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  1. Wow... those two pictures look so similar it's almost like they're the same photo But no, it's looking really good! I agree, loving the interaction with Skyride. So cool! To tell you the truth I forgot... I really should have typed out my sources but I literally just searched for recent photos of Monster construction.
  2. Aerial photos from Facebook Looks like these were taken before the ones that sthomas.maroons shared though.
  3. Whenever I was there a couple years ago I always remember them saying "Midwest" or even something vague like "Area". Maybe it was park
  4. Yeah, not going to Iowa, like RyanTPM pointed out. Monster's track is a lighter green.
  5. Last time I was at Dollywood was back in 2006... I NEED to return when Lightning Rod is done, but just wanted to point out that when I was there a decade ago (wow... it's so weird to say that it was a DECADE ago) Thunderhead was imo the best ride there. How's the old girl holding up? Still a goodie?
  6. You mean bolt 2,654? Have you seen the threads on that thing? I was underwhelmed by its representation in that original animation, but now I'm impressed! Seriously, though, I can't wait to ride this thing. It'll be my first RMC. Yeah, I' m with you. This is my first steel RMC. SAME!
  7. I love those cars! THIS is why they call them Infinity coasters. Infinite possibilities for customization! Also people shouldn't get their panties in a wad over this log flume too much (not you PhantomPoster32, as I know you were just wondering for other possibilities. I'm talking about some whiny complainers I've seen) . The GP are acting like they'll never see one again. I'm pretty sure I've heard Molly (Adventureland's spokesperson from the In The Loop interview) say multiple times that they plan on building a new structure in the future. I actually wouldn't be surprised if it we see one in a year or two!
  8. Thanks VF_Rideman! Can't wait for more pics from you! Here are some from www.kcci.com/news/photos-sneak-peek-at-new-adventureland-roller-coaster/38692322
  9. ^^^ I think Prowler at WoF had the same problems when it first opened back in 2009 but yeah, best of luck to you. I would think it would be good by then, but who really knows.
  10. Thank you Nrthwnd ! I think so, or at least they have similar colors and schemes. I know that each park gets to customize the ride's package. Also check out this video on the construction updates from KCCI news. www.kcci.com/news/new-thrill-ride-taking-shape-at-adventureland/38689858
  11. The park posted on their Facebook page today that they're doing a "30 Days of Adventureland Contest". It's actually a really cool idea. All you have to do is like and share the post and then send a photo and they'll pick a winner for each day. This would be a fun and easy way to win a free ticket, especially since we all wanna ride Monster this year. https://www.facebook.com/Adventureland-Park-102775329805861/?fref=nf This is the pic that I submitted.
  12. That's sad to hear. I've always thought that Adventureland has been known for being clean, cut and beautiful. They're usually good at keeping stuff like buildings up to date let alone cutting the weeds... I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary when I visited but I guess we"ll get to see when we come to ride the Monster in just a couple months. If these things are true and they really do need to tend to the park, they better do it this year as I'm feeling like this new coaster will bring in a lot more visitors than an average year.
  13. The last time I was at the park was 2014 and TW was fine for me. Has is really gotten so bad that these updates needed to be crucial? Maybe I just never noticed the rough parts.
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