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  1. Hey friends! I'm trying to stop by the park sometime this weekend and I've never been... hell this will be my 1st Six Flags. Any advice? Must rides? Hidden gems? Thanks!
  2. "With a new ride comes a new frozen adult beverage. The Monster is Monster energy drink plus ... other stuff." - Allen H Wonder what that other stuff is? I think this is located in the new beer/alcohol structure that's right by the Storm Chaser, just a short walk away from the coaster.
  3. Hey that's me! Yeah, I haven't been giving this guy enough credit. He does A LOT to show off this park! Much of the videos and photos I've found and shared on this thread recently have come from him and the rest of the members on his page. I mean just check out the 3300+ photos of Aland and The Monster on his website he took himself. themeparks.disneyfans.com/photos/Adventureland/Adventureland2016/NewFor2016/MonsterOpeningDay/index.shtml We're happy to have you!
  4. I was actually just going to say this. They do have two options in WOF and Aland that aren't that far, but like you said a park for them would be huge! With the Omaha metro area being bigger than Des Moines I guarantee a park here would be able to stay strong. People would flock from the whole state of Nebraska AND you'd get people from the western parts of Iowa. Again I don't think it would have any problems attracting guests. Plus it would add more competition to my home park
  5. Thanks for your report YeahThad! Still haven't gotten a ride in yet (so can't put my two cents in) but looks like a hell of a ride, whether it has 3 inversions or 8. Here are a few great videos that I found! The first captures the opening day of Monster. Jump to 1:55 to see the lighting package. Apparently they have worked on it even more since then. This one shows the crowds entering the park on opening day. This was the gate on the right and apparently crowds were even bigger at the left gate. Some people have been asking for a POV. I think one was posted a couple pages back of Kurt from the local radio station (Star 102.5) getting the first official ride in with a go pro, but here's one of just the ride with no commentary and no ninja turtles... Still waiting on a POV at night. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KlvvYnIIAk And finally I just wanted to share this last photo with you. Found it pretty funny since... let's face it, this would all be us. HECK this probably is us. Here's a picture of a classic example of a park enthusiast... Don't know when this was taken but I do know that the park opens around 10:00. When do you think he pulled in?
  6. I found one!!! I posted it back on the original Adventureland thread but there's a Facebook page called Adventureland Iowa Fans and a visitor posted a video of the lighting elements! SO COOL! Look at the eyes on the front of the car glow! They're also testing it out on the Space Shot. www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=54282&p=1708039#p1708039
  7. Wow.... I finally located a video of the lighting elements for The Monster at night and they are out of this world. Like seriously this is NOT what I was expecting. A little blurry but still cool. Look at the eyes on the front of the car glow! They're also testing it out on Space Shot! Small updates to older rides in the park like these spectacular lighting elements are what gives me hope that Adventureland is moving in the right direction. So proud of this small park and can't wait to finally make my summer visit later on. Videos were taken by fans of a Facebook page called Adventureland Iowa Fans. https://www.facebook.com/100005767065260/videos/540163072852590/ https://www.facebook.com/allenhuffman/videos/10208557486507362/
  8. Here's another reporter who got a first ride. www.kcci.com/news/taking-on-the-monster/39898528
  9. http://www.cnn.com/2016/05/25/travel/gallery/best-new-u-s-roller-coasters-2016/index.html Adventureland's Monster in a new CNN article!
  10. Lots of activity on the Facebook page recently. First they posted the first official POV a couple days ago. Second row on the right. https://www.facebook.com/102775329805861/videos/1014772985272753/ They also provided us of a couple photos. "Big addition to the Adventureland skyline! Photo credit to local photographer Parker Eggenberger for this amazing photo showing The Monster through the trees! The Monster is coming for you this JUNE!" "Here is a night shot of some lighting on The Monster - this isn't even close to all the lights yet, but it should look amazing when it's completed! The Monster is coming for you THIS JUNE!"
  11. Don't know if anyone has ever heard of Coaster Studios, but if not you should follow them on Youtube and Facebook. They cover every ride update and park and this morning they received some updates sent to them from Adventureland. Looking good! https://www.facebook.com/Coaster-Studios-1376820432592949/ https://www.youtube.com/user/TheCoasterguy14
  12. TESTING!!! https://www.facebook.com/102775329805861/videos/1007087556041296/ It's fast
  13. Sweet pictures and what you posted was very well said. I grew up around friends bashing on Adventureland. I know it isn't the biggest or flashiest but this year they've got an amazing addition and whether you like the park or not people will be flocking to ride this thing ... I might be the only one... but I might like that new Outlaw sign just as much as the updates of the Monster
  14. Speaking on waiting on cars... here's an update from the FB page. First car has just arrived. Looks so good in the sun.
  15. Another update from Facebook. It's so cool to finally start seeing how it will look in its environment among other rides in the park.
  16. They're adding a new area themed to earth day. It was a close decision though, it was between that and national squirrel day.
  17. I agree! From the FB page. Just finished topping of the last loop. And look, the lift hill track went up really fast!
  18. I'm probably not the best person to ask but I always thought WOF was much more busy on weekends, at least in the middle of the summer. I always try to schedule my visits around August personally. In my experiences that should cut off at least 15 - 30 minute wait times... don't know for sure though. Have fun!
  19. From the Facebook page "Tomorrow is the Grand Opening of Spectators SBG - our new sports bar and grill attached to the Adventureland Inn! Open 7am to Midnight." Pictures, video and article from KCCI www.kcci.com/news/new-sports-bar-has-tvs-in-tables-123-tvs-total/38968224 Looks like a great place to have a beer and watch some games.
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