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  1. Wickman at Alton Towers. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  2. I wonder who has brought it? Flamingo Land [FACE WITH TEARS OF JOY] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  3. The Rapids at both Alton & Thorpe are Intamin. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  4. *One of 3 Silverarrow model looping coasters *Opened May 16th 1980 *Top speed of 41mph Next Ride Speed @ Oakwood.
  5. The same thing happened with The Smiler but they managed to get it pulled into place. And we know how that ended up......
  6. The same thing happened with The Smiler but they managed to get it pulled into place. And we know how that ended up......
  7. Damn! I even remember reading and even posting about that one on TowersStreet a while ago.
  8. There are some Alton Towers enthusiasts that seem to think that Nemesis has one train that is 3seconds faster than the other.
  9. First coaster to have interlocking loops Designed by Ron Toomer who helped design parts for the Apollo space missions. Pulls 3.5g max 990m track length Next coaster. Mammut at Tripsdrill.
  10. Thorpe Park is in dire need of an airtime machine. I think the Mack version like Alpina Blitz would fit Thorpe's Budget and fit the market that the park is aimed for.
  11. I'm rather positive that this is for the Blue fire clone for Poland I believe it's called Formula 1 and is due to open early next year.
  12. It's going to be very similar or a clone of Roar-o-saurus at Story land New Hampshire. It will be manufactured by Gravity Group.
  13. I have trusted sources that they have indeed ordered a Family/Junior wooden coaster.
  14. Oblivion - No rattle Nemesis - No rattle Air - slight rattle. Silverstar - no rattle.
  15. Helix has so much more to offer in ride experience but yet blue has great themeing.
  16. This was my biggest issue with Helix. I felt that it has a lot of "good" moments, but not really any "great" moments. The airtime moments were both good, but not better than the wooden coaster on the other side of the park. I would have preferred the ride to be "F**KING AWESOME" at just one thing rather than "Pretty good" at a variety of things. That's too bad, I was hoping this ride would be on par with rides like iSpeed and Maverick. Having rode both said coaster multiple time this year I would say Helix's airtime is much more intense than Balder.
  17. G-force at Drayton Manor. The ride is just a boring layout plus they only have one train which makes everything worst.
  18. If I remember rightly wasn't Mack one of the contenders for i305.
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