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  1. I agree^ completely that my want for HFE to buy the park is based my thought that they would sink some much needed capital into it and turn it into something great. If they were to keep the momentum they built with Rowdy's Ridge and Boardwalk around the rest of the park, it could be something really nice. I think they had that plan on the drawing boards, but never got to execute. I would love to see how the would execute their plan with their money as opposed to a management company holding the purse strings
  2. Well if Chris Thorpe was talking to Joel Manby, then DL was sold to Busch as he is now the CEO of Sea World parks... I do however think DL has been sold and that it has been to someone other than Premier. Remember CNL said three parks have been sold, but only one has announced the sale. To me HFE is the logical choice. They had a plan in place for the park and only needed full control to carry that plan out. Also, they have a ride on the board for the park already that would immediately increase attendance in Lake Monster. I also think the overall future of the park looks the brightest under HFE ownership. Also, the new owners could very well have either asked for ME to be painted as part of the sale, or they could just be funding it to start work early.
  3. I think HFE really wanted to buy DL, but at the time CNL only wanted to sell all the parks as a group. With this new development, DL could possibly be sold on its own as well. If HFE wanted the park that bad, they should definitely move now. I am surprised Premier did not make a play. Maybe they dont have the capital to buy parks but have the experience in running them. I now more than ever am hoping HFE steps in and buys the park. I liked what they did with the park and thought the overall park product was very good for the limited money they were given to operate with. I think if they owned the park outright, you may see a complete overhaul of the park, as well as some very nicely themed and intricate rides. Also, since the management company that bought EG is keeping Premier to manage the park, this doesnt make much change in the overall park management. If DL were to be sold to HFE, Premier would be out and the park under full HFE management, and may cause some problems for operations for the majority of the busy season. Basically, the park could be sold already, but an announcement may not be made until much later in the year. For me right now, Predator may be the tell...
  4. ^Exactly. A water line is a quick and relatively cheap fix. I am pretty sure cuda falls had mechanical issues, which are not cheap fixes. Plus, didnt they ship the parts off to somewhere else? I say lets use those 2+ acres to do something awesome with! I would love a clone of Batman the dark knight at SFNE in that space, and maybe a flat ride to go with it.
  5. That paint on ME looks great and was definitely needed. As others stated, I hope they do paint the track as well. ME is one of the first things you see at the park, and should always look tip top
  6. If all the coasters are walk-ons, why would they need to put a second train on? I hate that we complain about one train operation, but the coasters are walk-ons. If there is an hour wait and its one train that is very different. The real test will come in the middle of July and August when things get busy, then we will see how the coasters are operating. I am sad to hear of an unclean park. To me that was one of the best things HFE did was to make the park very presentable with fresh paint and general cleanliness. Hopefully this gets rectified.
  7. ^I think we all agree that the par needs a secondary ride of the caliber of ROS. Hopefully the park will use the large open plot of land where cuda falls used to be for just that in the next few years.
  8. ^are we 100% sure that all those coasters have fully working second trains? I thought last year they said ROS second train was being used for parts so they could at least have one train running. I am sure viper has at least two trains that could operate. On Predator, I thought they bought the third train from Holiday World, did they buy a second somewhere Or is the second train still one of the old trailered trains?
  9. I'm sure everyone would like to know if they painted ROS or Mind Eraser as well as what the dippin dots people had to say about next years project.
  10. I think we all agree that DL needs to modernize their flat ride collection. In defenae of the Rowdy's Ridge additions, at the time HFE was operating the park, and they wanted family friendly and themeing. That is exactly what they put in with the Rowdy's Ridge expansion. Also, some of those rides like moose on the loose and hornet nest are great overall additions. I actually find hornets nest to have some decent thrills. Now with premier guiding the ship, I expect to see more thrill rides added to the park. Either way, you ust have a good balance between family and thrill rides, and right now DL has a decent balance that way.
  11. I would totally take Impulse at DL! I think that is an almost perfect addition in our future. The verticle lift nd drop are unique. The layout is pretty compact, so you could easily fit it into a relatively tight space, and it looks rathr thrilling. I love the look of the larger loops and cobra roll too!
  12. Why would DL put in a Chance hyper lite? They already have ROS. Something like the Eurofighter or spinning coaster would at least provide a relatively new experience. I think that is what DL needs to concentrate on with their coasters is new experiences. A wing coaster, launched looping, dive coaster, wooden twister and yes even the spinning coaster would all be very good additions
  13. At this point, just about anything could be on the table. There is more than enough time to plan and build a major coaster or do a major overhaul to any section of the park. For all we know they very well could be surveying today...
  14. Trust me, if they want you to ask this far out, chances are that it will be something good. I am sure they would not be putting out teasers this early if they were adding a tilt-a-whirl.
  15. I agree ^ totally that CNL is the root cause of the problems. I believe that they are not giving the park enough of an operating budget for the management team to work with. I think whoever buys the park from CNL will invest what it takes to make things right. Some may even invest more than that...
  16. My initial guess is that if they are selling a park or two, it would probably to HFE since they wanted DL in the first place. If that is the case, DL will be a great park in a while. I also would expect them to light the giant wheel along with building some very intricate and well themed rides.
  17. The video game theme idea is a pretty cool idea. The only problem is that video games zre so intricate that the themeing would have to be very intense
  18. ^This is exactly why i was asking. If the park has to invest to repair one train, how much do two new ones cost? Or how much do new updated restraints cost? Making ME more rideable could do alot for the park.
  19. I thought they said the orientation of rolling thunder would be parallel to the giant wheel in the press release, thus creating two large circles on the same plane when looking at the park. This does not look to be the case at all. I am however glad that they could get construction started early and maybe be able to do an extra small project or two if the money is there. Also does anyone know if vekoma ever built newer trains for slc's to not create so much head banging? If so that would be a great investment in the future
  20. Darien Lake actually had a pretty good past under Premier management. It was when Premier acquired Six Flags that things went south. Premier added coasters almost every year 4 years in a row and waterpark expansion at least two of the years. I am hoping for one of two things. Premier owning the park at which they will continue to add coasters and thrills to the park. The second thing would be HFE to buy the park from CNL or from whoever CNL sells to and then adds great themeing that they already started and turns the park into something like Silver Dollar City. It will not be major coasters and thrils, but the overall park atmosphere will be fantastic and the park will be very well rounded
  21. I wonder what 'significant weather challenges' they are talking about? It is hard to remember the summer with the winter that we are having, but I thought it was decent. I am sure that the operational challenges had to do with the overall park operations and two train operation on the costers. I think we all knew they would throw HFE under the bus, and fully back the new management team they brought in. Only time will tell if Premier is actually doing more to better overall park operations though.
  22. Yes DL definitely needs more thrilling flats. My only thing would be why put all the family style rides together? All that does is create separate area of the park. If you look at good parks with actual themed areas like CW and BGW they put some thrills and some family in each area to cater to everyone. This sort of how DL is currently set up, and should continue to be
  23. I agree that the park is definitely on the right track, but do think HFE had much better overall future vision for the park. With that said, I do hope that whoever buys the park turns around and sells DL alone to HFE and recoups some of their investment. I do not want to see CF buy the park as I think it would turn into the same as Michigan's Adventure. Anyone who thinks that if CF purchased the park they would automatically turn it into another CP or even CW are severly mistaken. All of the large chains favor the largest and most attended parks in their chain and always will. This is why DL would do so well under HFE management as DL would fit with attendance of their larger parks like Dollywod and Silver Dollar City. If premier bought all CNL parks, DL would be the biggest park and get the best treatment in the form of rides. I am hoping for either Premier or HFE to buy the park
  24. I think that the majority of Hussmridesmare now getting older and not mechanically sound anymore. Huss used to be the main flat ride manufacturer. In todays world you have tonsmof flt ride manufacturers and price comes into play much more. Companies like Mondial and Zamperla build great flats at less cost than Huss. Plus I also think all the problems Huss had with the topple towers did not help their situation much. I never did hear that they fully went out of business though.
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