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  1. I do hope they bring back the Superman name, but I am also hoping for some real theming on it much like what they did at SFNE. I always thought the support structures on the second and third hills should have been framed out with facades of buildings since Superman can leap tall buildings in a single bound.
  2. Not a whole lot of space there Sure there is. Twister is about 72 feet long, and you could easily fit two of them in that spot. That 144 feet, and the press release said the circle was 98 feet around. It's definitely tight, but would fit, especially if you took a portion of that parking lot behind that plot of land.
  3. I bet this goes in the area between MotoCoaster and Twister. There is an open spot and they need to draw crowds back there. Save to go kart area for a 4D free spin next year. This position would also allow the park to re-work MotoCoaster's entrance along with the entrance to this and still close off Darien Square if they want
  4. I think it's a fantastic addition to the park. It will draw guests to the parks, as will the branding back to SFDL. Now the question becomes where do they put it? I can't imagine this would take up much of a footprint, so I hope they don't waste space. For the first time in a long time, I am excited to go to SFDL next year
  5. I am sure they have a plan for everything if they do close Darien Square off. My guess is that they really want the entrance to MotoCoaster visible inside the park, so maybe they do something with that red bridge to create a queue line by using that and then typing it in with the existing queue. On the twister topic, I hope it stays, as it is a fun ride. I just think it's the victim of being put in a corner of the park that never truly got developed well. If they move Motocoaster's entrance or added another coaster back there by removing the go karts, you may see an increase in ridership for Twister. Thrill seekers are not walking all the way over there for just one flat ride.
  6. I agree that it is most likely 99% that next years attraction is on that very short list. 2019 will no doubt be an interesting year for DL just to see how much SF does to "clean up" some of the messes that are around.
  7. Don't be shocked if they get an S&S 4D free spin coaster themed to Batman.
  8. John is correct, large coasters take almost 2 years, but SF has pretty much made the S&S free spins cookie cutter. They could probably order one that is exactly the same as the others and have it installed before the park opens without a problem.
  9. I would like to point out my ideas once again now that it sounds like the go karts may be removed...
  10. CF has transformed 2 stand up coasters to colorless, why couldn't SF do the same? Personally I think they they are adding a sky screamer along with a bunch of new coaster trains next year.
  11. Chris Thorpe lives in OP. They may have used the house for past GM's, but not now. I always like to see what the park's property map looks like. I am very surprised the majority of the land the own is on the west side of Rte 77.
  12. I don't think if they own the park or not will stop SF from branding DL next year. I am pretty sure SF technically does not own SFoG but only manages it and as part of their management contract they have to invest so much into the park every xx numbers of years. I could easily see something like that at DL in the contract
  13. So since it seems all but official that the park will go back to being SFDL neat season, my guess is that they will get something good for the roll out. Here are my guesses. 1. Batman stunt show back in the old theater building behind viper. 2. S&S 4D free spin themed to Batman either behind the current go kart track or remove the go karts and place there. 3. Re-name of Twister to Harley Quinn Spinsanity 4. Some type of theme to the antique cars like Penguin's getaway cars or something. 5. I'm not sure if they could somehow include the bumper cars or Pirate in this, but if they could, that would be cool too. This will create a true Gotham City section of the park and still create a space that just about every SF park has, and theming that just about every SF park has as well.
  14. My initial guess would be the sky screamer or frisbee style ride for next year.
  15. I just want to point out to everyone who is complaining about the last time SF owned the park that it was a totally different company than it is now. That company technically went bankrupt and was taken over by a new board of directors which are now running a much better operation. The old Premier spent way too much to buy SF and hence put them in a terrible spot.
  16. Look back a few pages, but they did have a large group from SF corporate at the park asking lots of questions. Specifically, lots of questions on why the coasters all run only one train and why the giant wheel has no lights on it. My guess is that they either fix these things this year or in the offseason
  17. Yes, do not expect Premier to make investments that are non critical to the park until the sale of operational rights is finalized. Now on the flip side, if SF has plans to brand the park in 2019, they may start making major investments that will be noticeable this year so they can make the other major investments in the off-season. Look for painting and maybe some landscaping changes at a minimum. Also I would expect them to try to get at least one or two more coaster trains. I would hope they start with the most popular and longest wait rides, which typically are ROS and MotoCoaster. I am not how sure quickly those types of orders can be filled though, so all of that may need to wait until next year.
  18. I too would love to see some new flats at the park. I love what Canada's Wonderland did with those flat rides. I am pretty sure that the reason for the Harley Quinn coaster clone is that they only cost $2 million, which is about the cost of a new flat ride, if not less than a flat ride. It would allow them to say they are adding a coaster for drawing crowds and still have money left for other capital expenditures
  19. I too would love to see the Giant Wheel with lights on it again. It was such an icon to see the Giant Wheel all lit up at the end of a great day at the park. On a similar note, I was trolling around YouTube earlier, and came across a podcast where they said they think DL will get branded back to SFDL next year and put in a clone of the Harley Quinn Crazy Cooaster at SFDK. It's that new Skywarp from Skyline Attractions. All I can say is that if they do this and add two trains to all coasters that can run them, I would be extremely happy
  20. I do like the fact that SF corporate people were asking about theming and about overall operations. This tells me a few things. 1. They plan on investing in the park, and most likely making changes for the better 2. They probably plan to convert the park to a SF park in the near future All are good things for the park
  21. With the park in constant flux, keeping all of those things around are actual assets that could be used in a sale to add value to the park. CF is probably just getting ready to go to the dump, just like they took that old standup coaster to the scrap yard
  22. I think the fact that SF has money to invest to fix things is fantastic news for DL. At the very least I expect paint and new trains on almost all coasters and two with the new restraints on ME. I am also happy that this version of SF is not the one that neglected the park under massive debt many years ago. I really like the additions most SF parks are getting, and they are definitely focusing on the entire park experience, not just coasters.
  23. I am excited because the new SF actually has some good parks. The new rides have actual themes and look to be pretty cool. They are not always about the giant coasters anymore, but more about overall experience. I would totally expect lots of paint and new trains on all coasters that need them. To be honest, my first choice was HFE, but this is a very good thing. I don't think they will get the SF branding, but I may be wrong. The park used to be a SF park, but the bar seems much higher to be a SF park now than it was in 2000.
  24. Yes, this has been a problem since CNL bought the park from SF years ago, but how do you know they are over budget on this project? That is a very big statement to make if you are just speculating.
  25. I have a very hard time believing they had 1.5 million people in the park last year. The times I went it was not that busy. Doesn't amusement today publish attendance reports? On the other topic, I am very happy to see construction start to go vertical on Tantrum. I am interested to see what they do with the rest of the old Thunder Rapids site. That may tell a lot about the money the park has as well as if they leave a spot for a future attraction.
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