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  1. I know this gets old, but SFNE is scheduled to go to their planning board this week for their new ride. It is probably about time for DL to do similar if they are adding a new ride next year. Does the town of Darien put their meeting agenda and notes Online? When are their meetings usually held?
  2. They could easily inground a pull through like they do with a coaster, or they could be getting that one random log that is there. The other thing is that if they are adding a coaster next year, the TRUTH footprint is decent sized, and could fit something, hence they would have to make way
  3. Screamscape does report a lot of wild rumours. They are not as bad as they used to be, but I would still take what they say with a grain of salt. If they are doing this, look for survey marker flags in open areas. Parks are announcing 2018 coasters already, so it could happen. They9 could use a new coaster and could use to boost attendance.
  4. I will say that this year may be a special case with the ownership change taking place. CNL was not going to invest in the park since they were selling it. The new owners in EPR are not sure of a budget to give the park yet. I do think this is why we did not see a lot of investments this year. Next year should be a different story, hopefully
  5. If you look on a satellite map of the park, if they were to remove thunder rapids, they could add a huge coaster in a U shape. They could also take the handicapped parking lot for additional space as well. The best part is that they would not need to remover Shipwreck Falls. I do think they do not need both water rides, especially right next to each other.
  6. Silver Bullet was down most of the fall as well. I am a bit concerned for the ride as that seems like a long time to have it down. The problem is that it is unique, so getting parts may not be as easy as if Huss made it.
  7. Well, that is a very welcomed sight. Hopefully the full rehab last year allows twister to run well for a long time. Also, as silly as this sounds, I wonder if the waterfall still Works? It is one of my favorite things about that area of the park
  8. I know the cold and wind are not good for ROS. Unfortunately Sunday was very windy and Saturday was not overly warm, so I would think keeping it closed may be best. If the train is not running smoothly, I would have to think there may be issues with the maintenance team. It ran fine last year, and the only differences would be that it was taken apart and put back together over the winter. I hope the new owners do what needs to in order to bring the park to where it needs to be. I would accept no additions next year for new trains on Motocoaster, ROS and ME
  9. I cannot imagine they would make the old pirate queue a smoking area. It is way too close to an actual queue. Personally, I would not ride the pirate if a smoking area is so close to where I have to wait
  10. I wish the day was better to see actual people at the park, but that is not controllable. I like some of the new signage and paint in areas. At least they are doing improvements even if they are minor. I will say that the strike u up game looks a bit Ike it was just dropped in a spot with little thought. Plus I was hoping they would put in 2 or 3 sets as opposed to just one. Slap Shot looks OK, but the signage does not look to fit the type of building. Maybe it's one of those you have to see it in person things. I am excited to go to the park, just to take a look though
  11. They did post to their Instagram account that a good number of people came to process their season pass. They also showed the front gate, and there was not many people to be seen. I will not be going this weekend or next. The weather has to get better before I go, as riding any type of ride in cold and rain is not fun
  12. I am pretty sure a good number of rides were re-named when they branded to Six Flags. Some names went back to the originals like Corn Popper ND some stuck like Lasso. I think this was when Silver Bullet came to be as I think it was just called Enterprise before that
  13. I already bought our passes for the year as the cost is so cheap. As mentioned it pays for itself in just two visits. I do agree that the overall ride lineup is getting stale, but I have renewed faith in the new owners to invest in the park. I also have faith the Premier will do good things with what will hopefully be a bigger budget than CNL gave them. I do honestly expect to see in park improvemen's as the season progresses including better landscaping, and possibly coaster paint or even a new train.
  14. I would expect to see something decent for 2018. Obviously the new owners have incentive to add value, and due to the late deal closing, this year was out of the picture. Next year will tell the story of what DL's future holds. I do however like the fact that the new owners have real amusement industry experience, so they understand what it takes to build a park
  15. The Buffalo News reported on the sale of DL today as well. Apparently the deal finalized this week, so now it's fair to report. They did say that Premier signed a very long term lease like 40 years with the new owners. They did also say that this new owners has more money to invest in the properties that CNL did not
  16. On the predator topic, I say rework it so that it is a classic out and back woodie. Take it all the way to route 77 and remove all,the banked curves. Think Blue Streak, and I bet it would be Fantastic!
  17. I think SF is putting VR on their version of ME this year, hence the new trains. The new trains look comfortable, but I think most of us are waiting to see the actual outcome. My thought is the reason why SLC's are so shaky has to do with poor manufacturing of the trains and track both. Great trains on bad track doesn't work, and great track with a bad train doesn't work either. Imagine a bad train on bad track and you get an SLC
  18. I was just reading on Screamscape that Elitch Gardens is removing their speed slides. Since Premier manages both EG and DL could they buy the slides from EG cheap and move them here? I know the two parks are not owned by the same people, but Premier does have a deal for cheaper rent on DL in exchange for them adding the new attractions. Speed slides are one of the only things our Waterpark lacks
  19. ^agreed that those who expect massive coasters at DL from the likes of B&M and such are very out of touch with the park, what they can afford and what their attendance would require. At this point most of the larger coasters we see will be going to the big parks with major attendance. Think CW, CP, the major SF parks, BG, Sea World Carowinds and the two Kings parks. DL most likely will be adding smaller coasters from the secondary manufacturers like Vekoma, Gerstauler, Mack and some of the wooden coaster manufacturers.
  20. Yes following 24 x 7 is a bit much, especially for a park like DL, but I bet someone from the park checks in about once a day or so. Ask Doug M, he was in charge of social media for the park for one year and I am pretty sure that is how we all got to know him
  21. I tend to believe these possible additions. My only hope is that they add a whole row of these game ride things like 5 or 6 sets. I am also holding out hope for another coaster train somewhere Also I do thank DarienLake2684 for this information, please be careful what you share on these forum boards. I have been around to remember one of the old WNY coaster forums moderators got a job at the park and was fired due to something he said in the forums. Darien Lake people definitely view this forum, even if they don't comment. As stated, the information is appreciated, but don't risk your job, especially when things are not public yet.
  22. It would not shock me if it came out that the upgrades for 2017 were new trains for ROS and Motocoaster to get both of them up to full operation. I don't think ME and Predator really require more trains as ridership is low. Also, if they are saving for a bigger 2018 project, I would not object
  23. My hope is that Premier is doing similar things at DL with train rehabs and paint to spruce things up a bit
  24. Yes, and that was SF who did that. With DL we are talking about a company with far less financial resources. Heck you can also site all the hard Rock park coasters going to Vietnam, but again we are talking DL financial backing
  25. It's a great idea, but that coaster will most likely stay in Europe. The costs to ship something that large and that heavy across the ocean would most likely be too costly.
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