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  1. Again, sorry for double posting but I was just snooping around on Facebook (like always ) and I found some unofficial pictures from some guys on the construction team. These were taken back at the end of January so they're further along than this on installing, but it's still neat to see the construction from their POV. We also get a blueprint for our Monster. Apparently the red stripes on the sheet signify the sky ride that will go through a number of loops and features of the ride just like Molly talked about in the video above!
  2. WOW!!! RMC's always blow me away but these pictures are on a new level.
  3. So since the ride hasn't gone vertical yet I thought it would be nice to bring a video back from an In The Loop podcast. This video was released back in July when the ride was announced and I noticed that it wasn't posted here. There's quite a bit of cool information you might not have known about the ride and the park that is talked about: the hotel, lap bars and interaction with the sky ride, ect.
  4. Now this post is getting me really excited. Got another update from the Facebook page and they're trying out lighting! "Just playing with some lighting concepts for The Monster - this will be a whole different ride from day to night. We can't wait to open our new steel roller coaster this June!!" Now the reason I'm supper excited for this is because Adventureland hasn't really experimented much with lighting up their rides at night. Before Storm Chaser was installed I think the fairs wheel and SpaceShot were the only major rides to have cool night elements. I know none of the coasters had any before this. And yeah, part of the reason is because Adventureland doesn't stay open as late as other parks do, but regardless this is gonna be fun! What color schemes would you like to see?
  5. Another pic from the Facebook page. Weather is warming up here in Iowa. Snow is melting and the temp is supposed to be up in the 50s for a while. Looking good for construction! I agree, that green is gonna look GREAT in the sun.
  6. Here's another picture from the FB page, and this one's pretty cool! "A little sneak peak of the mold for the front of The Monster cars!"
  7. Here's a small update from the FB page. Just gotta keep telling myself to be patient "We know everyone wants to see pictures of progress on The Monster, our new steel roller coaster coming in June. Looking at the site right now is sort of like looking at an iceberg - it is mostly below the surface! But soon enough we will start to go VERTICAL and we are very excited about that! Progress pictures should be more regular now. We have a lot of exciting changes at the Adventureland Inn as well, with Spectators (the new sports bar & grill coming soon) and their brand new arcade and redemption center on the upper level that will open in later March. Summer 2016 will be here before you know it!" https://www.facebook.com/Adventureland-Park-102775329805861/?fref=ts
  8. I agree that this one is similar to the other logos at the park. I also agree that it's not a big deal for me that it isn't breathtaking. Holiday World, Dollywood and Cedar Fair parks have always impressed me with their artworks, but it doesn't make or break the ride. In my opinion Adventureland has always had a thing with making their logos look really retro and old school. Take a look at the logos for the other major rides and tell that The Monster's doesn't belong right there with them.
  9. I'm a freak when it comes to Instagram! When I'm not riding rides at parks you'll find me taking pictures.
  10. We had two foreign exchange students from Toronto stay with us last year and this was the first question I asked them: "Do you like Canada's Wonderland?" They replied with "How do you know about that place?" My mom then said "He's kind of a freak when it comes to that stuff."
  11. This is the year I go to Cedar Point!!! For Sure: Adventureland WoF Cedar Point Wish List: Kentucky Kingdom Holiday World Valleyfair
  12. Sweet video. I get more excited with every time I check up on this coaster!
  13. The park just released the logo for The Monster on their Facebook page. What do you think? https://www.facebook.com/Adventureland-Park-102775329805861/?fref=ts
  14. Also, sorry for double posting but I just ran into a super cool video created this past summer by a user on Youtube named Hoff07. This short video was made with a drone and it captures pretty much all of the park on a beautiful July day. I really recommend watching it if you are not familiar with Adventureland. Very well made and he posted in the comments that he plans on making another one when Monster is installed. Shout-out to the ducks at the 2:51 mark
  15. I really hope it does too! I mean just look at what this park has done in the past 5 - 8 years. -Built a huge water park with the state's largest wave pool, the state's tallest water slides and the state's longest lazy river -Added a Mondail Windseeker (something I only thought would be done for Cedar fair parks). -Finally added an Oktoberfest type event for adults with beer / park passes / and games for the end of the season. -And now this! In my mind Adventureland is going in the right direction. I think that the park said they wouldn't actually start installing structure pieces till 2016 but hey... digging up holes is fun Here's more on the new Oktoberfest from the Facebook page. I just now found out that they put this on about a month ago. Looked like it was a success, and a decent crowd too: "Huge thanks going out to everyone who attended the 1st Annual Adventureland Oktoberfest yesterday! And a special thank you to all the food vendors, great bands and workers that gave their all to make sure everyone had fun. Stayed tuned for pictures of the event and the costume contest winners in the next few days!" This is the link to a slideshow for more pics: https://www.facebook.com/102775329805861/photos/ms.c.eJw9zckRwDAIA8COMtyC~;huLA8HPRSORpRqaQjAQ2ZPtyDbntVGSOq8B43P135DODWubvqx9vH3Mnq2T579f9z42Lzp5VMU44tsLCL~_fKyb9.bps.a.893363670747019.1073741829.102775329805861/893363820747004/?type=3&theater
  16. Yeah... I might be in the minority here... but I think I'm gonna like Storm Chaser A LOT more than Lightning Rod.
  17. Adventureland (Iowa) 2015 - Small improvements. / Star Wars battle pods. / New beer tent by Storm Chaser. [Known] 2016 - Tearing down of Log Flume. / Monster roller coaster from Gerstlauer (First coaster for park in 20 years). [Known] 2017 - Small improvements. / Refurbished bridge to Dragon Island. / Add lights on all coasters. 2018 - Build new log ride in the area of Raging River with lights and on ride photo. 2019 - Small kiddie ride. 2020 - New Coaster OR Tear down Dragon rebuild replacement OR tear down Tornado and rebuild replacement by RMC. All years are very realistic for my home park except for 2020. I really am curious where they will go after 2016 with Monster. Truthfully I can see them being quiet for 10 more years only adding little additions but you never know. The past five years has been BIG for them. Why stop now?
  18. I wonder what's next? The future looks bright! Getting too far ahead of myself? I should calm down and just soak this one in.
  19. Well it was only a matter of time till someone made one. This is gonna be a good one folks!
  20. Nothing major this year. They did install two new "Star Wars Battle Pods" into their main arcade and I heard those are pretty fun. You can head on over to the discussion thread to check out a picture from their Facebook page and watch a video. Also there are a couple pages and reports talking about them adding a "family coaster project" next year in the place of the log ride.
  21. LOOK! We finally got one! www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=54282&hilit=adventureland+iowa
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