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  1. Yes if it still shows on the website, then I would expect to see it next year. Lasso is extremely popular and seems to operationally sound. If they were to remove it, they would have to almost definitely have to replace it with a new version of the same thing. I cannot imagine an amusement park without any type of swing type of ride.
  2. I agree that comparing DL's maintenace to that of CW is not fair at all. CW is on par with CP from attendance, hence probably getting lots of cash for projects and maintenance. DL has an ownership that does not invest much in the park at all and tries to get off as cheap as they can. In DL's case it may be easier and cheaper in the long run to remove and buy new. CW may be able to repair easier
  3. I also remeber that when Geauga Lake closed, DL bought their bee bee for spare parts for our Corn Popper. As to where Ranger went, my guess is that it is sitting close to the waterslide complex that shall remain nameless...
  4. I think all of us would like to see lights back on the giant wheel once again. I think it is probably on the list of things to do, just not on the front burner. I think the park is prioritizing things like new trains for most of the coasters along with removing old and out dated rides like Ranger and possibly Corn Popper next. With those priorities and adding new rides each year, it may very well be a few years before we see lights on the giant wheel. Add to that the possibility of a change in park ownershi. a new owner could change priority levels, or just sink a ton of money in up front to make the needed upgrades.
  5. Even if they don't make Rainbows any longer something similar would easily fit in that space with little work needed. I always liked the ElDorado from Geauga Lake. Last I saw there was a used one of those floating around. My question would be how readily available are parts and how much of a maintenance issue are they?
  6. I like the name alot. I am hoping for a good color scheme. I also like the 42 inch height requirement and the fact that this will be in a separate area in the park to spread out the crowds. My 5 year old son is even excited to try this!
  7. I have to say I like the rainbow mountain name for the new slide. It pays homage to an old attraction, plus looks to have rainbow colors, which should be pretty cool.
  8. I will admit that I do not know a ton about roller coasters, but I guess I am not sure why ROS cannot run two trains next year? Don't get me wrong, one tran will definitely ride smoother than the other, but the GP probably would not notice. Plus, didn't Doug say that this was being done to be able to return ROS to two train operations? Personally, I am expecting ROS to run two trains next year with Motocoaster in 2017. I would say ME would be next, but ridership is so low that one train still does not create major waits. Plus I think the park has the majority of parts needed for ME's second train, so just a few parts could make a new train.
  9. First let me start by congratulating you Doug on a new opportunity! I have to say that you have been the first main employee of the park to interact on this forum regularly. I know other who have seasonal jobs at the park have interacted with us, but having you here has been nice. It is nice to know that some of our thoughts and rants are getting heard. Don't get me wrong, some thoughts should not be heard, but some definitely should. Best of luck in your next endeavor
  10. Somehow, I think I have heard this before on this thread. On the flip side, my initial guess would be that when they decide to use that area for expansion, Floodgate Falls will get removed and the hill will get reworked into something to provide elevation for the entire new expansion area. Plus, if they did want to keep the hill, they technically could pull out floodgate, move the dirt elsewhere, and then move it back. It sounds like a lot of work, but with a few bulldozers it really isn't that much, especially if what they put there is worth the effort...
  11. My guess with the extremely mild fall that we had and how early they closed this year, they had more than enough time to do any work they wanted. I would think that ME is fully painted at this point. I have not been by the park in a few months while it is light out, but they definitely had the time and the weather to do it. On top of that, if they were going to be doing any other in-park improvements this off season, they should have gotten a good jump on most of that too.
  12. Yes if you look at the post from the news, it says it is replcing cuda falls and floodgate falls. It does not say it is going in that space though. I think putting something like this by the old splashtown gate is just about perfect. It is visible to all at entrance, and will keep the lines down due to high capacity.
  13. I have to say that this is an excellent addition to the waterpark. I expect it to go over between brain drain and ROS and expand out that way. I would love to see a new flat inside the park as well, but the second train for ROS along with the possibility of a second train on other coasters and new paint, those are pretty decent additions. Plus the waterpark needs a high capacity ride as the lines are long. Obviously the waterpark attracts visitors, so this should be a good addition
  14. I was not thinking of the old hydroforc. What i was thinking was something like this from Kentucky Kingdom. On the topic of the planning board meeting, first off, I would not expect the local news to be spying on what is going on. Maybe the Batavia newspaper or something, but not the major TV stations. Also, things may have already gone before the board, and we just have not heatd yet. Has anyone looked at any of the meeting notes?
  15. By speed slides i am thinkng a full on straight drop type of slide. I am picturing a proslide free fall slide if that makes sense. What would be best is if the could add it to the existing tower for brain drain.
  16. They have set announcement dates in previous years. When they announced the Nik Walenda show, that date was teased as the announcement date. Going way back when the park was owned by Premier/SF they had set announcement dates as well. They have definitely scheduled announcement dates, just not last year or this year. All that tells me is that we are not getting anything that is so great that they want to advertise it heavily to drive season pass business. Also if it were a coaster, people would see the constuction, and obviously that is not happening either. I am hopeful for something at least decent next year. My hopes are a frisbe style flat ride and/or some speed slides in the water park.
  17. Well with ROS getting a new train, and viper and predator already havjng the second trains as operational, those are the coasters to expect to see with two train operations. I agree that by adding two train operations, DL is hinging their bet that patrons will spend more money in the park, and I think they are right. I am actually pretty interested to see what the new attractions for next year are. I am guessing we see something similar to this year with something in the waterpark and a new thrilling flat ride along with the new ROS train. If they can do that, I would expect attendance to jump again next year like it did this year. If you recall, when Premier originally owned the park, they kept adding and attendance kept climbinG. I think the first year it was SF they had between 1.5 and 1.75 million visitors.
  18. Yes I agree that Premier has done good things with the park. Their overall additions as well as painting ME goes along way with me. I loved what HFE did with new additions and overall themeing and such. I even look back when Premier first owned the park, they did well with their additions and such. They will probably never do anything on the lines of Rowdy's Ridge, but good solid additions that bring crowds. I am very interested to see what 2016 brings...
  19. I may resolve the same thing. The idea that CNL sells all the rides and only operates a waterpark is almost ridiculous. Anything can happen, but I would say that may be one of the farthest things from the actual happenings.
  20. How would they truly retheme ROS? I mean they could definately paint and rename, but I do not see DL doing like SF did in the Bizarro transformations and such. Heck, even with a new name, I would still expect things to look similar, just with new colors
  21. So I was looking at the park today on Google maps, and I remebered something...did we not recently see some of the rental campers up for sale recently? A number of those permanent campers were next to Twister. If the park were to not replace those, they could be clearing land for expansion next to twister and over to the Galaxy Theater. I know that the park still has the large plot of cuda falls land, but if Premier is going to be long term, they may be thinking about 3-5 years out. Also, I do hope that the park has been using this nice weather to take care of some offseason projects like painting and such
  22. Yes, very much agreed on both fronts. Keeping up the existing rides is just as important as adding new ones. Most of the previouos owners/managers did little for existing ride upkeep. If they continue to add new rides and upkeep on existing rides, things will be good. They just must make ROS a priority for the 2017 season. I hope they paint it a color that does not fade as much as red. Maybe a green or blue...
  23. Yes, I drove by the park yesterday as well, but to me the track looked about the same on ME. ROS had definitely not been touched, at least what I could see of it
  24. Plus it could be a brand new ride concept, and give DL something unique to attract more visitors.
  25. Plus it could be a brand new ride concept, and give DL something unique to attract more visitors.
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