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  1. Someone posted this pic on Holiday World's Facebook page. Such a breathtaking view of Voyage walking back from Thunderbird.
  2. star1025.com/bigken-and-colleen/kurts-blog-what-i-learned-at-adventureland-on-sunday/ Here's a cool little trip report from a local Des Moines radio station. He went on Sunday with his family. I can't wait to find a day to go with some friends. I might have time next week.
  3. Worlds of Fun could do a "Journey to the center of the Earth" theme. I mean I guess they all could do that, but with WORLDS of fun and the EARTH and... sorry, I don't know what I'm talking about.
  4. Nothing major, but Adventureland added two "Star Wars Battle Pods" to their arcade this year. Heard these are really fun. Nice to have little additions between years with big projects. Has anyone ever experienced one of these? Pictures from the fb page. Video from IGN.
  5. Check out the new paint job for T3 from their Facebook page. Sticks out like a sore thumb, but in a good way. Looks awesome.
  6. LOL, Im sorry Cedar Fair gave your park a B&M invert and a Morgan hyper Be happy its not swam boats and a lemonade stand Couple pages back but I LOL at this ^^^
  7. Great article about the history and the future of the park from the Des Moines Register. http://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/news/local/altoona/2014/08/19/adventureland-40th-anniversary/14292691/?sf30057927=%5B%271%27%5D I esspeically like the last of it. Okay so maybe the rumors of a 2015 coaster are a bust, but 2016 is looking good for something.
  8. ^^^ I sent a message to an admin and he said that with the Storm Chaser and the hope of a new coaster the light is shinning bright for Adventureland to have its own discussion page. I think we will see one in the future, but for now we should show the mods that the community wants one by keeping this page (or other Adventureland pages) active. You are right after all ALOT of people are just finding out about this park. For people who want to learn more about this park thrillrider went on a trip report not that long ago www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=68454 I already posted these photos on that thread but I like them so much that I wanted to share them here also. Here are some stunning views of Storm Chaser from the park's Facebook page.
  9. I went to Worlds Of Fun last summer and while waiting in line for Patriot a group of teenage girls started screaming and told me I looked just like Harry Styles... I look nothing like Harry Styles.
  10. WOW that was fun to watch! Holiday World just does it right. The Theme Park Industry needs more of what HW just did this past summer. That is what parks should do, not just release the plans in one night over FB or on Youtube, but instead get you pumped over a long period of time. The 66 days of hints were awesome and then this amazing press conference and the progress cam, gosh I wish every park did announcements like this... but I guess that is just what separates the great parks. I can't wait to ride this one guys!
  11. That would be great! Yeah, I would hate to see Dragon go and same with the log ride. I say fix up the Dragon, build a state of the art new log ride (because the current one is really old) and in 2 or 4 years put in a new steel coaster. *Dreaming out loud* Hey thrillrider. When you went did you ride the log flume? Did it feel rough or shaky? Yeah that photo kinda does make it look taller.
  12. OHHH THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN! I haven't been to either park yet but I gotta plan a trip to the area now. I wonder what KK will do to counter Thunderbird in the next couple years. These parks battling it out in the future will be awesome for us.
  13. A small compact coaster would be great for the park. Sources are saying that the log ride is out next year so that would be a great place for one. Also, here are some stunning photos of Storm Chaser from Alands Facebook page. The first one is so green.
  14. This was a great report! Glad you liked my home park. Yeah if only they took out Dragon and put in a new steel coaster. Hmmm maybe in a few years.
  15. I wish there was a forum for all of Adventureland's updates. I know it might not be the best or most interesting park to you guys but it is my home park and it is getting bigger and better with every year. If there was another page to post stuff this would be a perfect piece of info to add. From the blog http://absolutedsm.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3046&start=30 Then someone else posted I don't know if this will happen because they just got Stormchaser this year, but it is exciting stuff to think about. I know there are other people out there on this great site that would love to have an Adventureland Discussion Thread, whether this be their beloved little home park or it be a new destination they want to find out more about. I personally love scrolling down the pages and finding new updates out about the Six Flags parks, Cedar Fair parks, and even the smaller ones, but it makes me sad when I can't find an Adventureland one. Kentucky Kingdom and Holiday World have one why can't we. I don't know where to go for this but I just wish Adventureland had a thread that wasn't just focused on what is happening this year and instead all of its information in one place!
  16. Yes! The spot is perfect for it, I agree. Yeah It is weird that it opened before Steelhawk especially because I think WoF started construction WAY before Adventureland did...
  17. Yup! Here it is! Opening day is finally here! Here are some pics from the FB page. Just wish it was better weather but oh well. Here is a link to a cool video they put up too. First riders!
  18. From A-lands FB page! Wow I gotta get out there soon! I don't even think that the one at WoF is open yet.
  19. Hell yeah! That would be awesome but I think you are probably right. I think 2016 could be a ride but I can only see a kids or family ride to be honest. Crossing fingers for 2017/2018
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