although the supports are laying next to the footers ready to be place, which is near the newly DEMOLISHED STRIP MALL! Yea. They started tearing it out. I was shocked!
  22. My coworker just said this to me. "I feel like Theme Parks are just a big 'Dutch Oven.'"
  23. VR is done for the year. The signage has been changed back to Shock Wave and the equipment has been removed from the train freeing up that row. Details on any VR options for next year will be released by the park at a time of their choosing. Magic Mountain is the only park in the chain, that is getting the Santa's Wild Sleigh Ride.
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