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  1. I agree with the ops manager that infrastructure investments take time and money and do not happen overnight. My big question is has attendance this year warranted two train ops? If so, will they be ready for two train operations if it does? That will be the big tell
  2. I am going to speculate the return of DC to the park next year. With that ROS goes back to being Superman. To drive this they get two new trains and add VR to the ride. For those opting out of VR new 2D and fire effects will be added. They will also add a second train to MotoCoaster and possibly ME. If they opt to add a true new ride, I expect some type of frisbee or discovery type ride
  3. I totally agree that the area by ME could easily be a Gotham City area in the future. They would need to take some of the parking lot though. I definitely see a frisbee/discovery type of ride near ROS and rethemed to Metropolis.
  4. It is still a bit early for construction. Also don't forget that SFDL's most logical expansion areas are technically within the park. The hill where a water slide used to stand could easily have construction markers there now and nobody would know. The other spot is the path past ROS, again markers could be there, but not visible to the park public
  5. I am a bit surprised ME is the first to get a second train, but it may be that Vekoma could ship it out faster than Intamin or Zamperla. OR, maybe they are getting prepared to somehow change ME next year. Recall a few weeks ago I suggested they repaint and retheme it like SFNE did and build a S&S free spin on that path to create a "Gotham City" section of the park. This could be a precursor to that larger move or just to getting second trains running on all coasters. Either way it could be an exciting year of developments
  6. [twitter]w[/twitter] I could easily see SF bringing back the DC and Looney Tunes characters, but here is how I see it. Mind Eraser turns into something with The Riddler and they put in a new S&S free spin near it to create a Gotham City portion of the park. The current Beaver Brothers Bay turns back to Looney Tunes Seaport. ROS turns back into S:ROS and they add a frisbee type ride themed to Woner Woman creating a DC Universe section of the park. The only way Blast Off gets rethemed is to fit better with the Boardwalk theme
  7. I’m thinking 2020 will be Superman/WB Ip’s, I know I’m going to DL for the first time just because my SFNE pass works there. I think there’s going to be an attendance leap. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk I agree that 2020 should bring back DC and WB It's but I would think to celebrate that they will add a ride and theme it to one of the characters. Personally I see a giant frisbee type ride next to ROS drop themed to one of the characters like Lex Luthor, Harley Quinn or the Joker
  8. I think this may be pretty close to accurate. The only thing that could change this would be RMC of Predator. And BTW, the digital pylon sign is the sign out by the road. I doubt the actual main gate area will change much other than the six flagpoles being used properly again
  9. From what I've heard no plans for characters or bigger area or ride theming. Might see some merchandise. Otherwise the numbers aren't high enough to justify the licensing costs. So BBB/Rocky's Ridge will likely stick around in name. Also since people apparently love signage news the Hotel's sign is down at present for replacement. Where did you hear about the lack of IPs? Do you work there or something? How do you know this is not just some sort of rumor? Hes had info in the past, so more then likely hes right Agreed, he has had very credible info in all his posts. Kinda hoping he is wrong since I wanted to see a Batman themed ride eventually come to the park. However, if he has a history of being right, then oh well. I think he means next year only. Once attendance numbers hit what SF wants, we will see the Warner Brothers and DC stuff happen. My guess is that SF pays a hefty penny for those licenses and they have to be guaranteed they get their money back. The good news for us is that the name change should help drive attendance, but thrill rides and more coasters will also help to drive attendance
  10. I can't believe with all this Premier and SF talk, nobody brought up the fact that the board of directors removed the old Premier/SF CEO, Kieran Burke. So the people who control SF now really are not the old Premier Parks. Matter of fact, the old Premier people started a new company called Premier Parks LLC, led by Kieran Burke. They actually managed DL after HFE was not renewed and were responsible for additions like Brain Drain, Rolling Thunder and Tantrum
  11. I've always thought of a DC Comics area past the gate next to ROS, it would fit well and give more of a reason to walk over there other than ROS. Agreed 100%. If you really look they could even go over towards the hotel where there is a monstrous plot of land. They could add a DC Comics area and something else big over that way.
  12. On the idea of moving parking across the street, it wouldn't be crazy, but they have lots of space in the current park to fill first. The obvious is the Sudan falls site, but there is also a large piece of open space behind the scrambler to the lake. They also have a ton of space between the end of the ROS path and rate 77. If you include the go kart track that could be removed and you have a ton of time before you would need to start taking parking lots.
  13. I had to drive out to Rochester today and drove past the park on my way. I could not see any work that has taken place at all. In that statement, they said new paint and a new sign out front, but at this time none of those appear to have started.
  14. I was trying to say that I was happy he didn't trespass to get the picture
  15. Ok, that works. It is a cool picture, but as a community we don't promote trespassing to get a picture
  16. I will say that the picture is awesome and extremely cool. On the flip side, please be careful on posting things like this. If you work at the park or amphitheater, that is one thing, but if you don't I can tell you that people who do work at the park have been on these forums in the past.
  17. I thought that document was really cool. I know it sounds geeky, but it is interesting to see some of those schematic diagrams showing how they are using existing pieces and how the overall site plan looks. I will not miss twister at all. It was down more than it was operating the past few years. I will however miss the little waterfall in front of it. I thought that was a nice bit of scenery. Maybe they will move it somewhere else
  18. I will say that the logo with the roller coaster in the background is different and refreshing for SF. I agree with theAmericanKnight that I hope SF does give some love to a few of the coasters that desperately need it. If they could rethemed Mind Eraser and add the new restraint system, it may make it actually rideable. They also need second trains all around
  19. I would not expect any "announcements" that some ride will be renamed or rethemed. I would just assume when they officially release the SFDL website, those will show up
  20. Yes, SFDL will most likely not be getting a Dive Coaster anytime soon. SF separates their parks by size and overall revenue generation. The big park like SFMM, SFGAm, SFGAd, SFOT tend to get the big attractions while the middle and smaller parks get other types of attractions. To guage what SFDL may get in the future, look towards parks like SFA, SFDK and SFFT. Their recent additions will most likely be SFDL's next additions
  21. My guess is that the next coaster at SFDL is one of three things. 1. Free Spin 2. RMC of Predator 3. RMC Raptor With that being said, I do not expect them to get a coaster until at least 2021. I see either some sort of dark ride or a frisbee type of ride that appears to be very popular with SF recently first
  22. I don't think we will find any information on any rebranding, renaming or retheming until the 2019 park map comes out. The only other hope is for someone to to drive past the park and happen to see superman 2D cutouts now in place around ROS. If I were betting, I would say those things may happen for 2019. SF has a reputation of having rides themed to superheroes and the WB cartoon characters. I would bet they work hard to pull that off for 2019, even if it's the return of Superman and the Looney Tunes for now
  23. Twister is definitely not a permanent park model at all. I have no problem with them putting the new new Sky Screamer in that spot is that it's an awkward spot in the park towards the back. In my mind something like that should either be toward the road or toward the center of the park. On the flip side, that placement could foreshadow next years expansion area where the go karts currently sit.
  24. Out of curiosity, does anyone know what time the scare actors come out? My son wants to go to the park one more time next weekend, but he is 8 and that would be a mess. Everything they show on the website shows family friendly day and scary night. Would we be OK if we went Saturday or Sunday from open-2? He just hit 48 inches and is super excited to ride his first "big" rollercoaster, but he would never make it if there are ghouls scaring people everywhere.
  25. So I am going to post this question to the group. Do you think SF allows the individual parks to create their own theming and props for events like fright fest, or do you think they mass produced some of these props and send them to the parks? I am looking at those two large standing reapers and things like the fried brains funnel cake stand and such as examples.
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