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  1. The one at SFOT ALWAYS has a full queue. Its a great ride. Lots of speed, airtime, and height.
  2. IMO I think the park is over due for a Hurricane Harbor expansion. They also need to roll out the tram system to and from HH to SFOT as parking at the water park is sparse for the amount of guests that go. In addition I think the Sling Shot will still be added to the New Gotham, Villians Village, area along with either a small kiddie ride and or additional shops and eateries.
  3. I think a Woodie would be a great addition to the back drop of the Boardwalk area. I also noticed a lot of the teasers the park has been posting has been using the word "wood."
  4. Since two Six Flags parks have release information of retiring two attractions, I'm just going to say it... VIPER'S ON THE CHOPPING BLOCK!
  5. Are they also developing the track for the new SkyWarp for Skyline Attractions?
  6. This is a recent pic from the RMC factory, and there appears to be free spin track behind the raptor and trex pieces. Is this the same piece of TREX track we saw a year ago? I heard they were having difficulties developing a lift system with the TREX track.
  7. Where did you hear this? Aren't they also doing the track for the new SkyWarp from Skyline Attractions.
  8. This theory has been posted before and got pooped on by most. I tend to agree that this was part of the tease by SF. The rumor of SF and Skyline deal seems more credible now. Multiple Skywarps might have been purchases for non superloop parks. Skyline is announcing the park that bought it at IAAPA in November. Six Flags makes their yearly announcements in September. Six Flags did not buy the first SkyWarp. It doesn't make sense and doesn't fit the time line.
  9. they HAD a frisbee.. my favorite ride in the park. they pulled it out a few years ago. The Frisbee got removed to out in the Disko-o, Hurricane Force 5, on the Boardwalk. I doubt very seriously they will be adding another flat this year.
  10. The First two teasers have been released for SFFT 2018 Project. 1. Are you ready for the next adventure? #SFFT2018 2. Wow..... time sure flys around here! #SFFT2018 Are you ready for the next adventure? #SFFT2018 Wow..... time sure flys around here! #SFFT2018
  11. How long are you staying in town? I might go to the park on Monday.
  12. A recent SW8 construction update from Theme Park Incorporated. PC Theme Park Incorporated PC Theme Park Incorporated
  13. Announcement Ceremonies from Universal Studio Japan's Facebook Page [super Nintendo world ™] 2020 in front of the Tokyo Olympics to open and finally start! The construction started today in the construction of the construction and construction of the series of the " Super Mario Bros " the super mario bros the world of " Super Mario bros And it has been announced that the "Mario Kart" is an attraction in the world of the world's most advanced technology and that the theme of the theme park! http://usj.eng.mg/1aabf #USJ
  14. Hypothetically if Lightning Rode were to get a chain left, would CREHOS count it as a new coaster credit? Asking for a friend.
  15. I'd agree but the park stated this would be the worlds "first" or "only." The car on Blue Fire was a tester for a future project. Maybe this is it.
  16. With the announcement of DC Rivals HyperCoaster, can we add to the speculation that this ride will have a spinning vehicle option in the back?
  17. At IAAPA they showed a revolving track. Maybe they will able to offer both a spinning train and a non spinning train. This would be "Like Nothing Else"
  18. I just tee teed a little bit!!! SDC is not that far from Dallas. "Cinnamon Bread, Outlaw Run and a new Mack Coaster! These are a few of my favorite things!"
  19. multitude a fortnight approcheth in suspsense This exchange doth please greatly. I think he's saying, "An official announcement will be be made in August."
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