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  1. I agree with coasterkid. I woulc be very happy if next years budget was spent on paint on ROS and ME along with new trains on all costers except viper. A flat to replace twister would be great, but not necessary if the others could get taken care of. Also, most things on Screamscape are pure speculation. They are much better than years ago, but most things are from people who email Lance with something that sounds relatively credible. I am sure that DL would not be fully closing down the path towards ME for construction at this point of the year. I do think that area of the park is in need of something else to draw crowds. Also, if that really was posted to screamscape, it has since been taken down...
  2. Will someone please go and confirm this with one of the dippin dots workers on their next visit? We all know the workers with the inside informationn aare at the dippin dots stands...
  3. I am going to be an optomist on this and say the lift is there to repair twister. Maybe they got some extra cash or got parts cheap, and the lift is actually there to make the nedded repairs so the ride can run this year. It defintely is a good ride when running properly, and I really like the waterfall in front of it. For a small park that doesnt have much of those types of things, it is a rather pretty area. If they have to remove it, please put something good in that spot as the traffic isnt great and would need something to draw crowds off the beaten path
  4. That is a hard question to answer, but my best guess would be weekends and then weekdays in about two weeks once all schools are oit for the summer. I am actually rather surprised if the crowds were big this past weekend, twey did not put the second trains on in the middle of the day to cut lines down.
  5. My understanding is that Viper and Predator can both run two trains currently. Motocoaster, ROS and ME cannot, unless something happened. Also, if you look back in this thread, the talk is ROS definitely will and Motocoaster possibly may get second trains next year.
  6. I do think the free spins are a good option for the park. The other two options I would expect would be a Eurofighter or one of those new Premier coasters like Tempesto at BGW. They are all pre designed and would cost less due to the fact that they would not need to be specially fabricated.
  7. Samuel, how can you not know what Premierlikes to add to the parks they manage? History shows cooke cutter coasters like SLC's and Boomerangs. Then they like water rides, and lasty thrill rides. Also they tend to reuse names and rides alot. If you look at what Frontier City added this year, that could be our addition next year. They have been doing it that way since the mid 90's
  8. I am pretty sure CNL gives the budget to Premier for upgrades. With that in mind, CNL will not hand over the cash for a new good coaster for a while, so unless the park is sold, expect a flat and if all goes right something in the waterpark. Premier likes water park additions as they appeal to many. Also, I too would love to see a frisbee at the park, but DL does not have the attendance required for the giant version by Huss. I would expect either the Mondial or Zamperla models instead due to size and capacity that DL would require
  9. First let me say that wild rumours are not accepted on this thread! Second, it would not shock me to see DL get a new coaster next year. Remember that Premier now operates the park, and their history has been to add coasters and water rides. On top of that, the park obviosuly has open space for a new coaster in the "nameless" area. My only problem is that I would not expect a B&M as much as I could see a Gerstauler Eurofighter style coaster. Needless to say that t is way too early for track to show up. Also, could they be testing new color schemes on the old Batman track and supports? That would explain B&M track...
  10. ^I was under the impression that the second trains on both ME and Motocoaster were poached for parts, and the park would just about have to buy new trains for both of those much like ROS. ME ridership is low, so one train is probably OK there, but motocoaster can have long waits and a second train there could go a long way
  11. That explains alot... Who would have thought DL would actually be putting that monstrosity back up? However, the picture is great! Is anyone going to the park next weekend? Obviously nothing major inside the park, but it might be nice to see if the paint Mind Eraser's track as well as any other minor in park upgrades
  12. That explains alot... Who would have thought DL would actually be putting that monstrosity back up? However, the picture is great! Is anyone going to the park next weekend? Obviously nothing major inside the park, but it might be nice to see if the paint Mind Eraser's track as well as any other minor in park upgrades
  13. The park is actually a very good park for a small size park that is not owned by a major chain. The current waterpark has a good number of good and modern attractions. The park has recieved some good upgrades in flats in the last few years. If the park used that old waterpark hill for a great new coaster, it would definitely be considered a great small pak. Most of us are looking at the last time a coaster was added to the park as to how good the park is. ROS is a great ride. Viper still is smooth and fun. Boomerang is good for a Boomerang coaster. I think motocoaster is great fun. The only bad coater is Mind Eraser, and I dont think any vekoma SLC's are smooth rides. All in all a good new coaster would do wonders for the parks image
  14. I have to say that I thought the corn popper was running better recently. I would however ask how do you know this? Information like this is not something you get from the dippin dots guy...
  15. So I was thinking already about next year for DL and thought with the rip curl addition this year, how great would a true master blaster water coaster be in the waterpark? Other than a speed slide, that is pretty much all that is missing within reason. Don't get me wrong, I really want a real coaster for the park itself, but would totally accept a water coaster in the waterpark.
  16. I saw that on IG too and could not make sense of it either. To me the bottom of it almost looks like a bumper car. Could it be part of a much larger scenery package? Could it be something for later in the year?
  17. I don't think anyone is asking for a retheme or rename ROS, just repaint it. Personally if they want to go with the true steel name, keep the supports blue and paint the track grey or silver to look truly like steel
  18. They could leave the supports blue and paint the track a new color and still have good reason to keep the trains blue as well
  19. It is totally possible that they sent their extra train back for a factory refurb. After all, it is DL and CNL and Premier are trying to do as much as they can on a limited budget. A refrub train would cost less than a new one and it would also not throw off the current sensors on the ride, hence allowing the park to run a second train on ROS immediately next year
  20. Any "spy" pics would be great to see. Especiaaly of RipCurl being built as well as the ever asked question of Mind Eraser's track painting
  21. Hopefully with the nice weather we are having and the continued nice weather in the forecast, they can get some of these and other projects taken care of. As to what is and what isn't being done, now that Doug no longer works for the park, we don't have the inside view of what is happening. If anyone happens to live by the park, or drive by, see if you can spot anything. I would guess Ripcurl should start work pretty soon though
  22. Yes I expected rip curl racers to go towards hooks lagoon, but seeing this makes more sense. This gives riders less to walk to get to the actual tower. Thi,s orientation also makes it very visible from the parking lots as well. Also, with Ranger and Galaxy Theater off the map, the questions will surround what will fill those spots, either with the building there or not.
  23. I am sure there was a good reason for the removal of crazy quilt, just like there is good reason for the removal of ranger. The park just put their Eli scrambler back into the mix. I would hope that they would look at both rides and see which is in the better condition. I will admit that crazy quilt used to be one of my favorite rides at the park, so if they could refurb it and bring it back, I would be all for it!
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