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  1. Has anyone been past the park recently to see if any true vertical construction has started yet? We all saw the footers and ground work that happened, but I would like to see supports going up soon. Plus, could it be possible with a crane on site, they do some painting?
  2. ^That is very interesting news. As nice as a Halloween event at DL would be, there are a few issues. First is staffing. They have major problems with staffing after Labor Day. It used to be so bad that they would close half the park due to low staff levels. The weather can also get a bit dicey into October as well. A roller coaster ride in 40 degree temps causes quite a wind chill! Lastly, my concern is the amount of competition from other haunt events in the area, and how many people want to drive all the way out to DL when FrightWorld and Haunted Catacombs are much closer.
  3. Sara, I think we all agree that new rides are what everyone wants. My only gripe with removing TR is that the park did not have to remove TR in order to put Tantrum in. The park has a decent amount of unused land for ride expansion without removing anything. This includes coaster expansion as well as flat ride expansion. Now if TR was no longer operational or the repairs too costly, that is a very different story. I would like to see the park add to their overall ride collection as opposed to just swapping one ride for another.
  4. Not sure if anyone saw this or not, but on the parks Instagram page someone asked for Tantrum construction pictures. The response from DL was as soon as construction begins, we will post some.
  5. My initial guess on why we have not heard anything on construction is that it really has not started yet. I bet the fall was spent removing TR and tearing up the concrete under it so they have a clean canvas to build on. If they have had vertical construction, I would hope they post almost anything
  6. ^I was thinking the same thing. Has anyone driven by the park recently to see if there has been any noticeable construction?
  7. That is a fantastic question, but I doubt you will see any new "themed lands" at DL anytime soon. Rowdy's Ridge and Boardwalk definitely look great, but those were added under HFE management. I don't think Premier is as interested in the themed areas as much as they are interested in adding the most thrill for the money they are allotted.
  8. I think we are all hoping for two train operation, but I would think the only coasters that have a chance are the ones that already have a working second train like viper and predator. If motocoaster's old train is still useable that could happen, but ROS would need to be an entirely new train
  9. Yes the water park gets busy, and that is a whole day in itself, hence the two day packages. My guess will be that they try their best to get two train operations without ordering entirely new trains. I would think ROS, viper, predator and MotoCoaster should be able to achieve that. ME I think will be a different story
  10. I am just thankful they are not using teal or red as those two colors are way over used at DL. The green track will be a nice change of pace.
  11. I am excited for this coaster! It's the first new coaster we have received since MotoCoaster almost 10 years ago. The name is interesting and I am sure will grow on all of us. I will miss TR but this is a huge upgrade over that. My hope is that they place this so that there is room for a need flat ride in the same general area as well.
  12. I think we all agree that the standup coaster should not be put up in the park, but I think the post was meaning why not sell it for scrap metal and at least get some money in return for it.
  13. ^^I am sure that the costs you see are costs for the coaster and overall construction. I would think that removal of TR and site prep for this new coaster are not included jn the cost you see. With that said, 4.5 million still seems very inexpensive for a brand new coaster of almost any type. I even think Motocoaster cost 5 million almost 10 years ago
  14. I think this is a win win. They are getting rid of a great ride that was a huge favorite, but was a staffing and maintenance nightmare. They are adding a much needed coaster that is unique and looks like it could be fun and and a good starter coaster that is a step up from Motocoaster and a step below Viper. My guess is that they went with the most basic pre-configured model they have, or got one used. That would totally fit Premier's past actions with a good number of cheap clone coasters like boomerangs and SLC's. I will miss thunder rapids, but there still is Shipwreck Falls, and DL is getting a new coaster!
  15. I am pretty sure that the only roller coaster you could get for 4.5 million would be used. I think even some of the basics are closed to 10 million. I would expect some type of good flat like a Frisbee or similar or some type of interactive dark ride
  16. I wonder if the new ride announcement will come soon? I received an email today that there will be a huge season pass sale coming up in the next few days. I am wondering if they will announce their new ride in conjunction with that to try to sell more season passes?
  17. Glad to hear an "outsider's" view on the park. We go all the time and tend to overlook a good number of things. The park is nicely landscaped and does have some very good things going for it. I noticed on my visits this year that all of the lights on the pirate were not on at all. Ithe was not like that on my visits last year. The Giant Wheel has been a point of contention for some time. It used to have lights with a great light show. Six Flags took them off and they have not been replaced since.
  18. Did anyone go to the meeting tonight to give us an Update? If not, we may have to wait until an official announcement is made
  19. I would take a starflyer or Frisbee type of ride. Personally, with the statement of family thrills, I don'the expect a coaster. My guess is either a Mack Splash Battle to replace Thunder Rapids or a Sally interactive dark ride. With that being said, I am 99% sure I will be happy with whatever they add.
  20. ^Today at 5PM was the last operating day of the season for DL. No more opportunities unless someone drives by the park randomly to get a look at what if any activity is going on.
  21. Not necessarily... Motocoaster was announced in January, although it didnt need much site prep obciously. ROS was announced in December 1998, but again, no demolition required. I hunt out near the park, so if I notice it disappearing during the offseason ill obviously post it. You are correct, but site prep and footers need to be poured so construction can start. Motocoaster did not require footers as it is a portable model and was placed on a slab of existing concrete and stone fill. ROS was announced in December, but those footers and site prep were done well before that announcement.
  22. If the park was removing Thunder Rapids for a new coaster, that probably would have started by now. Don't believe the ride ops or Dippin dots guys ever!
  23. I would point out that what was said was that it would be a topic of discussion for next year's planning session. That does not guarantee anything. And if they do purchase new trains for all the coasters, that would probably blow the budget for new rides, so we most likely would go another year without a new ride
  24. Went to the park last night after dinner and it was sad as ever. When we got there the only 2 coasters running were boomerang and Motocoaster. I saw predator make one run, ROS and ME 2 runs each before we left at 9:30. Viper did start to run regularly around 7. On top of that, silver bullet and twister were both down as well. The pirate had most of the lights taken out and they were not on at all. Not exactly sure what is going on, but hopefully this is all part of a much larger renovation plan.
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